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   See Also:

    Ancient World Web - Directory of sites, organized by category, maintained by Julia Hayden.

    Early Modern Literary Studies: Electronic Texts - Assorted classical texts. Extensive.

    Ancient and Pre-history Online Course - Unit 1 of a world history course. Activities with notes and supporting links.

    Exploring Ancient World Cultures - on-line college-level "textbook" of ancient world cultures

    Abzu - Guide to Internet resources for the study of the Ancient Near East hosted by the University of Chicago.

    History of Blowguns - Blowguns in history; from ancient beginnings to modern usage.

    Ancient History (from Guide) - Ancient/Classical related features, newsletter, links, and more.

    Perseus Project - An evolving digital library of ancient Greek and Latin texts, ancient art and architecture, secondary sources, and links maintained by Tufts University

    History Link 101 - Directory of art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures and research of the ancient world, the Middle Ages, and prehistoric man.

    Antiquity: Conflict, Attitude and Changing Religions - Chapters from Frank E. Smitha's World History, running from the Stone Age to the 5th century AD.

    Ancient World History Chronology - Historical chronology: 10,000 BCE to 640 CE. Not a pretty page but lots of information.

    Ancient History Sourcebook - Extensive selection of links, study guides, and articles pertaining to the ancient Near East and ancient Mediterranean worlds, as well as some public domain translations of classical texts. At Fordham.

    World Civilization 101 - Images and texts of the past from Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Ancient Near East to World Religions, and more.

    ThinkQuest: Ancient Civilization - Site about the origins of civilization and the organization, culture, and institutions of antiquity. Created by high school students as a research resource. - A personal site which investigates ancient Egyptian and Roman religion, daily life, and rulers, with a special focus on Akhenaten and Amarna.

    Babylon - Overview of trade, transportation, and other aspects of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia.

    The Ancient World - Essays about major figures and institutions of the ancient world.

    Ian Lawton's Papers on Ancient Mespotamia - Subjects include the Pantheon of Gods, the Literary Texts, and a Refutation of the Theories of Zecharia Sitchin.

    The Pillars of the Phoenicians - A suggested historical origin for the legend of the Pillars of Hercules, which straddle the Strait of Gibralter.

    The Internet Classics Archive - Online texts and translations of classical Greek and Roman literature, as well as a selection of Chinese and Persian classics. Hosted at MIT.

    The Cimmerians - History of nomadic tribes Cimmerians and Thracians and their role in the domestication of a horse. [Society/History/By_Time_Period/Ancient/]

    The Pre-Islamic HeritageExhibits Collection -- Collapse - Explore the fall of civilizations through four examples: the ancient Maya, Mesopotamia, the Anasazi, and the medieval African empires of Mali and Songhai. Learn about important concepts in archeology such as interpreting evidence and dating artifacts. In a web-based activity, search for clues to what happened at the Maya center of Copan.

    Ancient Civilizations and Lost Cities - Provides illustrated articles on the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, Eliki, the Colosseum of ancient Rome and ancient Pompeii.

    Pre-history, Ancient & Classical CivilizationsBabylon 580BC - The city of Babylon brought back to life in full color. Great informational resource about the city in the year 580BC at its height under Nebuchadnezzar in the Chaldean dynasty.

    Antiquity Online - Thirty chapters of electronic text tying together descriptions of ancient people and ancient attitudes on religion, power and philosophy -- from the rise of agriculture to the Early Middle Ages.

    Alteuropa - An "alternative history of ancient Europe": site suggests a link between the ancient Etruscans, Basques and Hungarians. Includes a long article on Etruscan culture.

    Sam Ruff's Photographs of Mesopotamia, 1954 - 1956 - Archaeology, culture and history of Mesopotamia, narrated by the distinguished Samuel Ruff.

    Ancient Civilizations - Selected historical articles and links to archaeological news.

    Ancient Man - A collection of resources and links, categorized by continent, for exploring prehistoric people and early civilizations.

    The Ancient Illyrians - Describes the history of the tribes and dynasties, legends, religion, and military and pirate activities of this ancient Indo-European civilization.

    Sexuality in Ancient Cultures - A brief historical overview of sexuality and cultural identification from InnerSelf Magazine.

    Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations - Includes terms, background info, articles, lesson plans on ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian civilizations mostly related to daily life in those times.

    Ancient Navigation and Shipbuilding in the Greek and Roman World - Research, publications, scholars, and related links compiled by Maria Curie of Sklodowska University, Poland.

    Mystery - Details of each of the seven wonders of the ancient world, together with articles on witches, vampires and the Bermuda Triangle.

    The Ancient World - Collection of articles and links on ancient civilisations, emphasis on Egypt and Greece.

    The Atrium - Features include the ancient world in the popular press, this day in ancient history, audio and video Latin programming and media archive, a Latin tutorial, and link directory.

    Electronic Resources for Classicists - An extensive University of California, Irvine gateway to directories, bibliographies, journals, course materials, fonts, and other resources for scholars in classical studies. - Articles about life in independent, pre-Roman Phrygia, as well as maps, photo gallery, chronology, and discussion board.

    One Nation Two Names: The Chaldean/Assyrian Dilemma - History of the Assyrian/Chaldean nation.

    Víteliú - Languages of ancient Italy. Stresses the lesser-known languages of the peninsula, such as Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, and Volscian.

    Xenite.Org - Ancient History Forum - Moderated forum for discussion of ancient history up to circa 600 CE.

    Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua - Chronicles the practice of Medicine in the Greek and Roman eras, with translations of works by Hippocrates and Galen as well as essays, bibliographies, mailing lists, and othe resources.

    Ancient History Online - Access to information about ancient history related e-texts, kings lists, news archive, book reviews and a timeline.

    Hittite Home Page - From professor Bille Jean Collins at Emory University. Collections of texts and other archeological and historical research entities.

    Ancient History Resources - Annotated directory features resources for the study of the ancient world. Contains search engines, directories, texts, and reference tools.

    HistoryWalker - A historically themed community with a walkable map, meet people and visit ancient buildings in old cities.

    The Amazing Ancient World - Sojourn attempts to weave various ancient civilizations together in one narrative. Includes access to web rings and bibliographies.

    Mysterious Places - Images and brief background articles about sacred sites of ancient civilizations. With links to associations and events.

    Thrace and the Thracians - Explore ancient Thrace, source texts, archaeology, warriors, tombs, religion, towns, and other aspects of this civilization.

    Sumer and Uruk History - Articles on ancient Mesopotamia including Sumer religion, the search for the Ark, Cuneiform and Assyria.

    European Exchange on Archaeological Research and Communication - Network of open air Museums and other facilities involved in experimental archaeology, members aim to establish an international exchange of knowledge, human resources, and publications.

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