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    Hidden Fortunes - Eduardo Varela-Cid, a former Congressman of Latin American Parliament from 1990-1995, digs deep inside the Latin American and World Drug Trade, and follows the money trail to Citibank, among others.

    Rolling Thunder, a novel by Mark Berent - Author writes on his experiences with airwar, Vietnam, B-52, F-4, Phantom, F-100, Bien Hoa, Saigon, McNamara, LBJ, Fonda, POW, Hanoi, Fighter Pilots, Green Beret, SOG, Jolly Green, Lima Site, Linebacker, Helicopter, PJ, Steel Tiger, Laos, Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Memories of Old Smoky - Information on a newly published book about the Great Smoky Mountains, by Carlos C. Campbell.

    The Big Test - "The Secret History of the American Meritocracy." The story of the SAT and standardized testing.

    The Mailman Would Not Kill - A novel about how the U.S. Postal Service mistreats its employees often leading to violence and murder.

    THE MYTH OF SANITY by Dr. Martha Stout - A startling new study in consciousness, THE MYTH OF SANITY is a landmark book about forgotten trauma, dissociated mental states, and multiple personality- IN EVERYDAY LIFE.

    Honor for Sale - This essentially true story details the theft of over 500 pounds of narcotics from the NYPD's Property Clerks office during the 1970's. Gerald E. Kelly, a former SIU Detective tells the story of who did it and how.

    Rock Prophecy - Jimi Hendrix. Michael Fairchild. The original Asteroid prediction and Microsoft connection.

    Honk If You Love J. Edgar Hoover - Honk If You Love J. Edgar Hoover is the story of the career of an F.B.I. agent from the years 1970 to 1990 written by Allyn Bakserville and Bill Gillespie

    Justice and Born - By J. Linwood Jones. A book about racism in the south.

    Industry of Identity Deficit - The effects of capitalism and globalization on cultural identity and family values. Sample chapter, author profile, and message board.

    The Secrets of Power Politicking - How to develop magnetic charisma, persuasion power, become an outstanding role model.

    There to Breathe the Beauty - By Norm Brauer. A pictorial presentation of the camping trips of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison and John Burroughs.

    Too Stubborn to Die - A true story by Nordhausen survivor Cato Jaramillo.

    Ladner's Landing: the Series - User-friendly books of self guided walks around historic Ladner British Columbia to explore the communitys heritage and past based on farming, fishing, salmon canneries, ship-building, the railroad and the sawmill.

    Forever Friends - Stories of American children growing up in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

    Unity in Diversity - The ultimate book abour European Union

    The Cookbook of Love+ - Create more love, intimacy and romance with your partner.

    20% Off - The Rest Is Okay - a Quadriplegic's Search for Meaning - True story based on the life of Bill Nichols as he fights total paralysis. A book about the will to survive, and the belief that if you think you can, you can.

    How to Sting the Polygraph - Prepare to pass the test by knowing how to always produce a truthful chart.

    Learn Public Speaking in Private - For people who dread speaking to groups. How to beat nerves, and write a speech you won¹t forget, sample speeches.

    A Captive Muse - A psychotherapist and poet explains what causes writer's block, artist's block and what enables writers and artists to be creative.

    Whitaker's Almanac - Whitaker's Almanac Directory, Annual Publication from 132 years

    Priceless Weddings for Under $5000 - Kathleen kennedy shares budget savvy advice in her book .

    The Horse of God - Rennes-le-Chateau. Book on CD-ROM links this mysterious village with an old Templar secret. A famous painting By Poussin holds a true treasure map.

    The Scent Of Eros - Information regarding human pheromones .

    The Architect's Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, 3rd Edition - This labor-saving resource reduces complex engineering and building code information to simple approximations that can be easily incorporated into initial design explorations.

    Everybody Pays - The true story of a Chicago mob hit in the 1970s, and the wrenching toll it took on the sole witness.

    And I Thought I Was Crazy! - Quirks, idiosyncrasies and meshugaas by judy reiser. People do the darndest things.

    Wine Price File - Offers a book detailing retail and auction pricing of fine wines.

    Leadership Lessons from the Civil War - Tom Wheeler's new book explores the innovative lessons that can be learned from Civil War tactics and applies them to today's business strategies.

    When The Journey Of Life Ends - All the things you need to know and do immediately after a death .

    Discovering America As It Is - Lithuanian journalist and former anti-Soviet dissident Valdas Anelauskas describes America and warns about the menace its ultra-capitalism constitutes to the world.

    MP3 and the Digital Music Revolution - A book by John Hedtke. Published by Top Floor Publishing.

    The Promise of Love - Help for couples to build and nurture a genuine loving. lasting relationship.

    Leatherwood Honey for Gall - A book for teachers students and general readers,  and a resource for descendants seeking their colonial ancestry.

    Islandtimes ... Tropical Temptations, Travel and Troubadours - "Tropical Temptations",a book of Spirited Island Recipes and Travel. Tunes of Troubadours taking you "Down to the Islands" and apparel with an island theme.

    Making a Brighter Future Through Prevention Education - A gun and gang prevention series of books for educators and children from six through eight years of age. For schools that are interested in stopping the violence associated with guns and gangs in our society.

    The Mistress - Victoria Griffin's book details histories, myths and interpretations of the "Other Woman".

    Prison Survival Manual - A guide with tips and suggestions to help an inmate do better time in prison.

    The Scribe of the Third Testament - Prophecies of catastrophic events yet to happen to the United States of America and the whole world in the next thousand years.

    Virtual Reality and the College Freshman - A book about leaving home and going away to college.

    The Right Time - How to know the right time for just about anything.

    RV Having Fun Yet? - Veteran Hollywood comedy writer Ray Parker hit the road for 18 months to find out for himself, and reveals what the RV lifestyle is like in this hilarious book.

    The Indictment - The true story of Professor William Estabrook Chancellor and President Warren G. Harding's demand to have him suppressed.

    The Musician's Guide through the Legal Jungle - Free legal and business resources on the music industry including audio clips, articles, contract negotiation guides, a glossary and an interactive quiz.

    Journey of the Wild Geese - A Quaker romance in war-torn Europe.

    Champagne Wishes - For men who would like a little coaching when it comes to the games of romance.

    The Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible - Recipes and equipment for making moonshine. Make cappers, kegs, scales and a malt factory out of an old freezer.

    My Life With a Con Artist - Blind love of a con artist leads to jail for an innocent victim. Counseling and seminars.

    From Capitalism to Equality - An inquiry into the laws of economic change by Charles Andrews.

    The Book: Dating Over 30 - Practical answers to dating, sex, relationships and the real difference between men and women.

    Ganja Tales - A smokin' collection of short-stories about growing up in the nineties.

    Radar Books - The Official U.S. Government Traffic Officer's Radar Training Manual

    The Round House at Lewes - A book about the history of the site and its occupants.

    100 Ways to Strengthen and Unify Our Country - Advertises the book about civic participation by Jennifer Lee. Online sales, reviews, and donor and fundraising programs.

    Worldwide Webley - A history of Webley and Scott, and Harrington and Richardson automatic pistols.

    Hungarian-Japanese Dictionary - The new Hungarian-Japanese Dictionary has been published.

    Trees, My Way Golf Stories for Mortals - This humorous golf book is about the average citizen by Robert W. Nelson,

    Golf Rules Made Easy. A Simple Guide To Golf. - A book by a club player explaining the rules of golf, simply, answers in seconds. All the rules of golf explained in pictures.

    Geek Redemption - Tells what's wrong with being a geek and how to stop being one. It begins with a Cavalcade of Geeks, and sets forth a comprehensive program of redemption in the areas of dress, comportment, and physical fitness. The centerpiece is advice on bodybuilding for the recalcitrant nerd physique.

    The Heart of the Circle: A Guide to Drumming - Bring drumming into your life, relationships and ceremonies. Whether you want to use drumming for personal expression, relaxation, or as an activity for friends and family.

    Brainstorming Through Your Life - The autobiography workbook, autobiography assistance, preparation and publication.

    Special Deliveries - By Theresa Hebert. The only all natural and proven way to determine the gender of your child at conception. Now you can plan and have the boy or girl of your choice and of your dreams.

    American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary - 1600 signs classified by 41 handshapes. Illustrated index of English equivalents, ASL structure overview. View sample pages in .pdf format. By Richard A. Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown.

    Diane Irons - Author of 911 Beauty Secrets, World's Best Kept Diet Secrets and World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets. Beauty expert and stylist to the stars.

    The Stewarts: Adam To Adam - The story of the Jehu Stewart clan, though thirty generations of documented history and beyond, to the age of antiquity and the creation of man.

    King Arthur and Camelot - Book tells story of King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot through eyes of people who were regressed back to their lives at Camelot. Arthurian legend told with a fresh perspective.

    Life Can Be Magick - The secrets of witchcraft are revealed in this book of witches spells by Miranda Oakridge.

    The Letters of Charles Dickens - The Pilgrim Edition Volume 10: 1862-1864. This volume presents 918 letters, 435 previously unpublished.

    The Long Way to Los Gatos - Adventure story of the author's ride with two horses from Peru to California. Exciting reading with new adventure around every bend in the road. Great story about horsemanship and horse travel by Verne R. Albright.

    Victims of Memory - "Recovered memories" book by Mark Pendergrast.

    The Ultimate New York City Trivia - Trivia travel guide to New York City landmarks, history, sports, entertainment, shopping, nature, arts.

    Southbound on the Appalachian Trail - Jim Coplen's hike on the Appalachian from Maine to North Georgia.

    Natural Food Recipes for Healthy Dogs - What's good for you is also good for your pets, is the premise of this cookbook. Natural foods, by the author's definition, are foods that humans eat. These foods are minimally processed, and are as free of pesticides and preservatives as possible.

    Writing the News - By Walter Fox, a guide to the style and structure of newswriting for beginning journalists.

    A Woman Alone - A spiritual, widow's relationship memoir in poetry and letters.

    Expecting a New Cat Doesn't Cause Morning Sickness - A humorous look at the lifestyle differences between adopting a cat and parenting a child. Includes secrets to great cat care.

    Truffles from Heaven - Tasty tidbits of inspiration and enlightenment sprinkled with a smile - from Kali Schnieders.

    A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools - Critical information to assist school districts in responding effectively to everyday crises as well as school-based disasters.

    Message for the Millennium - Is a revelatory message from Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Not really a religious book. It deals with politics, economics, ecology and development, and social issues like family, divorce, abortion, telling how things ought to be in the future for the betterment and survival of mankind.

    A Christmas Carol and Its Adaptations - Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol has been produced for the screen over 100 times. These are documented in this book by Fred Guida.

    Maude (1883-1993): She Grew Up with the Country - Enjoy the secrets of living to age 110, as well as, what family life was like before TV.

    Citizenship Made Simple - U.S. citizenship requirements and frequently used terms. The application, procedures and the test. Information on U.S. history, important historical documents, our government, holidays and Presidents.

    Ten Consecutive Years Living in Cars - Interior car modifications and methods making living in a car hassle-free, comfortable, enjoyable and fulfilling.

    The Unusual, Unknown and Unexplained - 72 short stories including 28 photographs. A comprehensive compilation of the bizarre, the unexplained, and supernatural experiences.

    The Bouncer's Bible - The art and science of working the door. Life and times of a bouncer.

    Gravity and Levity - The Philosophy of Paradox - Brings the latest insights of contemporary physics into the perspective of everyday life full of paradoxes.

    Creature from Jekyll Island - A second look at the Federal Reserve, by G. Edward Griffin. This book will change the way you view the world, politics, and money.

    Taking the Group Seriously - "Towards a Post Foulkesian Group Analytic Theory" by Farhad Dalal. Description, contents and reviews of this book on the theory of groups.

    International Business Marionettes - An IBM executive struggles to regain his sanity after a brutal firing.

    Lightweight Backpacking: The Importance of Good Form - Stay warm, eat well and sleep dry without spending a fortune. A quick-start guide for those interested in backpacking.

    Foul-Mouthed Traveller's Information Desk - Going abroad then? Get a dose. Don't leave all the fun of insulting Johnny Foreigner to Prince Philip. Learn the xenophobic, sexist nonsense you need for a right good laugh on holiday right here.

    Beginning Farming and What Makes a Sheep Tick - A satire about life on the farm by Lowell Christensen.

    Taking the Deadlock Out of Wedlock - Written by Robert J. Wieland, presents marriage in the light of the gospel.

    Secrets of the Invisible World Disclos'd - By Daniel Defoe. This book completes the ideas in Defoe's earlier "History of the Devil" and "A System of Magic".

    One Kick - Parents, teachers, coaches and others who work with children have a chance to physically and mentally empower them.

    Mediterranean Sailing - Rod Heikell's books about sailing in the Mediterranean.

    Before the First Day, the Full Story of the Earth's Creation - Scientific theory of the creation and formation of the Solar system consistent with biblical belief.

    Fire in the Valley - By Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine. The beginning of Silicon Valley and the making of the personal computer.

    Scissors and Comb Haircutting - A cut-by-cut guide for home haircutters by Bob Ohnstad.

    Read My Lips - The latest university research findings on subliminal advertising, marketing & sales" by Dr. Glenn Van Warrebey.

    Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century - Book on possible solutions to violence.

    What If We Are Love - By Craig Fuller, as truth is the key to oneness, what ifs are the locks on the door. Truth is within each one of us and this book was written to help you find it.

    The Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas - Ways to crack the international job market and make the system work to your advantage.

    Breaking the Watch - Follows women and men from a rural American community as they approach and experience the first years of retirement.

    Red Earth, White Lies - By Vine Deloria, Jr. Native Americans and the myth of scientific fact. A compendium of Indian oral tradition and their challenge to science.

    Hunkering Down - A new autobiographical book about one man's experiences in advocating social justice for the mentally ill.

    Death By Misadventure: 210 Dumb Ways To Die - Fully documented stories of fatal stupidity available in portable document file (PDF) and PalmOS formats.

    Bible According to Einstein - The official site of the "Scientific Bible" of the New Millennium

    Internet for Cats - Learn how you and your cat can prowl the internet.

    Blacklight Book - 112 page book on how to use a blacklight. For identifying fakes, reproductions, repairs, etc. 103 photos and illustrations.

    I Can Hear The Guns Now - How WWII effected a man and his family. Letters to and from him and his wife before he was killed so far from home.

    Inspirations: A Bereavement Counselling Book - By Derek Dobson, bereavement counselor. Collection of supportive poems, proverbs and quotations.

    Last Frontier Larry Kaniut - Larry Kaniut's titles include: Alaska Bear Tales, More Alaska bear Tales, Cheating Death, Some Bears Kill, Danger Stalks the Land and Whats Bruin?

    Sailing The Dream - A metaphysical pilgrimage encouraging the reader to join in and take a second look at the values that steer their own lives.

    The Unsinkable Spirit - True story of a young family on small ship sailing toward the South Pacific.

    Colours Inside Out: - Learn about using the psychology of colour to benefit your image and lifestyle. By Edita Whipple.

    Secret La Salle Monument and Historical Marker - Lee Woodard discovery that Heavener, Oklahoma rune stone is a 1687 secret La Salle monument and historical marker showing where he died and is buried near Poteau, Oklahoma.

    The Puppy Baby Book - Dog owners can chart their puppies' growth and progress as parents with their babies.

    Dr. D's Handbook for Men Over 40 - A guide to health, living and relationships for men Over 40.

    Searching the Thames - A large-format book of photographs and descriptions of the River Thames, from the source to the sea.

    Campaigning to Win - A manual by Gary O. Bosley for local political campaigns. Table of contents, price and ordering information, endorsement, and author biography.

    Strength, Courage and Confidence; What Facial Difference Teaches Us - Jennifer Wallace talks about living with the after effects of a large facial hemangioma tumor.

    All Power Guide - is a how-to-guide that cultivates individuals on image, manners, business etiquette and international protocol for all continents.

    Reykjavik, the Capital City of Iceland - Celebrates the charm and colorful appearance of the mountain-adorned, bay-set capital city of Iceland.

    Wings Over Marion - The only story of flying in Marion IN., from 1911 to 1997. Includes Marion's airports, pilots, airplanes, photos, etc. Indexed, chronology, pilot activities and more.

    The Hill on the Net - Chris Casey's book about the process of getting the United States Congress to use the internet. In addition to information about the book, the web site has a mailing list and updates concerning ongoing developments.

    Dear Captain, Et Al. - A powerful and passionate story of survival in and within Company K, 335th Infantry, during WWII.

    The Ugly Malays by Syed Hussien Alattas - Latest writing by a maverick political writer, Syed Hussien Alattas.

    Fingerprints - The origins of crime detection and the murder case that launched forensic science.

    Law Stanis - (a.k.a. Kapuscinski Stanislaw) Often deep, sometimes ironic or just humorous look at reality. Essays, novels, short stories and other writing.

    Il Creatore - Scientific evidences and other reflections about the universe.

    Popular Evolution - Applies evolutionary theory to everyday life and draws some surprising conclusions on how humans ought to live.

    Its All in the Face - The key to understanding ourselves and others. Learn how to use key facial features for understanding your friends, family, co-worker and boss.

    My Grandma's Angels - A true story about the strong bond of love between a four-year-old girl and her adoring grandmother.

    Living Above Pain: Joy in the Midst of Suffering - Inspirational and courageous stories of faith winning over terminal diseases.

    How to Get Girls - The book you need to pickup women and girls.

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saving the Environment - By Greg Paul. Links to buy the book on-line.

    The Iconoclast Goes to Sea - WW II experiences as an enlisted man in the US Navy.

    The New Marriage - Overcome the emotional problems that arise from marital troubles.

    I Thought It Was Just Me - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its impact on veterans and their families.

    Medical Transcriptions - A book that tells people everything they need to know to start their own medical transcription business.

    PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness Is Corrupting Medicine - By Sally Satel, M.D. Includes reviews, introduction from the book, about the author, author bio, related writing by the author, and contact information.

    The Rum Experience - Leading book on rum in the world.

    Justice in the Raw - This web site is to focus on a book that is just being released. It explains the book and directs the reader on how to go about purchasing a copy.

    African Communications Agency - President Clinton's legacy of Africa/USA relations.

    Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate - Explains what political correctness is doing to our society and how it has invaded science. Also encourages change through personal responsibility and involvement.

    Stock Market Computer Trading - Price analysis software for online stock market, futures and options trading.

    Designing With Models - A Manual presenting many techniques for making architectural study models to explore building design ideas with step-by-step examples and 700 photographs of models in progress.

    Merlin's Message - A handbook for conscious creation. It reveals insights into not only how individuals create their realities, but also how individuals can consciously create the lives they most want to live.

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