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   See Also:

    Documents Relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis - American foreign policy documents on Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Cuban Missile Crisis - The US military made plans to launch a large-scale air attack against Cuba during the 1963 crisis. This site lists United States Air Force air combat and support units assigned to attack Cuban air defense and nuclear missile sites. squadrons and on alert for operations during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 - Detailed chronology and glossary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Includes aerial photos of missile bases and airfields in Cuba courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library.

    The Hydrogen Bomb Homepage - How close the world came to the brink of World War III.

    UN Cuban Missile Crisis Debate - Transcript of the famous debate between U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Adlai E. Stevenson and Soviet representative Valerian A. Zorin in the United Nations Security Council, October 23, 1962.

    Fourteen Days in October - Information on the causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba, the build-up of American forces, and the decision-making process during the crisis. Includes a timeline and references.

    The Avalon Project : The Cuban Missile Crisis - Diplomatic papers of the United States dealing with relations with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Includes key players during the crisis, a glossary of abbreviations, and sources.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis - Brief history, timeline, and RealAudio recording from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Part of a searchable archive of politically significant audio materials.

    Cuban Missile Crisis - A short backgrounder on the Cuban Missile Crisis with extensive collection of links to online Cold War documents and studies.

    The National Security Agency and the Cuban Missile Crisis - Discusses the role of electronic intelligence and the US National Security Agency during the Cuban Missile Crisis and its impact on the outcome of the crisis. Includes a full-length synopsis and archive of documents from the crisis.

    Collective Memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis - People who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963 share their experiences and recollections in a series of interviews.

    Cuban Missile Crisis - Information on the Cuban Missile Crisis, its causes and aftermath, and United Nations and Turkish involvement in the crisis. Includes maps, photographs of Soviet missile bases in Cuba, and links to further sites.

    Image Intelligence - Cuban Missile Crisis - Reconnaissance photographs of Soviet ballistic missile and air defense installations in Cuba. Links to other sites on US reconnaissance programs and a primer on imagery intelligence.

    British Response to the Cuban Missile Crisis - An analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis from the British perspective and its impact on British foreign policy. Includes sources.

    The Effects of Television Coverage on Presidential Decision Making - An assessment of the impact of television coverage of the Cuban Missile Crisis and on President Kennedy's decisions during the crisis.

    In the Shadow of the Cold War - Curriculum unit from the Choices Education Project, Brown University. Probes the relationship between the United States and the countries of the Caribbeann, and assesses the place of the region in the broader context of U.S. foreign policy.

    Reconnaissance and the Cuban Missile Crisis - Discusses the critical importance of intelligence gathering and analysis to the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Includes information on reconnaissance systems and imagery.

    Sergei Khrushchev Outlines Missile Crisis - A discussion with Sergei Khrushchev of the Soviet view of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Khrushchev is the son of Nikita Khrushchev, the senior Soviet leader during the crisis and one of the chief architects of the plan to place missiles in Cuba.

    Foreign Relations of the United States - Cuba, 1961-1962 - State Department documents relating to Cuba during the two years preceding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Useful background to understanding the origins of the 1963 crisis.

    Cuban Missile Crisis - During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Washington and Moscow exchanged formal and back channel letters. This site provides copies and translation of letters exchanged between Khrushchev and Kennedy.

    Foreign Relations of the United States - Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges, 1961-1963 - State Department documents on official exchanges between President Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis and other Soviet-American relations from 1961 to 1963.

    Foreign Relation of the United States - Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath, 1961-196361 - Official State Department documents related to the Cuban Missile Crisis and after.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962: Presenting the Photographic Evidence Abroad - An article by Sherman Kent on briefing US allies about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the credibility of American reconnaissance imagery to Washington and its allies.

    Cuban Missiles Crisis ExcommTranscripts - Transcripts of the Excomm, or Executive Committee, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Excomm was Kennedy's team of special advisors that advised him on U.S. actions in response to the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

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