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   See Also:

    SS Catalina - Seeking to ensure the future security of the "Great White Steamer."

    SS Great Britain - The complete website for the history and restoration of the SS Great Britain held at Bristol Dock in England, updated regularly with progress reports on the restoration project.

    Dunbrody & The Spirit of Ireland - The reconstruction of a three masted barque.

    Endeavour - Information and news on the replica of Captain James Cook's famous ship, as she is circumnavigates the globe.

    SS City of Milwaukee - A 350 foot triple expansion steamer built in 1931. Official site of the Society for the Preservation of the S.S. City of Milwaukee.

    HMCS/CCGS Labrador - "Forgotten Fifty" An online history of the storied Canadian Wind-Class icebreaker.

    Floating Dry Dock - Photos, drawings, plans and model kits of US warships past and present. Order products online.

    Tall Ship Lady Washington - Replica of a 18th century 90 ton brig. Homeport is Aberdeen, Washington. The State of Washington's goodwill embassador.

    Matthew Site Home Page - A reconstruction of John Cabot's famous ship and its journey to Newfoundland 500 years ago. Visit Matthew Online. Includes as shop, a gallery, history and information.

    SS Milwaukee Clipper - A 1905 ferry which travelled the Wisconsin - Michigan route

    SS United States - Site dedicated to "America's greatest ocean liner", currently berthed in Philadelphia. Historical data and info about the SS United States Foundation.

    RMS Queen Mary - Historic ocean liner built in 1936, now berthed in California serving as a tourist attraction - hotel, restaurants, tours, special events, meetings, etc.

    SS America - Passenger recollections and images.

    The Birkenhead Historic Warships - Information about the many ships berthed in the East Float docks at Birkenhead UK.

    RV Polarstern - This 17,300 ton polar icebreaker is operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany's leading institute for polar and marine research.

    The T.S.S. Nea Hellas - This site gives a narrative and photo history of a passenger ship that had three incarnations.The first as the T.S.S. Tuscania (1922-1939); the second as the T.S.S. Nea Hellas (1939-1955); and the third as the T.S.S. New York (1955-1961)

    Early 20th Century Ocean Liners - Features several German ships.

    Flagship Portsmouth Museum - Based at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, it is responsible for three of Britain's oldest and most historic warships - Henry VII's doomed flagship Mary Rose, Nelson's flagship HMS Victory and the world's first iron battleship, HMS Warrior.

    HMS Detroit - constructing a full size replica of the HMS Detroit which led Commodore Robert Hariot Barclay's Fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie.

    Cutty Sark - Fastest and greatest of the old Tea Clippers - at Greenwich. A living testimony to the bygone, glorious days of sail.

    RMS Mauretania - History of one of the world's first great ocean liners, built in the early 1900's.

    Helen MacLeod II - Restoring the Helen MacLeod II, the last commercial sailing vessel on the Great Lakes.

    L'Invincible - History of this 18th century British warship from construction to capture, rediscovery, excavation and conservation.

    USS Harvest Moon - Historical information on the ship including specifications, personnel, logs, photos and paintings. Also home to the Harvest Moon Historical Society.

    The Carferries of Ludington - History and photos of the Pere Marquette/C&O carferry fleets as well as the Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk.

    Fishing Boat Photographs - Catalogue of fishing boat photographs.

    Ships of the last millenium - Evolution of shipbuilding including Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, the Middle Ages, and the 20th century.

    USS Constitution - The only official site of Old Ironsides. Includes photo galleries, news releases, visitor information, Constitution and crew in the news, the ship history and much more.

    S.S. Australis - The history of the Australis; including a picture gallery, Captain and crew section and the story of Chandris lines.

    Monsters of the Sea - The great oceanliners.

    HMS Bounty Preservation Society - History of HMS Bounty (today's ship and the original), her crew, romances aboard the ship and the mandate of the Society for Bounty's Future.

    Maritime History Course - Two week maritime history course taught at sea aboard the Tall Ship Rose, a coast guard certified replica of an 18th century Royal Navy Frigate.

    Central America - Documentary based on letters from passengers on the final voyage of the doomed gold liner (1857).

    USS Liberty - Ship attacked by Israel during the 1967 six day war. Dedicated to the memory of 34 young men who gave their lives defending the USS Liberty. Site provides articles and stories about the attack.

    Foxtrot U-480 - Background information and virtual visit to this Soviet submarine built in 1960 and now on show in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

    USCGC Eagle - U.S. Coast Guard's world-famous tall ship used for cadet training. Site provides ship information and history, also information on courses and the cadet military program.

    Mary Celeste - A brief description of the mysterious events surrounding the sailing ship, "Mary Celeste" and links to related sites for further investigation.

    HMS Nelson - A son's tribute to the battleship HMS Nelson, and to his father, Albert Knight who served on board. Includes photos, memorabilia and information on the ship.

    MV Kalakala - Puget Sound ferry launched in 1935. Designed and built in the art deco "streamlined" style. An organization rescued the vessel which was being used as a cannery in Kodiak, Alaska.

    US Brig Niagara - Replica of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship. Describes the activity on and around the US Brig Niagara and its homeport, the Erie Maritime Museum in Erie, Pennsylvania.

    USS Glacier Preservation Society - Website for the preservation of the decommissioned and mothballed icebreaker Glacier. This ship is perhaps the most famous of all US polar icebreakers.

    USCGC Westwind - Interactive history and image archive of the now decommissioned US Coast Guard icebreaker Westwind maintained by former breaker sailors.

    Steamer Columbia FoundationUSS Glacier Association - Website of interest for former crew of the USS Glacier (AGB-4).

    Tall Ship La France - When construction is finished, this ship will be the largest of the worlds operating tall ships. A replica of a 1911 five-masted barque. Plans are to use the ship as a sail training ship and goodwill ambassador.

    The HMS Cavalier Association - A site dedicated to the preservation of the ship HMS Cavalier.

    PBS Online - Lost Liners - Titanic, Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, Britannic, Andrea Doria.

    The Belle - La Salle's last ship was found in 1995 in Matagorda Bay.

    Empress of Ireland - is a Canadian marine disaster of a Titanic proportion. More passengers lives were lost on the Empress of Ireland than when the Titanic sank.

    The Loss of the Fantome - A description of the events surrounding the loss of the sailing vessel, Fantome, during Hurricane Mitch,in October 1998.

    Ocean Liners - about the great transatlantic Ocean Liners.

    Star of the West - The side-wheel merchant steamer running between New York and New Orleans.

    SS Canberra - The Crow's Nest - The retired P&O liner SS Canberra, and her home port of Southampton.

    The Olympic Class Liners - This is the definitive research site on the Olympic class liners from the White Star Line.

    Edwin Fox - Information on the efforts to relocate and restore the Edwin Fox, an 1853 Eastindiaman Immigrant and convict ship.

    Freemasonry and the US Coast Guard Cutter Bear - A lodge of Freemasonry's tie with the USS Bear, the Coast Guard Cutter.

    Pride of Baltimore II - This 185 ton replica of a topsail schooner (Baltimore Clipper) is an active sail training vessel. Homeport is Baltimore, Maryland.

    Tall Ship Picton Castle - 180 foot three-masted barque. Homeport is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Member American Sail Training Association.

    Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping - Site focuses on Great Lakes commerce. Excellent list of Great Lakes links.

    MaritimeMatters - Maritime Matters features ocean liner history, cruise ships, steamships, historic vessels, with links to ship cams and maritime museums.

    SS United States Foundation - The super liner SS United States is considered by many historians to be an engineering wonder of the world.

    HMS Belfast - Europe's last big gun armoured warship of World War II.

    HMS Nelson Battleship 6 - Battleship photos from around the world. Black and white and colour. Photos updated regularly.

    USS Seaweed - Site of interest to former US Navy personnel. The site specializes in the sale of US Navy ship ballcaps in addition to photos and history documents suitable for framing.

    Internet Naval History - Internet Naval History including World War's 1 & 2, Falklands

    MV Le Bon Temps Roule - Restored 1930 Wooden Commuter Yacht used by the Corps of Engineers during WWII. Now crusing the Tchefuncte River - Raising Money for Charity. Homeport: Madisonville, Louisiana.

    Bud's Navy Fighing Ship History - Navy ship histories.

    1492: An Ongoing Voyage - This Library of Congress exhibition examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600.

    Tacoma Public Library - Database of more than 13,000 ships.

    Ships That Passed - Exhibit of the South Australia Maritime Museum which features the complete text of the book "Ships That Passed". The book includes chapters regarding Brig Rapid, HMCS Protector, City of Adelaide, Wongala and others.

    Russian Gloriuos Battleships - The history, pictures and description of famous Russian battleships, armour and weapons.

    Ships of the Ancient Greeks - An annotated collection of internet resources for research about ships of Ancient Greece: Archaeology-, history-, classics- and museum sites, bibliographies, syllabi, articles, lectures, book reviews, and images.

    USS Robert A Owens DD827 - Carpenter Class Destroyer, history of the Robert A Owens DD827.

    USS Constellation - Sloop-of-war built in 1854. Homeported in Baltimore, Maryland. The Constellation Foundation is conducting restoration.

    Royal Regals - A History of Ocean Liners - A fond look back at the great ocean liners of the 20th century. Ocean liners covered include RMS Queen Mary, Andrea Doria, Lusitania, and others.

    Royal War Ship Wasa - Picture galleries of one of Swedens most beautiful 17th century ships. (1629)

    Northwest Ships - Naval ships with Northwestern geographical names.

    Normandie - France's answer to a group of new ocean liners.

    Petition for Congressional Investigation of USS Liberty Attack - A call for Congress to investigate the June 8, 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israeli armed forces, which resulted in the death of 34 members of the Liberty's crew and wounded 172 others.

    Ship Eastland - On Saturday, July 24, 1915, the passenger ship Eastland, docked in downtown Chicago, unexpectedly "tipped over", spilling passengers into the river and trapping others underwater.

    NOAA Ship RUDE - Pronounced "Rudy", the ship performs inshore hydrographic surveys along the northeast coast in support of NOAA's nautical charting mission.

    Ancient Egyptian ships and boats - The development of Egyptian vessels in pharaonic times

    The Sutton Hoo ship recreated - Well-preserved traces of a ship, 27 m long, which had been placed in the grave around 625/630 AD.

    Masters of the Blue Riband - A site dedicated to the fastest transatlantic Ocean Liners.

    Tilikum - Circumnavigating the globe in a small sailing vessel.

    The Great Ocean Liners - Nice site on the great ocean lines from the 1830's to the 1960's.

    Amistad Links - A listing of links to pages about the history of the Amistad.

    Nautical Heritage Society - The Californian is a full-scale re-creation of the 1848-vintage Revenue Marine Service Cutter, C.W. Lawrence.

    Dave Lee's Queen Mary Photo Page - Photographs of the Queen Mary berthed in retirement in Long Beach, California.

    S.S. United States - History, recollections, photographs.

    Niagara, U.S. BrigThe Livadia - Details of the construction in Scotland of a steam yacht for the Russian Tsar.

    HMS Rose - The only Class-A size Tall Ship in the United States to be U.S. Coast Guard certified as a Sailing School Vessel.

    Steve's SS Australis Travel Page - Celebrating the life and times aboard the Chandris Lines flagship SS Australis (formerly SS America) from 1966 to 1976.

    Great Lakes Ship History - Photos of Past and Present, information ships, shipbuilding history, lighthouse photos and more.

    Pamir memorial - Devoted to the memory of the german four-masted barque Pamir and her seamen. English, french and german versions.

    Steamboat Rowena - An up-todate research on the Steamboat Rowena of the Cumberland River, Kentucky, U.S.A. early 1900's complete with pictures. Safe for Kids, Educational.

    Naval Ships with Northwest Names - Find out about US Navy ships that have names of places in the Pacific Northwest. History of construction, battles, and current status included.

    Cutter Bibb - History and fact about the cutter. Includes a listing of comanding officers, it's Vietnam tour and final duty.

    Monsters of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners of Time - A site dedicated to all the ocean liners of the past with, summaries of careers and pictures.

    Liberty Ships - A master-list of their names.

    HMHS Britannic - The most complete Internet resource regarding the short career and mysterious demise of Titanic's forgotten sistership.

    Ancient Ships - An overview of the use of ships in ancient cultures. Most of the illustrations and iconography are from ancient artifacts and made by artisans in the historic time the of ships.

    T2 Tanker Page - T2 Tanker names, builders, and types.

    HMS Fowey(24) Ship's Company & Marines - A hands-on maritime living-history educational organization dedicated to an accurate and dignified portrayal of the Gallant Seamen and Marines of the British Royal Navy 1775-1781.

    Tall Ship Homepage - Tallships from around the world. Many from Opsail 2000 and of the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle.

    USS Thomas Stone - Passenger liner and troop transport.

    A Maritime Anthology - An eclectic collection of various ocean liners and sundry historic vessels from the remotest of nations.

    HMS Victory - HMS Victory at the the battle of trafalgar 1805.

    RMS Remuera - The New Zealand Steam Ship Co vessel Remuera, 1911-1940.

    Great Lakes History Homepage - Great Lakes maritime history, with an emphasis in shipwrecks. Contains a database of over 4,400 Great Lakes shipwrecks.

    Great Ships - The Ocean liner postcard and ephemera collection of Jeff Newman. Features images and histories of such lines as Canadian Pacific, Cunard, Hapag, NDL P&O and White Star. Many hundreds of ships are documented.

    Ships of the Chandris LInes - Comprehensive site detailing the history of the Chandris Line and their ships; Australis, Britanis, Ellinis etc. Also a history of the Matson Lines featuring the liners Malolo, Monterey, Mariposa and Lurline.

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