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   See Also:

    Jawa Jeff's Star Wars & Action Figures For Sale - A wide selection of Star Wars and other figures for sale.

    Starting Lineups Collectors Paradise - Starting Lineups from every sport,and many years for sale.Hard to find SLU's.

    Childhood Toys - Sells a variety of 1980's figures.

    Toyfan - 1000's of items in stock for Star Wars, Spawn, X-Men, Macross, Dragonball Z, and others.

    Oak Leaf Comics - Action Figures of all types.

    Rene's Action Figures, Toys & Collectibles - Dealer with large inventory of action figures, toys & collectibles for sale - characters from TV & Movies, comics, etc.

    Toy Chest and Collectibles - Action figure collectors site, in stock, secure, online ordering.

    Ultarama - Manufacturer of the "Action Figure Display System": an exapandable, stackable, customizable display for your figures. Also includes peg boards and background scenery accessories.

    TNC Universe - The National Collector, Inc. offers a large inventory of the popular toys on the market.

    L & D Toys, Collectables, Comic Books - Store in South Houston, Texas, selling action figures, collectibles, and vintage toys.

    Bubba's Basement - Selling 1/6th scale military action figures: Dragon, 21st Century, Ultimate Soldier, GI Joe, Elite Force, and Elite Brigade.

    Amok Time Toys - One of the largest collectible shops in America, offering hard-to-find toys, models and comics from your childhood to the present. Specializing in Sci-fi and Superhero-related collectables, with a vast selection of items from action figures, to comic books, to models, as well as a huge selection of classic toys from the 70-80's. - Great selection for action figures - specializing in original & new Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Mego, Movie/TV toys, WWF, Superhero items, KISS, and other items from the 60's through 90's. - Selling carded and loose figures from G.I. Joe, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Trek, and other action figures.

    My Toys and Action Figures for Sale - Private collector selling loose and carded action figures from M.A.S.K., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Star Wars, mail-order exclusives and others. Includes wanted list.

    Starting Lineups Collector's Gallery - Offering a selection of hard-to-find Starting Linuep sports figures - football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Also selling WWF WCW/NWO action figures.

    Explosion Toys - Japanese and American toys for collectors and Otaku of all ages - Digimon, Gundam, Godzilla, Star Wars, Transformers and more.

    Good Stuff To Go - On-line retailer of Dragon, Ultimate Soldier, GIJoe, Elite Brigade, Elite Force, Hot Toys, 3 Zero, and other 12" military action figures and accessories; extensive on-line catalog with pictures and descriptions.

    Collectible Soldiers - The finest 12-inch action figures and accessories featuring Dragon and Blue Box Elite Forces.

    Sideshow Toy - Mass and specialty market manufacturer of licensed and proprietary toy products: The Lord of the Rings, Universal Studios Classic Monsters, Monty Python, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Crystal, Spinal Tap, Bruce Lee and others.

    Consolidated Merchandising - - Selling military action figures from Dragon, GI Joe, Elite Brigade, Elite Force, and 21st Century Toys, as well as Japanese toys from Bandai, MediCom, and Alfrex. - Selling military action figures: 1/6 Scale, 21st Century, Dragon, and GI Joe. Also includes message boards, chat room, as well as dioramas and show pictures.

    Figures and Toys - Items include: Star Wars, GI Joe, Dragon, Blue Box, and Intoyz.

    Dog Soldiers - Offering 12" Native American figures, including historically correct weapons and accessories.

    The Forgotten Toyshop - Offering rare Action Man, G I Joe, and other collectable figures. UK site ships worldwide.

    MJ - Specializing in Dragon's World War ll 12" Military and German Action Figure. Rare and limited German and Dragon action figures.

    Toys 4 You - Offering Lord of the Rings figures by Mattel.

    Lions Pride - Collectibles include Simpsons, Star Wars, Gundam, Spawn, and Japanese anime.

    West Central Ohio's Online Comic Book Store Featuring Comic Books, Toys and Collectibles - Specializing in new comic books, action figures, statues, posters and more. Featuring a 20% discount and free comic bags and boards with purhcase.

    McFarlane Sports Picks - Offering assorted figures, as well as information.

    Dark Figures - Offering dark action figures, gargoyles, spawn, and villian figures. - Specializing in products from Moore Action Collectibles, Sideshow Toys, Resaurus, Hasbro,McFarlane, and Epoch.

    Sanart Collectibles - Online ordering for out-of-production action figures and accessories. Specializing in, but not limited to: Star Wars, GI Joe, Star Trek, Batman.

    Dave's Robot Base - Selling Transformers, Japanese toys, GI Joe, Sailor Moon, and many other items. - Online store selling a wide variety of action figures, toys and collectibles including Star Wars, McFarlane Toys, Matrix, Transformers, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Pokemon, Starting Lineup, G.I. Joe, Batman and more.

    Go Figure Toys - Carries action figures from Aliens to X-Men. Accepts Visa, MC, AMEX, checks, money orders, and ships worldwide.

    Detortoyz - Large variety of 80's toys loose, MIB and MOC/action figures, playsets and vehicles - "He-Man: Masters of the Universe", "She-Ra: Princess of Power", Voltron, Thundercats, Star Wars and more.

    Action Figures - Digimon Digivolving Figures, D-Terminal, Transformers, and Star Wars.

    Toxicmom's Studio - Sculpting studio providing sculptures and action figures for the toy industry. - Offering collectors ProTech supplies for Star Wars, Starting Lineups, Hot Wheels, Die Cast, Beanie Babies, and more.

    Japanese Toy Link - Offering Japanese action figures, and assorted toys.

    Action Figure 2002 - Offering 12" Threezero HK SDU sets, and accessories. Hong Kong site ships worldwide.

    Supply Room 1 - Offering 12 inch military and law enforcement action figures and accessories.

    The Last Stop Hobby Shop - Selling Star Wars and other action figures and vehicles.

    Packrat-Toyz - Selling 1/6 scale action figures and collectible toys.

    Biblical Action Figures - Jointed plastic action figures of various Bible characters.

    Goodnow's Action Figure Mart - Huge selection loose and carded action figures, new and old.

    Astro Zombies - Figurines and Models - Store in Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offering Dragon Ball Z, McFarlane Toys, Star Wars, and TV/movies/sports and superhero figures.

    Big Head Action Figures - Features over 100 photos and descriptions of Star Wars figures, X-Men and X-Force figures.

    Toy Monster - Action figures from science fiction, superhero, B-movie monsters, and TV shows. Minnesota, USA. [Order by e-mail.]

    Andgor Toy Company - Figures and clothes. Also custom made figures. Florida, USA.

    All-Kinda-Toys - 1938-1985 toys, premiums and advertising from Movie, TV, comics and newspaper. - Discounted Batman and Robin action figures, vehicles and accessories for sale. - Dealer in "impossible-to-find" toys, action figures, models and collectibles.

    Kulture Shock - Independent UK retailer specalising in cult action figues and science fiction collectables. - Offering superhero figures, vintage toys and model kits. Free shipping within the United States.

    Figures Online - Dealer in Star Wars, Digimon, McFarlane Toys, Beast Wars and Beast Machines Transformers, The Simpsons and Batman Beyond.

    Comic Academy - Distributors of action figures from Moore Action Collectibles.

    Reasonable Collectibles - Dragon model action figures, the next generation of GI Joe, are unsurpassed for detail and realism, we have them for mail order!

    Jake's Toy Chest - Large inventory of Starting Lineup collectibles and supplies.

    Firebase Charlie - Realistic structures and accessories for 12" military action figures.

    Kenner Starting Lineup and Display Case Shop - Starting Lineups for all sports from 1988-2000. 2500 figures in stock. Also selling customized display cases. Glass or acrylic.

    Aeron Greene Collectibles - Collectibles toys, action figures, trading cards.

    Orion's Rift - Action figures, toys and collectibles for children and adults.

    Starting Lineup Football SLU Shop - SKenner's SLU football figures from 1988-200 for sale or trade. 1200 figures in stock. [No pictures available.]

    Toy Syndicate - Selling U.S. and Japanese action figures and accessories from prominent toy lines, TV and movies, anime, and military figures.

    Titan Toys - Selling collectible comic statues and action figures from Bowen Designs, Moore Creations, M.A.C., DC Direct, McFarlane Toys, N 2 Toys, and Hasboro.

    New Force Comics and Collectibles - Sells a variety of Sci-Fi and other toys. - Selling collectible toys, comics and action figures. Inventory includes WWF, WCW, DC Comics, Marvel, X-Men, Ghostbusters, Alien, Star Wars, He-Man, Spawn, Austin Powers, comic superhero figures, and customs.

    Action Figure Store - Selling action Figures, models and collectors toys from WWF, horror, movies, and video games. Scotland, UK. [Order online or by phone.] - Action figure store selling toys from such popular toy lines as The Simpsons, Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, Dragonball Z, and McFarlane Toys.

    Ken's Collectibles Figures, Comics, & Cards - Large selection of action figures available for purchase. [No pictures.]

    Village Streetwear.Com - Selection of Gundam Wing action Figures, stickers, buttons and accessories.

    Scavengers Gallery Collectibles and Angels - Offering a selection of modern and vintage action figures from Star Wars, Star Trek, and others.

    Bizarre Bazaar - Selling boxed and carded Star Wars, Beast Wars Transformers, Japanese Takara Transformers, Star Trek and other various action figures. [No pictures]

    Epic Heroes - Collectibles site with a large selection of toys and action figures. Also offers free downloads, advance orders, order tracking and user accounts.

    S & K Collectibles - Selling toys and collectibles of all types with movie memorabilia available also.

    Awesome Collectible Toys - Online store selling a wide variety of action figures, statues, models, toys and collectibles including Star Wars, McFarlane Toys, Matrix, Transformers, Beast Wars, Pokemon, Hot Wheels, Starting Lineup, G.I. Joe, Batman, X-Men and others.

    Toybarons Cyber Lair - Specialists in Transformers G1/G2 toys (loose and MIB), accessories and Beast Wars. Also selling McFarlane Toys, Star Wars, Batman, GI Joe, DC and Marvel Superpowers, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, as well as parts and accessories.

    Action Figures and Collectible Toys (AFACT) - Featuring Star Wars, WWF, Star Trek, GI Joe, and other action figures. Over 300 photos and descriptions, with secure order page. - Selling a wide variety of collectible toys and action figures: Transformers, Dragonball Z, Star Wars, W.W.F., and others. Includes boxed Canadian items. - Selling baseball, basketball, and football Starting Lineup sports figures.

    Planet Force - Specializes in buying, selling, and trading 80's & 70's toys, action figures and collectibles from Transformers, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars and other popular toy lines.

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