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    The Long Now Foundation - A project of computer pioneer Daniel Hillis and Whole Earth founder Stewart Brand to develop a 10,000 year clock. This is long-term project that gets people thinking past the mental barrier of the Millennium.

    Futurist Magazine - From the World Future Society. The society functions as a neutral clearinghouse for thinking about the future, with a focus on analyzing technological, social, environmental, and other trends for the way they might shape the future.

    Natural Capitalism - Book by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins, about a new business model for responding to changes in our society. Book excerpts, reviews, and downloadable chapters available.

    The UACTO Universe - This is the UACTO Universe. This concerens what we think the future in 2020 will be like.

    Internet Brothers: Future Shock - About high technology change and expectations. Marvel at future communications and lament the electronic dinosaurs.

    Civilization Road - We're about getting people enthusiastic about the future and pointing out the tools that could help them on the way there.

    Al Teich's Technology & the Future Toolkit - A resource for students, teachers, and anyone else interested in how technology and society are shaping each other and our future.

    Brainticklers - Beyond Y2K: Questions for the New Millennium - A website and a book to help provoke thoughts about the next millennium. Questions are posed about environment, politics, religion, family life, health, and technology. Contribute your questions and, even, some answers.

    Reason's Triumph - A personal presentation and discussion of the most relevant and actual of the world's problems as well as ethical, philosophical, social, and scientific issues.

    The Mother - Notebook on Evolution - The story of a physical transformation aimed at unlocking the next species after the human species. Following the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo in the cellular consciousness.

    Future Paradox - Contribute to an online essay on alternative futures at a portal to all things futuristic.

    The Book of What has been and What will be - The Wretchedness of the past and present need not foretell the Future. - Future human consciousness explored and found to be achievable now. Also includes new economic model.

    InfinityPoint - The online future magazine featuring space, robotics, medicine, culture, trends, and the world of the future.

    The Ingenuity Gap - Thomas Homer-Dixon's "study of a world becoming too complex and too fast-paced to manage." Includes forum, a writing contest, suggested readings and links.

    The New Millennium - The last century brought more change than the 500 years before. There will be much more change in the next millennium than there has been since the dawn of agriculture.

    The Preparation - Explores the need for space colonization, asteroid mining, and transhumans. Emerging Technologies e-Magazine - Futurism & emerging technologies e-magazine focusing on Nanotechnology, Robotics, Cryonics, Human Genome Project, Virtual Reality & breakthrough health news.

    Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsiblity - Compendium of Research papers and scientific/academic studies and learned opinions regarding issues that will have profound affect upon our children.

    Futura Report - Free monthly e-journal with summaries on future trends, creativity, and innovation.

    Futurelog - Almost daily links to futures-oriented news stories, websites, etc.

    Beyond 2000 - is the online incarnation of the long-running TV programme. It provides daily science news coverage, extensive TV archives, interviews and Q&A forums

    Rational Futures: Making it Happen! - A site that seeks to foster public participation in envisioning and evaluating long-range societal goals.

    Future Facing - Using the latest developments, inventions and issues to predict life in the future. Includes articles, links and an eZine.

    New Civilization Network - A network of people, projects and ideas for building a world that works.

    Northern Land Use Institute - Planning, environment and Land Use Issues of Northern British Columbia are all the focus of the Northern Land Use Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia

    The Future? [The Onion AV Club] - Don't know what to expect in the 21st century? The Onion AV Club presents this guide to the future, as predicted by a number of films.

    Create your own future. - A consulting and training company specializing in studies of the future.

    The Plausible Futures Newsletter - Continously updated newsletter for scenariobased strategic planning and future studies. Contains extensive link sections to high quality information. Covering biotechnology and genetics, nanotechnology, management techniques and think-tanks.

    Be Afraid - Provides forecasts of scientific and social developments; tracks cutting edge technology like nanotechnology and genetics; offers insight into changes in near future lifestyles.

    Carfree City Design - Exploring the prospect of designing auto-less, sustainable communities with alternative transportation, renewable energy, pedestrian orientation, mixed-use zoning, fiber optics and recycling facilities in all units and other green features to aid in long-term quality of life survival. - building the new information order - World-Information.Org is a trans-national cultural intelligence provider: a collaborative effort of cultural workers, artists, scientists and technicians. World-Information.Org constantly monitors and maps the infosphere, the world's invisible nerve system of information networks, as well as the global information economy.

    Projections: A Futurist at the Movies - How the future of society and technology are depicted on film.

    The Future is Yours! - Futuristic site on global ethics, Earth Charter, the future of science and religion, the purpose of life

    The Fortress of Infinitude: Futuristic Inventions and Cool Stuff - A commented list of life enhancing, time saving, and labor saving devices.

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