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    Sewer Balls - By Steven Schindler. A story of two best friends who grew up in New York City in the early sixites.

    Gidget Must Die - A surf noir novel about a surfing legend who returns to Malibu 30 years later to kill everyone in The Gidget movies for ruining his surf spot. By Fred Reiss

    Parousia...and man made God - A novel about a covert group of Vatican Cardinals during WWII that plot a conspiracy to clone the blood from the Shroud of Turin.

    Simon - By Richard Kennedy. From the perspective of a 16-year boy who is stricken with an incurable disease which, though known in its basic form, is absolute "unique".

    Jan of Cleveland - In 1348, only the poor and desperate sought treatment with Ethelred Fortescue, a London barber-surgeon who learned about sanitation out of sheer absent-mindedness.

    Darcy's Story - Pride and Prejudice from the hero's point of view.

    Brown Water Cafe - Illustrated novel, by Bill Barrett. The story of Lee Francis and the cross country road trip he takes to understand the present state of American society.

    TruthWerks - Premiere series! "Code Word Nimbus" chronicles the adventures of Physicist Russell Sorensen in the Special Group's Field Research and Analysis Unit "Nimbus."

    Before the Flood - By Alan R. Wilson. It is set in a small town at the junction of two rivers, and takes place in a time when satellite malls didn't hide the horizon, when the best hockey players were found on six teams, when towns were as individual as people.

    Red Lights - by Mikael Hakansson. A short story collection by Notherway Publications.

    The Ferry Woman - First novel of John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre

    Tales of Tails - by Anne MacNeill de Mille. An eBook about a family's cherished pet cats.

    Beethoven Was Black - White professor teaches at an African-American college (HBCU) and learns about black racism and being a minority.

    Personal Injuries - The new novel from Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent and The Burden of Proof, set in the fictional Kindle County, USA.

    Winter Solstice (Irish) Novel - Set in Newgrange, on the morning of the Winter Solstice, Marion reassess her life and loves as she awaits entry to the 5000 year old site.

    Rumors of War - Persian Gulf War alters lives of ordinary Minnesota family in a political thriller that delves into reasons why governments traipse off to war.

    California Boomer: Keeper Of The Story - From Hollywood movie stars to street Angels; Gay, straight, rich, poor, the good and the darkly bad. A celebration of life, diversity, and of a deep human impulse to do more than survive lifes harshest lessons.

    The Fateful Adventures of The Good Soldier Svejk During the World War - A new English language translation and faithful literary rendition of this famous Czech novel by Jaroslav Hasek.

    Mountain Meadows Massacre--The Ferry Woman - A novel of John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre by Gerald Grimmett from Limberlost Press 2000.

    Antonio Balsemin - Author of brief stories in the dialect of Veneto-Vicenza (Chiampo's valley) with Italian traslation, inspired to rustic culture and traditions.

    The Nautilus Journal - An extraordinary sojourn across the globe ends off the coast of the Lofoten Isles. For French Naturalist, Professor Pierre Aronnax and two companions.

    Martyrs' Tomb By Mack Hicks - Thriller about modern school reform rips the lid off an incredible conspiracy to create chaos and violence in our public schools.

    Mary's Field - Spiritual novel by Vic Peters. It is the tale of a man who refuses to accept what his life has brought him, and who takes his indignation to God himself. Also includes information on ordering the book.

    Chief Executive Officer - Two disillusioned executives make a stealthy switch of jobs and find themselves trying to run major organizations for which they have neither training nor experience.Novel by Mark Hanson, Ph.D.

    That Devil Called Love - by Lynda Chater. A wickedly funny novel about love, beauty - and selling your soul to the Devil.

    Portia - By Denise Turney. About a courageous woman and the strength she finds in the love of her family.

    After Titanic - This novel takes the reader from Rose's rescue to Chippewa Falls, WI where she delivers a son, Jack Dawson Jr.

    In Celebration of Kate - Kate Turner was an ordinary little girl living in the suburbs - or was she? By Lana Thompson

    Bartholomew Bandy - By Donald Jack. A humourous series of "memoirs" of Air Ace Bart Bandy.

    Awakenings - The story of young girl who must beat the odds and societys negative expectations of her to achieve.

    The Final Jihad - A novel of terrorism, terrorists, biowarfare and biological weapons. The Final Jihad, which brings to readers actual intelligence gathered by espionage operations.

    Fires of Darkness - A Christian novel by Tom Buford. Overcoming addictions to pornography and homosexuality.

    Where's Daddy? - This young adult novel gives us a glimpse into the world of Rebecca who experiences a tragedy on Father's day that will cause her to view her world through the eyes of rejection and abandonment.

    Step 339 Fictional Thriller - A biological weapon is set to be release in Washington DC during the Fourth of July Parade. American people are caught in the crossfire of two men that want to profit from the weapon.

    A Positive Light - In Dangerous Waters - The world's most luxurious passenger ship is steaming toward an unseen ice field. Was it fiction or a premonition?

    Prager's Pattern - A novel by John Alvar. Two hit men mistake fourteen year old Aimee for their contract and attempt to kidnap her.

    Milk and Honey - Novel by Gerald Moore about A Domestic War and Peace, two British families divided by their prejudice but united by a doomed marriage.

    Wasted Land - By Renee Angers. A story of a young man's tortured soul.

    Meely LaBauve - The first novel by Wall Street Journal writer Ken Wells. Includes a brief synopsis and biography.

    Gone Awry: A virtual tour through High Tech Hell - A chronicle of the strange and humorous adventures of Les Smart and his "tour guide" as they trek the vast expanses of The 25th Circle (also known as High Tech Hell).

    Shadow of the Serpent - The book is set in prehistoric North America weaving an story of ancient civilizations, nomads, and the ever-present struggle for control of land and domination over others.

    Weapon of Jihad - Third World government uses biological agent to devastate U.S.population in preparation for a military assault.

    The Ex-Files: New Stories About Old Flames - New stories and memoirs by acclaimed American writers, including Junot Diaz, Dorothy Allison, Lydia Davis and David Foster Wallace.

    Life On The Wing - A metaphysical theme underlies life on the wing: hawks and falcons. By David Moran, Ph. D.

    Breaking a Blissful Ignorance, A Novella - Fiction novel written by Andrew Shea.

    Port Royal: Pirates of Paradise - The once infamous Jamaican pirate city comes alive in this new novel based on the legendary pirates of this partially sunken city - home of Sir Henry Morgan.

    Gothic Doo-Wop - By Lori Wolf.

    The Gifted - by Lawrence Simeone. The story of Nick and Eddie Fontaine, two musically talented brothers who struggle to find peace with each other in a hostile urban environment.

    Timothy Cratchit's Christmas Carol, 1917 - the on going saga of Ebeneezer Scrooge in this Dickens classic sequel.(Dale Powell)

    A Very Strange Trip - An Original Story by L. Ron Hubbard - Novelized by Dave Wolverton. In this fun and fast moving journey across the United States, the first stop, in the late eighteenth century, is just the beginning of A Very Strange Trip.

    Jimmy's Girl: A Novel by Stephanie Gertler - By Stephanie Gertler. Ever wonder what happened to your first love? A novel of first love lost and of the price to be paid for finding it again.

    Rat Medicine and Other Unlikely Curatives - By Lauren Davis.

    Watching Maria - The story of a young man who tries to mend the heart of a rape victim,by Gavin D. Cutshall.

    The Joy of Christmas - A holiday story of an Angel who brings together the Human and Divine through Christmas traditions.

    Rainy Days and Sundays - A novel by Brewster Milton Robertson.

    They Musta Had Wings - This book tells the story of growing up in the Urban 1960's-1990's. The story of young boys surrrounded by drugs, crime and their coming of age from boys to men.

    The Election - by Richard Warren Field. Links to the first chapter, review quotes, as well as many other related pages.

    Two Dog River - A story about whitewater rafting and kayaking; outdoor adventure and men's issues.

    Jennie's Reprisal - By Carol Bennett: a mystical trip to perfection, from Atlantis to Eternity.

    Geena Grappelli - writer, psychic, reader of akashic record - Geena Grappelli, original first novel based on the tarot card progression.

    Hank-Willy - The cat and his adventures to Nashville to become a country and western singer.

    Please Please Please - by Renee Swindle.

    Apsara Jet - An action adventure novel set in Thailand and Cambodia

    Key Monster - A comic-crime caper by Lee Dravis, set in tropical Key West. Published by AmErica House Books.

    The Bar Sinister, Pride and Prejudice Continues - A sequel to Jane Austen's classic.

    Doin' Jimmy - By W. Allen Werneken. What happens to John and Shelby Russel after the FBI finds Jimmy Hoffa's body buried at their northern Michigan cottage.

    Smoke and Gravity - A unique and treasured item for the discriminating booklover: the novel by Win Neagle, inscribed at your request.

    The Five Minute Illiad - It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen. It was the future, and everything sucked...

    Freedom's Fyre - A story of how science, with its roots in philosophy, enables men to create technology that serves their interests.

    Velkro: The Gripping Life of Mitzi St. Bernard - A fabulously trashy romp about the roller coaster life of Mitzi St. Bernard, who claimed to have invented the hook and loop fastener of another spelling.

    The Timbercruisers - Life in the woods.

    Darkness of Dawn - Publisher includes description of the book, biography of the author, contact and ordering information.

    The End Race - Barrett Black's first novel. A senator's death triggers a series of events that brings mankind to the brink of extinction as racial tensions explode.

    Controllers - by Meta IV Pubs. H.M. Murphy. What if a cult controlled several government agencies? What if no one knew who was behind the cult? What if you found out?

    no glove no love - novel about the world of professional boxing.

    Your Door to the Soul - A story of a young man who runs into his soul when confronted with war in Vietnam.

    The Slow Way Back - By Judy Goldman. This book is a love song to family, to this family's -- and every family's -- ability to confront the most difficult parts of its past and face the future with hope.

    There's a River Down in Texas - by Jim Black. In a small town in Texas in 1966, three thirteen year old best friends experience the summer of their lives.

    Titantic: The Return Voyage - Titanic is to be rebuilt and re-sail her maiden voyage in March 2000. The promoters seek to make a lot of money out of the project expecting that the voyage will be a great success

    Midnight Sun - A new terrorist novel by Lance Selfridge.

    The Omani Link - An international oil scam, spans from Oman to Old Europe to Vancouver, B.C., Tokyo, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile.

    Love Has Many Faces - Story of women who discover that sometimes the most sincere attempts for love lead to murder.

    Who's The Real Gigolo - By Towonda KilPatrick.

    Twelve Stories of Russia: A Novel, I guess - A book about an American who moves to Moscow to teach Russians the difference between the and a.

    Omar - by Craig O. Thompson. A historical techno-thriller novel.

    Frogg Pond - A Third World Adventure - Six fans travel to Costa Rica to free American cartoonist, Amos Frogg who is jailed for impersonating a character in a novel. This is Steve Cason's debut novel.

    First War of the Universe Sci-Fi Book - Science fiction at its best can be found by fans of the genre in Jesse Lezama's new book.

    On Daimons - A novel about myth, freedom and finding one's own identity.

    'The Tide Turners' - Colin Macpherson's intriguing new novel . Find out more about the novel and purchase a copy via the site.

    A Major Case - A novel by Pete Deer. What do a Lakota Sioux medicine man, a crazed ER nurse, a thoroughly intoxicated orthopedic surgeon, and a dismembered member have in common?

    Eternal Life - A novel by Bobby Right about an American family coming to terms with life in Arabia.

    Unfurling the Black Standard - Mullá Husayn's search for the Promised Q'aim. Book written and illustrated by Ivan Lloyd with Persian translation and calligraphy depicting the prayers revealed by the Bab.

    Point of Honor - Prelude to the Second Gulf War. A novel. - An errant U-2 mission, a clandestine rendezvous in the northern Gulf and desperate race against time as Saddam plots revenge and a s small commando teams attempts to thwart his plans.

    The Better Angels - By Robert A. Mills, an adventure for two extraordinary young men who fortuitously find themselves inextricably immersed in World War II.

    Diary Of A Serial Killer - A fictionalized account of how a serial killer kills nine alleged prostitutes.

    A Family Tree - An excerpt by Doc Robertson.

    Better Off Dead - New Mafia fiction novel.

    Blacksun Rising - A novel by Johnathan DeAugust

    Ferals - Aussie surfing adventure novel.

    Unauthorized Realms - The official site for Jeffry Scott Hansen's novel.

    Launch Enable - Mace missile test launch in 1966 to escalate Vietnam war. The website offering this books is worth a look. Great advertising.

    Side Effect - A thriller set in today's pharmaceutical Sandra Feder. Contains a synopsis of the book, author background, the first chapter, reviews, and ordering information.

    Sut McCaslin, A Baseball Romance - Baseball, politics and other myths of the 'Fifties.

    The Football Coach - Whatever happened to Harold Goodwood? A comical novel, dealing with the return of international football legend and notorious bully, Harold Goodwood.

    Without a City Wall - The first-hand account of a young Englishman and the fabled capital of the Vijayanagar Empire.

    Max Woosley Author of Holy War, Tomorrow's Headlines Today - Fiction author, Max Woosley, writes tale of terror by Iraqi team sent to repay America for Desert Storm.

    Eight, Skate and Donate - An off-beat coming-of-age novel.

    A Face In The Moon - Debut novel by Mitchell Waldman. A story about a young man's journey down the winding road of belated first love, self-discovery, separation, and madness.

    Life & Consciousness - Follow Robert Casper during his journey to the scientific reality of universal oneness.

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