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   See Also:

    19th Century Medicine - From Quackery to Bacteriology: The emergence of modern medicine in 19th century America.

    Heritage Square Museum - Heritage Square Museum is a mid-1800s crossroads community in the upstate New York village of Ontario. We provide tours and activities to educate children and adults about our local history by showing them the actual buildings and living environments where our descendants worked and lived.

    Victorian Station - Dedicated to Victorian enthusiasts with photos and brief history of victorian architecture, Queen Victoria, Windsor Castle, cameos, crystal palace, interior decorating and links to other victorian related resources.

    Almacks - A personal homepage containing texts from the Nineteenth Century, in English, German and Dutch.

    The Victorian Emporium - Dedicated to the refined society and lifestyles of the Victorian Era as present in the United Kingdom and the United States.

    The Trail Of Waitangi - Short extracts about New Zealand history from the early missionary era.

    Santa Fe Trail, CyberTrail - Current day spots along the Santa Fe Trail (through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and to New Mexico).

    Social Class - Short article on the emergence of class in the West. By David Cody, Associate Professor of English, Hartwick College.

    Eighteen Hundreds - Articles, links, stories, and timelines covering each decade of the 19th century, with a heavy concentration on American history.

    All The Year 'Round - With all due respect to Mr. Charles Dickens, whose wonderful title I have borrowed, and to that other illustrious man of the age, the renowned Mr. Louis A. Godey, I herewith invite you to explore the 19th century and its mores and manners.

    The Impending Crisis - Like a traditional history book, these archives tell the story of major national political events that occurred between October 1859 and April 1861.

    Duttie's Just Victorian - Transport yourself back to the Victorian age, and learn the "proper" etiquette that was employed in that time period for tea, balls, supper, and other events.

    Child Labour in the 19th Century - Features biographies and entries on reformers, supporters, laborers, working conditions, and other things related to child labor in Britain.

    The Peel Web: Home Page - Sir Robert Peel was one of the most important men in Britain during the Nineteenth Century. He became an MP in 1809 and became Home Secretary in 1822; he dominated parliament throughout the period 1830-50. This web site covers many social, political and economic issues of the period.

    Religion in 19th-Century America - A collection of essays and teaching suggestions from the National Humanities Center.

    Letters from a Victorian Governess in India, Prussia and Greece - Letters home from a governess on her travels between 1883 and 1894 before settling in Burma. Her employers included the future Kaiser Wilhelm and the future Queen Sophia of Greece.

    The Gentleman's Page - A practical guide to attire, etiquette, and other social topics for the 19th Century American man.

    Time of the Lincolns - A PBS feature which portrays life in America in the mid-nineteenth century.

    Nineteenth-Century American Children and What They Read - A site devoted to the magazines and books read by 19th-century American children, especially works published before 1870. Includes timeline, books and authors, papers and analyses, and images.

    Miss Mary's Victorian Links - Vintage e-cards, a discussion board, and "Today in Victorian History."

    Alexis de Tocqueville Forum - Forum and live chat devoted to Alexis de Tocqueville and his book, Democracy in America.

    19th Century Recipe Page - From recipes that please the palate to those that heal an ailment, this is the page that says it all. These authentic recipes from a first edition collection of 19th century literature.

    The Victorian Turkish Bath - Information exchange on all aspects of this aspect of Victorian life and architecture. Includes a list of turkish baths still open in the UK.

    The Victorian Web - Extensive collection of essays from many contributors about all aspects of Victorian life and culture.

    Hunt-Phelan Home - This is one of the oldest historic homes in Memphis. Built in the 1800's, this fully restored antebellum home contains the family's original collection of antique furnishings.

    History: 1800s - A general information page with many links on the subject from

    Making of America - A digital library of primary sources in 19th century American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.

    Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention - Transcript of the 1830 convention of the populist protest party, from an anti-Mason site.

    The Language of Nineteenth Century Etiquette Books - Social rules for Victorian-era gentlemen and ladies, from the ballroom to the dining room. Includes a bibliography.

    Travelling Fairground Family - The history of the Williams fairground travellers, who travelled the historical fairs of England, Wales and Scotland in the 1800s. Randall Williams was the first showman to present "moving pictures" to fairground audiences with his bioscope in 1897.

    The London House - Short abstracts focussing on the lives of people in Victorian and Edwardian houses, particularly those in London built between 1850 and 1914.

    Natalie's Simply Victorian - Celebrates the lifestyle of the affluent and elegant in the Victorian era. Includes information on fashion, inventions, recipes, and interior design.

    The Franklin Mysteries - Examines the mysteries surrounding Sir John Franklin's doomed 1845 arctic expedition. Includes a biography of Franklin, the history of the Northwest Passage, and recommended reading.

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