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   See Also:

    Juliann Kuchocki Official Website - Hear clips and buy the CD ComPotion. Learn about Juliann, see her photos.

    The Dolphin Boutique - The Official Web Site for Mike Keneally and Beer For Dolphins Merchandise

    Moses Goods - Moses guest music CDs and merchandise from Aufheben Records.

    KidSongs 4U - Personalized children's songs on 8 song cassette. Includes child's name as part of the sung lyrics.

    Liquidbrain - Offer of a free 12 inch vinyl of remixes to they first 200 people that buy their CD online and email the artist.

    SpaceWind Music - Original "wind-chime" instrumental music by Jonathan Thomas Long

    Daniel's French Childrens Music - Children's songs performed in French and English.

    One Man Music Studio - Samples and ordering information from a CD containing a variety of styles.

    Songs of Norway - Beautiful renditions of Norway's favorite folk and classical music. Performed by Norway's native son, Professor Roy Samuelsen.

    Kwanzaa Music - "Seven Principles" Original songs for Kwanzaa, performed by Kwame Steve Cobb and Chavunduka.

    XX: CalArts Women's CD - Student-produced CD of original compositions by women at California Institute of the Arts.

    George Finizio - Features a new CD release, Something That Is Deep Inside, by George Finizio featuring John Jorgenson, and Gary Frisbie.

    Moise and Alida Viator - CD "Mo Belle Creole" (Creole music).

    Tele-Video Music - Original easy listening music on CD. Genres include Jazz, Classical, Newage, Rhythm & Blues, Mood & Relaxation. Royalty-free production and broadcast tracks for the professional.

    Ray O'Bannon - New gothic music CD. Purchase an autographed copy. Dark electronica at its finest.

    Team Millennium - CDs by Robert Firehawk and wearable art to promote the consciousness that every human being is an active part of the human race.

    Wire Duck Records - Indie label for award winning composer, Neal Fox. There are 3 CDs and paraphenalia available for sale.

    Centorino Productions and Susu's Garden - Instrumental sheet music and recordings by Jim Centorino.

    Digital Cellars - Music featuring exciting fusions of spirited emotions: captivating world beats, epic tribal visions, intoxicating melodies, and provocative vocals sparked with mysterious, cinematic orchestrations.

    Daniel Ho Creations - Daniel Ho is a famous Hawaiian slack key guitarist. MP3 samples, albums/CDs for sale, artist bio and related links.

    Air-ev Productions - The works of composer/trombonist Norman Bolter and performances by the Frequency Band and others.

    Rasa Productions - Devotionally inspired music by Bhakti, plus music composition, editing and production services based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Boiling Kettle Press, The - Publishers of books and CDs. Hand drumming and percussion by musician Ken Shorley.

    Stand Proud, Stand Tall - Song by vocal group 4You is dedicated to the men and women of the Vietnam War. Endorsed and supported by the Vietnam Veterans of America Inc.

    Orbiting Night Sky - Showcasing New Age music CDs by Eli Wapniarski. Audio samples and music for websites.

    PG Marks Productions - Promoting the CD single "My True Loves."

    Arkay Industries CDs - Selling the CD "Not Available In Any Store" by Ronn Kilby.

    PBC Records - Selling the CD "Adore Me" by The Venus Project.

    Morgan Englund - Actor, singer, song writer. Recently released music CDs.

    Gan-Tone Productions - Sales of book and cassetts describing mystical "Gan-Tone" voice exercises.

    Rich Capaldi - This diabetic musician has released the album "Say It," with the proceeds going to diabetes research.

    Ferenzik - Information concerning the music of John Ferenzik with sound clips and ordering information.

    Reflections in Harmony - Reflections in Harmony has 3 CDs for sale, including a compilation of oldies done in the girls' great four part harmony style. Based in Minnesota, with Real Audio, mp3, and WAV audio samples.

    Christine Ramsey, Celtic Harpist - Online store to purchase Celtic harp CDs and harp arrangement books.

    Angel Music - Music of the angels by Ann Warner. Online samples available.

    Bongo Boy CDs - There are eight reggae, alternative rock and ska CDs from this San Francisco outfit for sale.

    Distant World Recordings - This site details information and photos of new albums.

    Miner, Gregg - Gregg Miner's personal collection of 100 rare stringed musical instruments can be seen and heard on this 2-volume set of Christmas CDs/books.

    B4u Music - Pianist A. Katarina Batist plays music for ballet classes.

    Angels Is Believing - "Angels and their inspirational musical message."

    Kev and The Rainpals - Rprrecords is a online store in the UK selling the newest CD by Kev and The Rainpals. There are band photos and a lot of banners on this site.

    Global Goodys Online Shop - Distribute and sell mixtapes, CDs, records and books via mailorder.

    Grasshopper Records - An independent label created by Daren Follower and John Gage featuring the music of the artists Martin Eden and Pseudonym.

    YaYa Records - Boston based independent record label featuring Seks Bomba and other eclectic music.

    ASCAR - Pop romantic songs, in English and Spanish.

    Cartel Recording Enterprises - 7" hardcore for sale by Two By Four and E-Town Concrete.

    Rainbow Music Company - Folk Harps for sale and rent; instruction in Folk Harp, Guitar, etc., Fiddle, Piano; CD by Christine and Rob Bonner; Audio samples.

    Sunyata Productions - Musician and educator John Sprague offers CDs especially designed for dance classes, creative movement, personal warmups and choreography.

    Ddrecords - (Dutch outfit promoting difficult-to-categorize Internet musicians) Real Audio samples; hope to sell CDs online.

    Bear Children's Choir - Fine children's music, songs sung by small children, lullabyes, games, puzzles

    Bumpy Ride Records - New indie 7" from Ipswich, MA by the group Sometime in May.

    Dave King - The official web site of Singer-Songwriter Dave King.

    Old Stoned Hippie - An original musical collection called the "Old Stoned Hippie" from Bobby 'G'. Some songs are rated "R" due to lyrical content.

    Point Truly North - Inspirational tool on CD to help give moral guidance to young people

    Killa Valley Records - The official hip-hop site of recording artists from The Insane Clicc. Their debut CD is available as of November, 1999.

    Ek Janam Aur Sahi - Indian Film Music by Mukesh. The vocals are by Dr. Mohammad Khalid.

    Broadway USA - Three volume CD set of original Broadway type show tunes performed by the TimesSquare Fantasy Theatre orchestra.

    JJEM - Independent songwriter/musician Gordie Marvin performs blues-based rock/pop, country, and easy listening music. Biography and audio sample.

    The Lucy Song - Tribute in song to Lucille Ball by Nashville artist Dewayne Orender.

    New Prohibition - The Musical History of Hemp: Produced by Hal Willner, a collection of well known artists singing original songs about hemp in an effort to examine the laws regarding same. Audio samples, author's and producer's notes, and lyrics.

    Olga Milla Music from Peru - A jewel of Peruvian music for world music lovers. Olga Milla with legendary musicians embraces Chabuca Granda and mestizo songs recommended by PRI Afropop Worldwide

    Marina Dee - Marina Dee is the home of Matthew Delfino's eclectic music.

    BuddyBoy Music Label - New CD release of Mark Protus called "Intent"

    Timeless Music and Video - Three CD box set recordings by the original artist. Hundreds of artists to choose from and listen to online, including Johnny Mathis, Jackie Gleason, Willie Nelson and the Kingston Trio.

    Ron Eastwood's - Ron Eastwood's "I Dreamed A Dream" compact disc featuring beautiful piano renditions of favorite romantic themes from Hollywood and Broadway.

    Full House Recording - Recordings from Riser, John Garr, Chuck Robinson, DeGennarro, and Nola Rose.

    Herbie Treehead - Childrens music; sleepy songs and not very sleepy songs. Herbie Treehead was featured at the Edinburgh festival, is a street performer, and loved by everyone who's seen him.

    BrassTrax - Digitally mastered accompaniment sound tracks specifically designed for the instrumentalist. By trumpet virtuoso David Oneill.

    Blue Earth Records - Independent label carrying singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Danny Williams. Based in Los Angeles.

    Norman Scott Reed - Easy listening with smooth jazz and popular love ballads of the 30's and 50's melodic songs.

    Raven Wylder Music Store - Wild country singer whose music will knock granny off her rocking chair.

    Karen Svanoe Westgate - Harpist, brings you peaceful and relaxing harp CDs. Sacred, easy listening and Christmas cassettes and CDs available.

    Nat Stuckey - Album "Pop A Top". On CD and cassette.

    Gaston and Purcell - CD for sale, reviews, WAV sound files. Gaston does manualism (makes music by squeezing his hands together).

    PJ Lorenzo - Self produced CD. Contains information for the Sideshow CD project.

    Night Flight Records - Independent record company in midwest featuring artist Tim Eckerman.

    Don Thompson - Recordings include show tunes, dance music, and popular music, played on famous theater organs around the world. Also includes information about Don Thompson and his concert appearance schedule.

    Margaret Davis - Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval music for voice, Celtic harp, and acoustic instruments. Biography, order information and audio files.

    Stories from American History - True stories from American history on music video, are written and performed as contemporary songs in the History Happens collection.

    David Anthony's Music of the Black Hills - Features a CD Gallery and samples of all songs. The music is relaxing, yet adventureous, and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Todd Werner - Singer, Songwriter, records and performs songs for both adults and children that speak of our spiritual nature.

    Red3 - Vocalist and saxophonist, performing with other talented artists.

    Elixirdiscs - Downloads, pictures, concert dates, news on Swim and other bands.

    Malkin Records - Featuring Anthony Joseph and the Band Unilever fronted By Neil from MTV's Real World.

    Gary Menzies - Solo pianist. Listen to sound clips, order CDs and tapes. Christian hymns and semi-Classical music.

    Fran O'Dwyer - Irish singer, songwriter. Light of Ireland, is the definitive collection all on one easy to purchase cassette.

    New Mexico Sound - Music from John Wagner Recording Studios features Latin jazz and original country-blues.

    Wrex Tarr - Rhodesian Chilapalapa jokes on CD.

    The Euphoria Tape - CD of sounds purported to induce euphoria.

    Wilson, Alex - London-based Latin Jazz and Salsa pianist signed to Candid Records. Sound clip available.

    Mulcahy Family - The Mulcahy Family of Worcester Ma. invites you to sample their spiritual music.

    Brown, Dane - Offering music by a Vietnam veteran dedicated to Vietnam vets. Portion of the proceeds from sales of the CD go to veterans organizations.

    GumboLimbo Productions - Mail order information for a CD featuring folk songs about Belize.

    Jon England - Promotional site for international pianist. Secure online ordering of CDs.

    Dana Mase - CDs for sale by the singer/songwriter. Free MP3 samples.

    Jon Zeeman - Music, CDs, mp3 downloads, original music, blues, jazz and rock.

    Ms. Jan Eisen - CD ordering for this jazz singer who reintroduces, with her own impeccable style, the standards made famous by the old greats.

    Shelter Official Store - The official online store for Shelter, selling merchandise and all available music.

    The Music of WDStout - Original acoustic piano compositions, MP3 sound samples, and FAQs.

    GranoSalisMusic - Kate Sullivan creates and performs music in collaboration with artists like Kurt Weill, Claude Bolling, and others.

    Doug Cox - Buy Doug Cox's CDs and videos.

    Loria, A J - New Orleans jazz performer A J Loria.

    Double - Official site of the Swiss duo and their CD "Captain of Her Heart".

    R. S. Murphy - R&B and Jazz - R&B/jazz singer, songwriter and producer offers his two CDs. Audio clips and biography.

    Carlton's Corp. - Includes information on music by Wayne Carlton and offers online sales of his CD and head wear.

    Elon ImproVibes - College student project which is producing and selling Jazz music CDs.

    Psycheclectic Records - Store for recordings of Obscured By Clouds and James Angell.

    John St. John - Album provides an African sound, previous releases are nature and animal inspired.

    Illuminator - Gothic and Metal influenced band selling their self-titled debut EP. Audio samples available.

    St. Clair Music - A music label based in the Gulf Coast specializing in rhythm, blues and soul music. Listen to our artists with free downloads and real-time video.

    Christmas: Rhythms of the Holy Land - 15 songs including traditional melodies and new original music.

    Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam, Blues - Blues CD with songs recorded on carrier USS Ranger while in Tonkin Gulf Vietnam, New Year's Eve 1969 with sounds from Ranger in background.

    David Neil Cline - Music website contains mp3s, CDs for sale.

    Tony O'Connor - Tony O'Connor is an Australian composer/musician, with an audience of millions of listeners around the world.

    Michael Shields Productions - Romantic piano and strings music to refresh the spirit. All original compositions by Michael Shields are ideal for use as background music. Has sound samples for CDs.

    The Music of Keith Bajura - CDs and cassette of his digital arrangements of classic themes, and arrangements for youth orchestra. Sound files available.

    Necrom Records - Force Of Hate presents the future of industrial music. Three CD singles available.

    Jeanine Higgins: Kindred Spirit - Music written in memory of her son Reid. CD sales and RealAudio samples.

    Christmas In The Air - Christmas music comedy CD. Your favorite Christmas music with the words changed and gastric noises added.

    Stacey J - Sites tells about Stacey J and his new CD titled "Caught Red Handed." You can download single titled "Jack Daniels" and email Stacey J with your opinion.

    Global Music Corporation - Piano music CD by Mark Vandersluis titled "Piano Andante." Free music downloads.

    Kansas City Music - Kansas city blues, jazz and acoustic music.

    Karen Merchant's International Collection of Lullabies - Designed to help children get to sleep readily and naturally. Includes lyrics and musician profiles.

    Mark Nottingham - Mighty Warrior Music, Inc. and Mark Nottingham are proud to announce the completion of Mark's first CD: I Know Who I Believe In.

    Rustic Rod's Aching Cellar - The musical biography and family tree of Rustic Rod Goodway. The Rustic Rod Mail Order service for all your mind altering sounds.

    Dreamtown Records - CDs, music and events in the musical life of arranger/orchestrator Brad Dechter, his wife, pop vocalist Maureen Dechter, and his son Graham, a young composer.

    The Soil Bleeds Black - Fifth full length album of The Soil Bleeds Black, Medieval and Gothic folk music.

    The Walls CD - Sales from this CD single by Shelley S. Abbott will benefit the fund for families of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. RealAudio available.

    Dawn Rochel - One CD for sale with a mix of Country, Pop and Folk music.

    Titanic II - The Comedy Album - 48 celebrity impersonations, 1 iceberg with 71 minutes of laughs.

    Music River - Cassette of original whitewater songs and river ballads.

    Early Light Music - Recordings and MP3 samples of Werner John's music. Rich instrumental arrangements of Early Music, Christmas music, Native American style music.

    Healing Music for the Hospice Journey - Anne Milligan is a professional singer-songwriter and hospice counselor who has written and recorded music from years of hospice work.

    Times Square Fantasy Theatre - Creators, writers, publishers, and producers of the 3-volume CD music show, Broadway USA.

    Imu Music Group - Selling the debut album of singer/songwriter Michael Anthony Perna.

    Sweetwater Records - CDs and tapes featuring the River City Ragtime Band and the Woody Brass, including distinctive recordings of Christmas music.

    Raymond G. Oliver - Bringing the beautiful sounds of nature and music to the world.

    Harpistry Cape Cod - Music from Celtic harp musician Andrea E. McCarthy.

    There's An Angel Watching You - Spiritual vocal compilation CD honoring the angels with songs from several recording artists.

    Hope, Inspiration and Love - Inspirational songs bu Elayna, with sound clips.

    Alicia Blackhall - Recordings of familiar Christian songs and traditional Cuban songs sung in English and Spanish.

    Anti-"Police State" Collection - A collection of anti-police state tunes by William Lewis.

    Funwirks - Selling an 80s music trivia game "The Crazy Eighties" which includes two compact discs. - The ambient music CD project of members of the ambient list at

    13th Floor Productions, Ltd. - Purchase CDs by smooth jazz saxophonist Robby Bright.

    Alberta Slim - Canada's history in song from the 92 year old singer/songwriter, with sound samples.

    Keith Knox - An Alabama pianist's site with CD order information.

    Richard Cobb - Romantic piano music and love songs for new age and easy listening audiences. Offers MP3 samples, lyrics, and message board.

    Llewellyn and Juliana Music - Offers quality relaxation and Celtic music. With over 100,000 of their albums sold, if you like Enya or Clannad you will love the music of Llewellyn and Juliana.

    Before Their Time - Features album of memorial songs to provide comfort to people after the death or suicide of someone close, and help them heal. Available on CD or cassette.

    Belize, Belikin, and Da Blues - GumboLimbo's two CDs of songs about San Pedro Town, sailing the Caribbean, and the adventure of Belize.

    The Blue and The Gray - Selling the CD "Civil War Songs: A Letter Home" of original songs by Jerry Williamson.

    Songs in the Key of Art - Music about art and artists for kids; includes sound samples from the two CDs.

    September Angels - A song written and performed by Alexandra Morris to raise funds to help all those suffering in the aftermath of the attack on America on September 11, 2001.

    Desert Knights - Winner of the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Award for Best Music. The "Desert Nights" album is available on CD and cassette tape.

    Randy Fricke - 17 pay per download MP3 files (with 3 free samples) and also a 12 song CD for sale.

    GTL Country Music Records - CDs by G.T. Lewis with online demos.

    Edwards Music Publishing - Original rock and country music by Gary A. Edwards and selected associates.

    AON Music - Japanese music composer Hirohiko Takayama offers MP3 files for sale.

    Bean Snicker Records - Selling a CD compilation of 18 classic double-entendre 78s from the 1930s-1940s.

    Jane Norman - Jane Norman of "Pixanne" fame is currently working on music and has a new CD entitled "Madly in Love."

    Italia Penso a Te - Italian music on cassette tape, includes samples of all tracks.

    White Noise CD - Audio CD containing only "white noise" specifically designed as a sleep aid.

    Sonnets of William Shakespeare on CD - Thirty of William Shakespeare's sonnets read by Walter Borden to the guitar music of Fernando Sor performed by Paul Martell.

    7-Mile Entertainment - Selling recordings by Dan Peek, Grammy-winning artist, song writer, and founding member of the classic pop-rock group America.

    KEO Music Recordings - Raleigh, North Carolina R&B and neo-soul label selling the debut CD by YahZarah.

    Neutral Music - Online sales of the electronica CD "Holding Patterns" by Dive Index.

    The Dancing Queens - Two CD compilation of drag queen classics. Includes sound files and video from the TV commercial.

    Scenic Listening New Age Music - Relaxing music of Kevin Wood. Piano, flute, and synth melodies with angelic choirs and fluid rhythms. Free sound samples.

    When Pigs Fly CD - CD featuring unusual cover versions by Jackie Chan and Ani Difranco, Devo, Herman's Hermits, Oak Ridge Boys, The Fixx, Lesley Gore, Billy Preston, Don Ho, and Roy Clark.

    Nightwind Records - Selling the CD "Out of the Cellar Into the Night" by Nightwind featuring Taryn Tarr. Sound clips available.

    Another Number - New music inspired by the series "The Prisoner" by Carmel Morris.

    Bobby 'G' Presents 12 Gauge Enema - Comedy album featuring a mix of songs and skits. Includes sound files.

    Minnesota Morning and More - CD features the song "Minnesota Morning" by Jeff Brooks, inspiring songs by Marilyn Sellars, and soothing instrumentals.

    Jonathon Lee Music - Piano music recordings on CD of relaxing music by the Carmel California composer/pianist. Includes sound files.

    Mike McCoy - Cassettes and CDs for sale by the Australian singer/actor. Includes sound samples.

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