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   See Also:

    Cyndi's List - Including over 72,500 Civil War links. Over 60,000 are categorized and cross-referenced in more than 120 categories.

    Atlas of the Official Records of the Civil War - Commercial atlas was originally prepared in the 1890s as an adjunct to official records. Electronic format allows you to digitally zoom in and print from 175 full-color plates. - Civil war photographs, biographies, discussion forums, history and genealogy information.

    American Civil War Home - The complete Civil War site - including overviews of different aspects of the war, biographies, battle summaries, and photographs among numerous other things.

    Carroll College Institute for Civil War Studies - The collection of the late W. Norman FitzGerald holding includes 1,700 books, 400 pamphlets and 75 maps in addition to letters and other materials from noted Civil War authors.

    Civil War Traveler - Travel information for Civil War sites and events in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington DC.

    Army of the Cumberland and GeorgeThomas Source - Information about the units, commanders - George H. Thomas, William S. Rosecrans, Don Carlos Buell, and Robert Anderson - and battles.

    Images of the Civil War - Images from the Civil War National Archives alphabetically arranged by subject.

    Southern Comfort - These pages include an extensive collection of essays, articles, photographs and additional historical documents pertaining to the Civil War. Also contains an online catalog for Civil War currency, Bonds and period Newspapers.

    Civil War Defenses of Washington, D.C. - A historical overview of the fortifications that guarded Washington during the Civil War and their current condition.

    Civil War Women - Archival Exhibits at Duke University - In response to the many requests, we have begun to transcribe and scan some of our manuscript collections which document women's experiences in the Civil War.

    Insiders' Guide to Civil War Sites in the Eastern Theatre - History and travel guide offering practical information for touring Civil War sites in the Eastern Theater, from battlegrounds to local history, accommodation and restaurants.

    This Week in the Civil War - A weekly updated day by day account of the American Civil War.

    Pamplin Historical Park - From August 1864 through April 1865, the blue and gray fought a number of bitter and bloody engagements, the Federals trying to isolate Petersburg from its supply routes and the Confederates desperately defending their lifelines to the outside world.

    Intelligence in the American Civil War - The works of Edwin C. Fishel, a noted author in the area of intelligence, reveals covert operations, spies and intrigue gathered from his research on the role of intelligence in the Civil War.

    USA Civil War - Descriptions of battles, the men and women who participated in the conflict, timeline, regiments, units, links.

    Historical Natural History: Insects and the Civil War - The fact that microbes caused more death than hostile fire is well known to the student of the American Civil War. This account reveals the influence of insects on soldiering during the Civil War.

    Civil War Victorian - This is a site based mainly on the home-front of the American Civil War. It contains useful information for women and men who participate in Living History events.

    American Wars and Military History - The American Civil War was one of the most momentous and controversial periods in American history. This site was created with the intent of linking to as many primary documents from the period of the secession crisis as is reasonably possible, with the goal of shedding light on the causes of secession, hence of the war.

    Civil War - A presentation of information about the battles and soldiers, in addition to a vast array of photographs and links.

    Civil War Music Site - A source for civil war songs, fife and drum music, bugle calls, MIDIs, forum, and photographs.

    4CivilWar - Civil War guide featuring information on Civil War museums and reenactments, Abraham Lincoln, other war leaders and generals, documents, historic sites and books.

    The American Civil War - The Struggle to Preserve the Union - The site includes an examination of the causes, biographies of Northern and Southern leaders, battlefield parks, and photographs the locations and participants.

    Bob Koch's Civil War - Over 400 Civil War photographs, current and 19th Century, concerning the Army of Northern Virginia. Also includes Civil War book reviews, and a message board.

    American Civil War - Includes flags, maps and timeline, casualties of the civil war, battles and statistics, women in the war, life stories and people search.

    Term Papers On The American Civil War - Contains examples of term papers, reports, and essays on the conflict between north and south.

    The Historical New York Times Project - 1860-1866 - Digitized text for Civil War Years 1860-1866.

    Brother vs. Brother - An online clearinghouse for Civil War facts and commentary.

    Zoom In on the Civil War - Explore the battle of Gettysburg. Includes an essay, "Origins of the Civil War Conflict," a searchable map, a newspaper article on Southern attitudes towards the end of the Civil War and additional resources.

    CJ's Civil War - A complete overlook of the War; including maps, indexes, statistics, flags, lists of battles, and photo gallery. Dedicated to the 13th W. Virginia.

    Great American History - The outline that follows is fairly extensive, covering the Civil War's major political and military events, but it is neither exhaustive nor finished.

    Civil War Archive - A collection of American Civil War regimental histories, letters from home and diary excerpts.

    The History Place - An easy-to-use American Civil War timeline with many original photographs and interesting quotes.

    National Park Service Civil War Related Sites - The National Park Service is developing a Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) of over 5.5 million records for use in civil war parks. Currently contains a partial list of National Park Service (NPS) sites representing Civil War history.

    Mason-Dixon Line Civil War Home Page - From authentic 19th century recipes, to medicine, well-researched period clothing and little-known Civil War facts, this web-site captures real life on the home and war-front.

    Civil War Interactive - This is an online Civil War information source, which is updated daily with trivia, book reviews, recipes and links to additional Civil War informative sites.

    A Storm of Shot and Shell - The battlefield changed dramatically as a result of the accuracy at long distances produced by the rifled musket. No longer could armies march shoulder to shoulder to within a very short distance of their enemy. The rapid advance of technology made the military tactics of Napoleon obsolete. It was no longer considered cowardly to hide and shoot from a position of cover, such as a tree.

    The Civil War As Photographed by Matthew Brady - Mathew Brady and his associates, most notably Alexander Gardner, George Barnard and Timothy O'Sullivan, photographed many battlefields, camps, towns, and people touched by the war. Their images depict the multiple aspects of the war except one crucial element: battle.

    Blue and Gray Trail - North Georgia saw over one hundred thousand men die in less than a year at places whose names are forever engraved in the minds of the American past: Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, and the hell hole. Nowhere else in this war did so many men die in such a short period of time.

    Civil War Directory - This directory contains places of interest, links to additional Civil War sites, organizations, Harpers Weekly online and downloadable photographs and wallpaper.

    U.S. History Interactive - This site explores the U.S. Civil War through biographies, maps and documents.

    U.S. Air Force Academy Civil War Links - Contains several links that lead to hundreds of Civil War sites.

    Civil War in Miniature - Brief moments of trivia and quotes regarding the War Between the States. (Editor's note: Will try to load Music plug-in, but works without it.)

    US Civil War: Internet Modern History Sourcebook - This is a series of history primary on-line resources intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in American history.

    Civil War Photographs - 1,118 photographs from the Library of Congress. A searchable and browsable database.

    Crisis at Fort Sumter - In this delicate and potentially explosive situation, Lincoln may well have wondered at times whether it would have been better had the Buchanan administration abandoned Sumter and Pickens. By retaining the forts, Buchanan had, in effect, left him with a highly visible, emotional, symbolic point of contention with the Confederacy.

    Civil War Nurses - The nurses and the medical departments on both sides of the Civil War played an important part in the life of injured soldiers. This page covers the role of nurses in the war, including essays, photographs, letters, and more.

    Civil War Heritage - Enthusiast's site about the Civil War.

    Time Line of The Civil War - 1861 - Time line of War Between the States.

    Life Stories of Civil War Heroes - Biographies of the lives of a few of the noble and brave are presented here, along with sources that may be of interest for more in-depth study. Tributes to the common soldier, valiant unsung heroes and veterans are also included "that they will not be forgotten."

    U.S. Civil War Center -Louisiana State University. - The goal is to locate, index, and/or make available all appropriate private and public data regarding the Civil War. Contains links to over 4500 Civil War related sites.

    The Valley of the Shadow, Two Communities in the American Civil War - Hypermedia archive of thousands of primary sources. Follows two communities before, during, and after the American Civil War, Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

    West Point Atlas - Follow the events of the Civil War with digital versions of maps created by the United States Military Academys Department of History.

    American Civil War - Categorized links, general resources, documentary records, and state and local studies. Maintained by Dr. George H. Hoemann, University of Tennessee.

    Civil War Index Page - Categorized links, includes archives, bibliographies, books and an especially useful "Gateways" category. One of the most comprehensive list of Civil War links. Frequently updated and maintained by Jim Janke, Assoc. Prof., Dakota State University.

    Civil War Regimental Histories Index, Union - Directory to regimental histories of the Union states, including history, genealogy, personal narratives and muster rolls.

    U.S. Army Military History Institute - Provides searchable databases of bibliographical and biographical holdings and unit histories; online access to document descriptions and photographs.

    Texts and Documents: The American Civil War - Hanover College's page with links to primary and secondary Civil War sources.

    Civil War Chaplains - At the out break of the American Civil War the United States of America had a standing army of some 16,000 men. This army was scattered predominantly in western outpost and was being served by only 26 Chaplains. The Confederate Chaplain was not much different than his counterpart in blue. He was a convicted man of God serving the southern army and its men in every aspect.

    Camp Nelson - This staging ground and supply center was also the largest recruiting, mustering, and training center for African American troops (called U.S. Colored Troops) in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and one of the largest in the United States.

    Everything You Wanted to Know - American Civil War information that offers a diverse area of topics, such as terminology, chronology, battles, stories, animations, graphics, photographs, puzzles, quizzes and trivia, exams to test your knowledge and information from the opening shots of Fort Sumter to the Peace Accord signed by the Union and the Confederacy at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. Java required.

    Civil War Series - On-line American Civil War resources at The War Times Journal. Includes rare archives, links and books.

    Bad Civil War Generals - "A Beginner's Guide to the Leadership-Impaired."

    History Information Center - The story of Adams County, from the days of Indian raids to the development plans of today, spreads over two centuries. But our area is best known for just three days of that time, July 1th, 2nd and 3rd, 1863 - the Battle of Gettysburg.

    Civil War Medicine - Start of War - At the beginning of the Civil War, the U.S. Army had a medical corps consisting of all of 98 surgeons and assistant surgeons. The Corps had about 20 clinical thermometers, and didn't have a "modern" microscope until 1863.

    American Civil War - Information about famous battles and leaders. Includes Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, and Sultana. Geared for younger readers.

    Civil War Medicine - Includes descriptions of a typical amputation and the soft lead Minie bullets that made them necessary, duties of the Confederate Dental Service, and regulations of the Union ambulance corps.

    Guy Art Gallery - Civil War pen and ink drawings of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Manassas and Antietam National Battlefield historical sites.

    History Channel: This Day in Civil War History - Article on a birthday or event that occurred on today's date during the U.S. Civil War.

    Civil War Images - 399 images of the American West & Civil War. Easy-to-browse database.

    Civil War Treasures from the New-York Historical Society - Includes recruiting posters for New York City regiments of volunteers; stereographic views documenting the mustering of soldiers and of popular support for the Union in New York City; photography showing the war's impact, both in the north and south; and drawings and writings by ordinary soldiers on both sides.

    Signal Corps Association - Civil war era military communication research and living history. Includes flag and torch signals, rockets, coston composition lights, electric wire telegraphy, aeronautics, cryptography, signal systems, and additional forms of military communication.

    People and Leaders - Photographs and brief biographies of Northern and Southern high profile Civil War personalities.

    US Field Instructions - Electronic edition of "Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field," prepared by Francis Lieber, promulgated as General Orders No. 100 by President Lincoln, 24 April 1863.

    George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil - The mission of the center is to promote scholarly research war through the development of a database that contains pertinent military, socio-economic and medical data on Union and Confederate servicemen, with initial emphasis on West Virginia's soldiers.

    Campaigns and Operations - An overview and pictorial guide of the American Civil War.

    The American Civil War - Biographical sketches of Civil War characters, famous, infamous and the lesser known, lists of names and unit histories and letters to and from soldiers in the field.

    U.S. Civil War - Information includes documents, battle accounts, timelines, original photographs and the officers.

    Civil War Trust - This private, non-profit membership organization is working toward the preservation of the most historic Civil War battlefield sites.

    The Civil War: A Student's Short Guide - A student's short summary of the American Civil War: causes, biographies, battles, and other information.

    American Civil War - Collection of questions, quotes, recipes, pictures, unusual facts, and chronology.

    America's Civil War - Features include CSA and USA generals, Medals of Honor, and regimental links, trivia, day-to-day chronology, Pennsylvania rosters for Northampton, Lehigh, and Carbon Counties; Gettysburg National Cemetery burials.

    Civil War Slang - Civil War Slang for all "fresh fish" or "top rail skunks."

    American Civil War Battlefield Images - Battlefield and re-enactment photographs.

    Civil War Forum Frigate - Discussion forum and live chat devoted to the United States Civil War.

    Storypath: A Nation Divided - A social studies curriculum unit in the Storypath series dealing with the Civil War, specifically the area around Chattanooga.

    The Civil War Index - A data base of Civil War battle orders, biographies, books, chronology, documents, recipes, songs, and links.

    Religion in the Civil War: The Northern Side - Overview, online resources, and guidance for classroom discussion. On TeacherServe from the National Humanities Center.

    Civil War Maps Collection - Maps pertaining to US Civil War.

    Excavated Civil War Artifacts - Dug buttons, buckles, artillery shells, misc camp items, carved bullets. Most of these relics were dug in and around Atlanta GA.

    The United States Civil War - This site has information on the U.S. Civil War and the people in it, as well as some of the battles fought.

    Remembering The Civil War - A history of the war to preserve its memories.

    Unknown Civil War - Offers articles on the war, book reviews, educational material, and an on-line store.

    Mikes Civil War Artifacts - Relics of the Civil War. Site offers information about insignias of rank and branch of service, documents from the conflict, uniforms, and related collector information.

    History Education - A general Civil War reference site especially for students.

    Matts Civil War - Links about the American Civil War.

    Kevin's Civil War Site - Information on battles, statistics, weapons, and leaders of the conflict. Includes message boards and a chatroom.

    Stephen's Civil War Pages - Pages dedicated to the art and photographs of the civil war combined with the history and events behind them.

    US Civil War Factbook - Chronology, information on casualties, the Confederacy and a discussion forum.

    Astrocartography of the Secession of South Carolina - Essay on the astrocartography of the Civil War, focus on how the planetary metaphors of Mars and Pluto were reflected in this historic event, by renowned astrocartographer Rob Couteau.

    The Busy Person's Guide to American Civil War - Providing a select site for historical information on the American Civil War. Sign up for the free weekly newsletter.

    Women of the Civil War - Whether they were nurses, soldiers, spies, or participated in some other way, 19th Century women made their presence known during the Civil War.

    Civil War Site by Ron Watson - Story of two Union soldiers: George Hitchcock, 21st Mass. Regiment and Darius Starr, 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters. Site includes Hitchcock's diary at Andersonville and a link to his diary at Florence stockade. Also a very rare photograph of sharpshooters in Virginia.

    Civil War Maps Collection - Library of Congress collection of reconnaissance, sketch, coastal, and theater-of-war maps depicting troop activities and fortifications.

    Lesser Known Historical Excerpts - Contains annotated historical excerpts that address the author's opinions regarding the nature of the War Between the States.

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