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   See Also:

    Candle Art - Specializes in sculpted angel, religious, and Greek mythology candles.

    Everlasting Candle - Hand sculpted candles including unity candles.

    Dara's Designs Candle Company - Features handmade candles.

    Cady's Candles - Creates handmade wedding, anniversary, waterfall, lighthouse, scented and cartoon candles.

    D and D Candles - Handcrafted Coke and hurricane hexagon candles.

    Candle Comfort Premium Candles - Large selection of non-drip candles, pillar candles, taper candles and wedding candles. Custom requests accepted.

    MoonBeam Candles and Crafts - Offering hand made candles and soaps, hand etched glass items, gift baskets, and unique hand crafted items.

    Candles By Nily - Each candle is individually crafted, using your photos, invitations, or artwork to make a colorful keepsake. The artwork is embedded in the candle during the process of making the candle.

    Dragon Dreams Candle and Soap Co. - Making handcrafted candles and soaps. Also carry incense, incense burners, and oils.

    Unique Flame - Candles not made of wax or oil but burn using little wax balls.

    The Candle Outlet - Offers online shopping for hand-poured candles and candle accessories, including votive, Christmas, aromatherapy, pillar, floating, and scented jar candles.

    Chandler's Keep - Offers handpoured candles and candle accessories.

    Artsy Candles - Constantin Brancusi pieces in copyrighted candle form, museum pieces excavated from Greek and Roman ruins in beautiful candle forms.

    Pennsbury Candle Company - Double scented, hand poured candles, plus distinctive gifts.

    Craft and Candle Heaven - Offers Bundt cake candles, votives, and jars.

    Hartsfield Candles - Offers wholesale and retail sales of handmade candles.

    Burnies Creative Candles - Specializing in unity candles and sets, carved candles and lighthouses. Order by e-mail.

    Southwest Aromatic DeLights - Hand poured container candles, scented or unscented.

    Lone Star Candle Co. - Container candles, hand poured, using our Lone Star formula for longer burning time.

    Ardore Candles - Aroma filled candles, pillar and frosted glass. Free shipping in the U.S.A.

    Candles By Morenci - Hand poured and crafted multiple scented fragrant container candles.

    October 8th - Handmade, handpoured country candles. Offers a custom blended scent line that is unique to October 8th.

    Aroma Pleasures LLC - Hand poured, scented candles, specialty candles and candle accessories.

    Candles with Scent - Homemade candles in jelly jars in a variety of scents. Free candle tip guide.

    Custom Candles by Lights and Scents - Create a perfect candle from over 120 scents and over 30 colors. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

    Deerfield House Candle Factory - Hand poured, super-scented, essential oils, long burning candles. Customized wedding favors made to order.

    WicksWorth - All kinds of candles, custom crock candles, and jelly jar candles, Handpoured and Handmade in store.

    Ivy Creek Candles - Produces original candles, also offers supplies and candles for fundraising.

    Lush Candles Inc. - Handmade botanical candles using fresh organic flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Also sells gels with seashells and sand.

    Candle Magic - Custom made hand-carved candles with wedding, Christmas, Ribbon and themed candles adorned with cartoon and religious figurines.

    The Candle Ranch - Featuring hancrafted sculpted candles for special occasions and annoucements.

    TrendyLAGirl's Candles - Offers tall glass candles with hand-drawn labels.

    Bayberry Collections - Handcrafted candles and holders, figurines,and hand painted Christmas ornaments.

    Creative Candle Garden - Handcrafted carved and sculpted candles for all occasions- both tapers and pillars.

    The Black Candle Company - Hand made black candles, personal specifications always considered. Full Moon specials, personal items moulded into candles as required. 100 Hour burners a specialty. - Featuring unique aromatherapy, scented and unscented candles. Each candle is hand-made in the USA. Candles are made from beeswax, paraffin and gel.

    Candlelux - Hand made carved candles,a large variety of colors and shapes. (Site available in English, Spanish, and Italian.)

    StresLess Creations - Highly scented candles poured into hand carved clay vessels.

    Manhattan Candles - Candles and accessories, including jars, pillars, tapers, votives, glass oil lamps and incense, coming to you from the big apple.

    Craft Cave - Handcrafted candles and candlemaking supplies.

    Candles by Clarissa - Retail sales of handpoured scented candles.

    Burning Butterfly - Handmade candles, candleholders, diffusers, oil lamps and aromatherapy products.

    Candles by Dream Makers - Hand made candles in many styles, highly fragrant. Specializing in jars, pillars, votives, dipped, double poured candles.

    Candy's Candles - Handmade, scented and colored throughout to maintain the beauty of each creation.

    The Fragrant Pomander - Handmade fragrance items such as fragrance diffusers, fragrant oils, light rings, aromatherapy candles. - Handcrafted candles. Over 45 strongly scented candles, beeswax and unscented candles. Many styles are refillable.

    Cerallama Candles - Cornwall, UK site offers scented and unscented, hand poured candles as well as hand painted and turned wooden candlesticks.

    Coral Candles Co. - Candles, handmade with corals, shells, rocks and scented wax and formed into sculpture.

    Folk Art Pottery - All candles are made in the USA. They are handpoured and no two are exactly alike.

    Lady Lunas Candle Shoppe - Offering herbal pillar and votive scented candles, as well as bath products and candleholders.

    Natures Best Candles - Handpoured candles with sea shells, dried apples, oranges, flowers and spices.

    Flame Of Hope Candles - A candle to welcome the third millennium.

    AuntMamie's Candleshop - Specializing in faux food candles for all occasions.

    Creative Candles - Every one of our candles is crafted by human hands and personal artistry.

    Barbara's Candle Creations - Offers handcrafted molded pillar candles in various colors.

    Fragrant Shapes - Scented candles and decorative shapes.

    Gallery Candle Co. - Offers a variety of scented candles and accessories. Wholesale and fundraising information.

    Mr. Candles - Offers handcrafted novelty candles, including mythical creatures, animals, angels, and cartoon characters.

    Creative Scentsations - Handcrafted jar candles, as well as gift baskets and soaps.

    Hickory Hollow Candle Co. - Canadian handpoured scented votive and mason jar candles, as well as potpourri pies & accessories. Wholesale available.

    Morgan's Candles - Sells votive, pillar, mason jar, tealight, and stenciled pail candles, as well as tarts.

    P & J's Unique Gifts - Handcrafted personalized unity, anniversary and birthday candles.

    Two Knots - Specializes in clothed and handpainted pillar candles.

    Crystal Heart Candle Creations - Custom handmade candles in a variety of scents, colors, textures, and sizes.

    Deja Vu Candles - Sells over 160 scents wholesale and 12 scents retail.

    Lori 'N Brenn's Homemade Candles - Hand poured, highly scented candles.

    Annaroma Candles - Various handcrafted pillar, votive, jar, and gel candles. Purchase using online order form.

    Signature Candles - Handcrafted and hand-poured candles.

    Wicked Wicks Inc. - Sells scented votive, jar, pillar, triple-wicked, hurricane, bees wax, gel, hexagon, and cake candles.

    Wick Box - Sells variosu scented pillar and jar candles, as well as custom gift baskets and fresh flowers.

    Caithness Candles - Offer handcarved stick and pillar candles, as well as other novelty candles- located in Scotland, U.K.

    Chelseas Angel Delights - Hand poured, heavily scented, long burning jar candles and votives.

    Welsh Unique Candles & Gift Accessories - Carries pillar,glass jar, and votive candles, as well as gift baskets.

    Wax Poetic - Offers items for celebrations, weddings, Chanukah, Judaicia, and gift ideas.

    New York Candles & Scent - Offers scented aromatherapy, votive, jar, pillar, loaf, gel, and floating candles.

    Scentimental Sisters - Specializes in handpoured gels, waxes, hurricanes, weddings, embeds, margaritas, and cola.

    BJ Idea Gifts - Features a variety handcrafted paraffin oil in bottle and jars.

    Fine Candles - Offers a variety of handmade chunk, beeswax, layered, paterned, inserts, and tapered.

    Creative Candles - Offers handcrafted candles for sale.

    Flickering Flames - Features carved, scented seaglass, wedding, and speciality tiems.

    Texas Candle Factory - Various scented apothecary and mason jar candles. Fundraising and wholesale also available.

    Candle Strokes - Offering scented candles in various handpainted jars, as well unscented.

    CandleMan - Handmade traditional and specialty candles, votives, cakes, seashell, jars and handmade incense.

    Ta-Lor Made Candles & Gifts - Sells handcrafted scented jar, votive, pillar, and loaf candles, as well as flowers and gifts.

    Coastal Caroline Candles & Gifts - Handmade scented jar, wedding, votive, and hurricane candles for regular use or special occasions.

    Kim's Scentsations - Offers homemade mason jar scented candles, available in various sizes. Soaps also available.

    Magic Mountain Candles - Makes custom musical handmade candles of Disney characters, Christmas, wedding, nautical, novelty, Nascar, and beverage candles.

    The Amish Candle Shoppe - Specializes in Amish handdipped and carved pillar scented candles.

    The CanalSide Candle Company - offers beeswax, paraffin, scented, holiday, molded, and novelty candles, as well as candleholders.

    Denver Candle Company - Offers votives, floaters, pillars, stars, various shapes, confetti, rainbow, potpourri, and paper wrapped candles.

    Huckleberry International - Features handcrafted embedded pillar candles in various marine, floral, and natural objects.

    Morning Star Creations - Features handcrafted and handcarved candles.

    Candlemaker - Creative candles; all designs are original, handcrafted and handpainted.

    Candles by Montserrat - Candles designed by artist Montserrat using her original oil paintings as the labels. They are handpoured and contain natural essential oils.

    The Pear Tree Candles. - Features handcrafted pear-shaped candles for regular use of wedding favors.

    Minadoo Skage - Canadian made candles. Specializin in native designed products such as sweetgrass, dreamcatcher, and spirit feather. Wholesale/retail.

    Candles by JoAnna - Specializes in scented homemade candles for special occasions, including favors.

    Creative Candles - Handcrafted pillar candles in various scents, colors, and sizes.

    Contempo Creations - Sells handcrafted scented votive, bar, pillar, and aromatherapy candles, as well as gourmet and bath products.

    Willow Hill Farm Candles - Offers handcrafted scented embedded rock candles, as well as handpressed floral luminaries and floater candleholders. Wholesale also available.

    Chester Candles Welcome - Sells various handcrafted scented marine, seasonal, votive, pillar, and beeswax candles, as well as hurricane.

    Low Country Candles - Specialized in hand dipped taper, pillar, bees-wax, and decorative candles in St.Simons Island, GA.

    Inner-Glo - Selling spiritual handcrafted meditation and religious pillar candles

    Oregon Pioneer Crafts - Specializes in traditional molded and novelty handcrafted candles in a variety of styles and scents.

    Sara'n Dipity Candles - Handcrafted scented pillar, cone, square, flower, and star candles, as well as globe candles. Use Paypal.

    Valley Candle Works - Interior decorated candles. Handcrafted from start to finish. Custom and wholesale orders welcome.

    Holland House Candles - Handcarved wedding, unity, Christmas, and ribbon candles, as well as other special ocassion candles.

    Wax Wizard Candles - Hand-sculpted candles for all occasions including photo embedded, pet, beach scenes and hurricanes.

    A Kathy's Kreations Website - Handcrafted Gel Candles and Glass Etchings - Specializing in Individually Handcrafted Gel Candles and Glass Etchings, Personalized or Ready Made for weddings, anniversarys, birthdays, baby's arrival, any special occasion

    Minerva - A home based business that markets hand painted, artistic, candles. Recreating master paintings from artists as diverse as Klimt, Miro, Modigliani and many others.

    Candlelight Creations - Handcrafted, custom candles in various colors and scents. Votives, pillars, aroma diffusers, candleholders, and candle supplies also available.

    The Candle Carvers - Features handcrafted and handcarved candles for all occasions, including weddings, unity, and holidays.

    A K.B. Candles - Handpoured mason, apothecary, square, honey pot, and flower pot candles, as well as votives and wax tarts.

    Kandles Forever - Sells handpoured container candles in various Southwest relics and objects.

    Rachael's Candle Town - Handpoured custom scented jar candles, as well as unscented.

    Measure of Light - Offers candles in pottery that glow through cutouts in the sides.

    Good Tastes Shopper - Specializes in handpoured pillar candles in various molds, objects, and shapes.

    Kapula Candles - Handpainted Kapula pillar candles in various shapes and designs. Located in York, U.K.

    Rosewood Candles - Candles, sachets and personalized rosemary soap, blended potpourri and Mikasa crystal at unbeatable prices.

    American Pie Candle Company - Specializing in unique handcrafted and custom made pie candles.

    Kreations by Judy - Customed designed commerative candles for special occasions and holidays.

    Wicked Hot Candles - Hand-crafted candles for gifts, weddings, or home decor.

    Candles Make Scents - Selling handcarved pillar and taper candles for special occasions and holidays.

    Candles By Jerel-Lynn - Handcrafted celo-wrapped pillar and cake candles. Order by phone, fax or email.

    Griffins - Yankee and floating candles and accessories.

    L.K.'s Scent Menagerie - Offers various scented apothecary jar candles, as well as bath products and aromatherapy.

    The Candle Store - Specializes in spiritual jar candles, incenses, essential oils, and natural herbs.

    Candles N Stuf - Handpoured scented novelty candles, including beaded, wedding, and regular candles.

    Rock Haven Farms - Sells scented cake and votive candles, as well as wicker baskets.

    Light My Fire - Specializes in crystal wax scented glass votive candles.

    Candlesmith - Specializing in handcarved oil burning, lighthouse, and wedding candles.

    John's Wicks - Assorted selection of handcrafted gel, pillar, votives, and jar candles, as well as candleholders.

    Taylor Made Candles - Sells handcrafted embedded pillar candles in various plants and flowers.

    Candles Market Place - Sells decorative molded, loaf, and cake pillar candles, as well custom apothecary jar candles.

    Welcome to Nana's Candles - Sells scented apothecary and mason jar candles, as well as imitative bake goods candles.

    Candles Plus Dot - Offers handcrafted scented pillar, votive, and taper candles.

    Touch and Glo - Sells scented votive, pillar, and tealights candles in various giftsets and colors.

    Caribbean Lighthouse - Selling scented and unscented candles made with the sea-treasures of the Bahamian beaches including items like starfish, sand dollars and sea biscuits. 15 styles available.

    Fall River Candle Company - Handcarved unity candles; three styles to choose from.

    Ajello Candles - Handmade decorative candles by one of the world's oldest candlemakers. Ajello Candles is family owned and operated since 1775.

    Qtas Candles - Sells various range of candles, handcrafted candelabra and essential oils. Located in New Zealand.

    Rystins Candles - Offers a selection of hand poured scented items. Includes jar, votive, potpourri melts, and gift packs.

    Davisburg Candle Factory - Specializes in hand-dipped scented pillar, taper, votive, and globe candles.

    #1 Candles - Specialize in handcrafted decorative scented pillar candles, as well as capiz candleholders and candle lamps.

    Joan of Arte - Specializes in handcrafted art pillar candles and taper candles.

    The Candle Witch - An online boutique where you can custom order handmade candles.

    Candles by Kim - Various homemade scented jar, votive, and pillar candles. Order by phone or mail.

    Candlewood Creations - Hand made candles shaped as animals, and decorative styles.

    Candle Boutique by Alice - Offering a wide variety of candles and candleholders, from designer scented to holiday characters.

    Delightful Creations - Handcrafted gel candles which offer a varity of colors, scents, and embeds. Includes a line of wedding and holiday candles. Custome orders available.

    Chris Allan Designs - Candles & Art - Hand-made pillar candles made of paraffin and beeswax and decorative paper candle lanterns.

    Mystifying Scents - Features homemade scented votives, jar, and wax tarts.

    Wax and Wane - Features themed candles, collections include arctic, beehive, and rainbow.

    Scentserly Yours Candles and Accessories - Hand-poured gel candles, gel candle supplies and candle holders. Also offering custom-made candles for weddings favours or table decor. Located in Brampton, Ontario Canada.

    Heart & Soul Candles - Unique high quality candles and gifts all hand made. Offering a variety of styles and scents to choose from.

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