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    Ecovillage Network - Links together a highly diverse worldwide movement of autonomous ecovillages (environmentally and socially sustainable settlements) and related projects.

    An Inactive Activist - Living on very little: anti-business - David's minimum comfortable but ascetic human life, on under US$900 per year! (though not at higher latitudes than 40, nor in continental climates); a dropout from the current economic system.

    GoodHumans Guidelines - Visitors may obtain a rating of goodness, learn about how to be a "GoodHuman" and contribute to a definition of what that is.

    Sustainable Settings - A demonstration and research project designed to focus community life around meaningful and environmentally sustainable practices.

    Your School's Curriculum -- Environmental Education - Introduction to a curriculum for building a environmental action project that uses school, community, and online resources.

    Sxethic - Many essays on ethics, with a focus on animal and human rights in daily life. Covers vegetarianism, veganism, sexual and racial equality, straightedge, hardliners, and more.

    Careers in the Common Good - Can your college education set the stage for a lifetime of human good? Brown University shows a way to do that.

    To what extent do ordinary citizens in advanced industrial nations contribute to suffering around the world? - Paper by Robin Green which argues that ordinary people are contributing to terrible suffering of both human and non-human animals, often quite without being conscious of it. In view of this, the conclusion is that many ordinary people have the power, and the responsibility to change their lifestyles to more compassionate ones, and that the personal is inextricably political.

    Organic Info - A comprehensive index of all organic food, products, farming, gardening techniques, restaurants, and environmental news on the Internet. Sites must be organic to be referenced.

    Buyhard for Tibet - Register your non-purchase of Chinese products in protest of China's oppression of Tibet.

    Human Rights - at The Mining Co. - Stay on top of human rights efforts and issues worldwide. Link to campaigns, organizations, and learn what actions you can take.

    Together Foundation - A place to foster communication between individuals, groups, corporations and governments working in service to the Earth and humanity.

    Opera Browser - Multilingual, anti US duopoly product. English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian and French versions.

    The Green Liberal - Democracy UK style, for thinking progressively each and every day.

    Green & Growing Environmental Education Project - Teaching site on clean growing. Breath taking photo of Lupines and bee home page.

    Caution: Children at Work - Church World Service page with information about youthful activists, links to their library which has films about sweatshops where millions of children are imprisoned.

    Enlightened Rebellion by Osho - Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd. Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence.It is a spiritual metamorphosis.

    Aim to understand what is in the public interest? - These and other socially responsible premises are examined by the Benton Organization.

    Traveling Sweatshop - Dramatic enactment of sweatshop issue intended to awaken the awareness of people. U.S. shoppers as of early 1999 responded 2 to 1 as not thinking about sweatshops when they bought clothing in television poll.

    Dads and Daughters - Organization of men with daughters. Provides tools to build relationships. Current project confronts western culture's valuing girls only for superficial aspects such as body weight and appearance.

    U.S. Congress Quick-Email - Quick-Email access to the U.S. Congress and political interest materials.

    A Spiral Path to Knowhere - One couple's experience and insights with simple living, peace and justice issues, creativity, and living in the spirit.

    Who Will Love America? - Web book about how to be a responsible citizen. Contains 100 actions that, when done by each of us on a day-to-day basis and when the situations arise, keep America strong and thus free.

    Civic Practices Network (CPN) - CPN shares a commitment to bring practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in America.

    Empowerment - A source for empowering people and communities via the internet with links to a wide range of progressive topics.

    Campaign For Courtesy - UK registered charity emphasizing the importance of courtesy in a rapidly changing world.

    Ethical Junction - Ethical shopping, ethical businesses, and ethical charities.

    People Owning Infinite New Tomorrows - Bringing together individuals & groups who recognize the need for a raising of consciousness in our society, and who are willing to start taking responsibility for making a positive difference in their own lives.

    Unwelcome Guests - - Opposes the New World Order.

    Line Around the World - On-line world wide network, pledging in the process to do a good deed in order to earn the right to be in the Line.

    Tony Schwartz "How To" - Review and summary of works of this media consultant and author. Focus is on how progressive, activists can effectively use air and print media.

    Think About It - A few Socratic questions to enable self examination, a route to reduce modern folks' belief about what we really need. Clarifies the effects of consumption culture on animals, environment and more.

    Free Time to Free People Project - Because we spend so much more time at work today, we are losing the opportunities to truly comprehend and manage our own lives. Offers an approach to correct that imbalance.

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