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History of Kuwait

Latest War with Iraq News - The war begins
at approximately 5:32 am Baghdad time on March 20.
(In the United States, 9:32 pm, EST, March 19, 2003)

  • For continuing up-to-date coverage of the War in Iraq, we recommend these online news sources - BBC News, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times - Associates Press News Wire, Sydney Morning Herald, CNN News, MSNBC News, CBS News, International Herald Tribune.
  • First U.S. Allied Airplane lands in Baghdad LA Times - A hulking U.S. C-130 transport plane landed at the Baghdad international airport, carrying unknown cargo but weighted with symbolism and tactical importance...
  • US moves to encircle Baghdad - BBC News - American troops strengthen their positions around the Iraqi capital amid fierce fighting on the western outskirts...
  • UK troops storm Basra - BBC News - British troops bombard the local headquarters of Iraq's ruling party as commanders promise the “liberation of Basra”...
  • U.S. Forces Head Into Heart of Baghdad - Washington Post - U.S. Army troops and armored vehicles entered Baghdad in large numbers this morning for the first time, military officials said, probing toward the heart of an Iraqi capital now ringed by U.S. forces.
  • U.S. Seizes Iraqi Guard Division's HQ - LA Times - U.S. Army soldiers Saturday captured the headquarters of the Republican Guard's Medina Division in this town about 35 miles southeast of Baghdad. Two tank companies and an infantry company of the 3rd Infantry Division rolled through the headquarters unopposed and quickly took over the entire base. It appeared that the Republican Guard defenses had completely collapsed.
  • The airfield is secure - 2,500 Iraqi Guards Surrender - LA Times - U.S. armored units backed by warplanes ousted Iraqi forces from Baghdad's airport Friday while 2,500 Republican Guard soldiers south of the city surrendered to Marines, American officials said. "The airfield is secure and our forces are continuing to clear the areas in and around it," said Col. John Peabody, whose 3rd Infantry Division engineer brigade was at Saddam International Airport...
  • U.S. Forces Occupy Part of Baghdad Airport - LA Times - NEAR BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. forces occupied part of Baghdad's airport before dawn Friday, putting them about nine miles from the capital after a fierce battle up a single-lane road with Iraqi fighters...
  • The ground war moved closer to Baghdad on Monday, with fierce skirmishes between US troops and Republican Guard units at Hindiya, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the capital, the US military said. - BBC News - Coalition bombs and missiles have struck Iraqi presidential sites in central Baghdad and pounded Republican Guard divisions just south of the city in a round-the-clock bombardment...
  • First Relief Convoy Rolls Into Iraq - LA Times - SOUTHERN IRAQ - UMM QASR, Iraq (AP) - The first sizable relief convoy rolled into Iraq on Wednesday bringing water, tuna, crackers and other food to Iraqis, some of whom cheered as they swarmed allied troops handing out supplies...
  • US-led forces have been encountering pockets of stubborn resistance as they press ahead towards the Iraqi capital Baghdad. - BBC - In one of the longest-running challenges so far in the conflict, air strikes were called in on the southern port town of Umm Qasr to overcome about...
  • Attack Was 48 Hours Old When It Began - Washington Post - Under the official war plan, designated “OPLAN 1003 V” and approved by the president, the war with Iraq had already begun...
  • Anti-war protests span the globe - BBC - Tens of thousands of people worldwide have taken to the streets to stage the latest series of demonstrations against the conflict in Iraq...
  • Coalition Troops Barrel towards Baghdad - Washington Post - Swifly moving columns of U.S. tanks and armored vehicles pushed towards Baghdad today and allied warplanes and ships rained bombs and missiles on the Iraqi capital in a day-and-night pounding...
  • The Antiwar Movement - Washington Post - Its Roots, Major Protest Groups, Global Views...
  • Allied Forces Take Basra Airport, Bridge - LA Times - SOUTHERN IRAQ (AP) - U.S. and British forces moved in on Iraq's second-largest city Saturday, taking its airport and a bridge while Saddam Hussein's security forces resisted with artillery and heavy machine guns...
  • Entire Division of Iraqi Army Surrenders - LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - An entire division of the Iraqi army, numbering 8,000 soldiers, surrendered to coalition forces in southern Iraq Friday, Pentagon officials said...
  • Massive air raids rock Iraq - BBC - United States and British forces have launched massive aerial assaults on targets in Baghdad and beyond in a major escalation of the war...
  • Turkish Troops Will Enter Northern Iraq - Turk FM Washington Post - ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey said on Friday its troops would enter northern Iraq to prevent an influx of refugees across its borders, but gave no date for an incursion the United States says it opposes...
  • Desert Rats in fierce tank battle - The Scotsman - BRITAIN’S elite Desert Rats today came under heavy fire as they provided cover for a US thrust into the heart of Iraq. The British 7th Armoured Brigade, the Desert Rats, were engaged in fierce fighting with Iraqi forces as they flanked the main thrust towards Baghdad by the 7th US Cavalry in Abrams tanks...
  • Marines Take Strategic Port in S. Iraq - LA Times - KUWAIT CITY (AP) - U.S. Marines have captured the strategic port in the southern Iraqi city of Umm Qasr but are still encountering pockets of resistance, U.S. military sources said Friday. "We've taken most of the port, and at least a couple of hundred prisoners," a U.S. military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We're not done securing it at this time."
  • THE AMERICAN 3rd infantry division was today 90 miles inside Iraq - The Scotsman - U.S. troops pushing forward towards the main road to Baghdad.
  • Battle for Iraq Not the Pushover It Appears - Reuters - AS SAYLIYA CAMP, Qatar (Reuters) - Television images of U.S. tanks tearing across desert sands make the invasion of Iraq look as easy as punching through a soggy paper bag, but the toughest battles of this war are yet to come...
  • Weather Forecast: Hot and furious dust storms predicted for battle zone - The Sydney Morning Herald - A powerful storm is likely to pummel military forces in and around Iraq with blinding sand and choking dust starting on Monday night, meteorologists predict. The dust storm would probably be nearly twice as strong as the one that grounded helicopters and limited troop movements in Kuwait on Wednesday, the forecasters said...
  • Iraq could release strategic floods: US - Indian Express - Iraq's military could deliberately cause flooding along the Tigris River between the capital Baghdad and the city of Al Kut by releasing water from upstream reservoirs, the US Defense Department said in a statement...
  • U.S. Forces Seize Western Iraqi Airfields - LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - American forces seized important airfields in western Iraq, and a U.S. Marine became the first combat death while fighting for control of a southern oil field. The airfields known as H-2 and H-3 in far western Iraq were taken without much resistance from Iraqi troops, defense officials said on condition of anonymity. But they called control of the installations "tentative."
  • Aussie anti-war protests intensify - News Interactive - PROTESTERS lit fires in Sydney and staged a "die in" in north Queensland as another wave of anti-war protests swept Australia today. As news of the push into Iraq by the United States and its British and Australian allies gathered pace, peace activists maintained their anger.
  • Mass protests in Switzerland against war - Swiss Info - Tens of thousands of students have taken to the streets of Switzerland to voice their opposition to the United States-led war against Iraq. Around 40,000 students joined protests in cities such as Zurich, Bern and Geneva to demand the withdrawal of US and coalition troops from the region.
  • U.S. Forces Seize Western Iraqi Airfields - LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - American forces seized important airfields in western Iraq, and a U.S. Marine became the first combat death while fighting for control of a southern oil field. The airfields known as H-2 and H-3 in far western Iraq were taken without much resistance from Iraqi troops, defense officials said on condition of anonymity. But they called control of the installations "tentative."
  • The capture of Iraqi oil fields by UK troops is a victory, says BBC's Clive Myrie. BBC - Royal Marine commandos made the successful sea and air assault on the strategically important al Faw peninsula in south-eastern Iraq, where they captured oil facilities...
  • Allies Suffer First Combat Deaths in Iraq - LA Times - IN THE KUWAIT-IRAQ DEMILITARIZED ZONE (AP) - One U.S. Marine died Friday in fighting as troops advanced on an oil field in southern Iraq, the military said. Separately, 12 coalition soldiers were killed as their helicopter crashed in the first hours of the ground war. U.S. Marines encountered mortar fire as they took control of the main highway leading to the key port city of Basra, at the heart of Iraq's southern oil facilities. The Marine was killed during the advance on the Rumeila oil field, the military said.
  • Forces may enter Baghdad within four days, British military says - Sky News - UK - Allied troops are driving deeper into the Iraqi desert, with commanders predicting arrival in Baghdad within four days...
  • Brits capture Faw; British forces secure Iraq's Faw Peninsula - CNN - INSIDE SOUTHERN IRAQ (CNN) -- U.S. and coalition forces swept across the Iraqi desert Friday, seizing key towns in the southern part of the country, U.S. and British officials said...lead element of the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division, raced unopposed toward Baghdad in what CNN Correspondent Walter Rodgers described as "a huge wave of steel."
  • US, Britain Race Into Iraq, See War Over Soon - SOUTHERN IRAQ (Reuters) - U.S. and British officers predicted a swift victory on Friday after American armored columns raced deep into Iraq and British marines seized vital oil facilities in the south. More...
  • U.S. Army, Marines Drive Deeper Into Iraq - LA Times - SOUTHERN IRAQ (AP) - The U.S. Marines and Army rolled into Iraq and engaged Saddam Hussein's forces in the desert on Thursday, joining British troops in launching the war's ground assault. As U.S. armor drove deeper into Iraq Friday morning, British troops conducted an assault on the strategic al-Faw peninsula, Iraq's access point to the Persian Gulf and the site of major oil facilities. British military officials said they hoped to seize the key port of Umm Qasr before the day's end.
  • Troops die in air crash - BBC - A US CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter has crashed in Kuwait, killing 12 British and four American troops. US defence officials said there appeared to have been no survivors in the crash...
  • Aerial Assault of Baghdad Continues Washington Post - Air raids resumed over Baghdad's night sky, as U.S. and British tanks and helicopters moved into southern Iraq, headed toward the strategic city of Basra, British military sources said...
  • U.S. Talks With Iraqis About Surrender LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. officials are communicating with Iraqis to surrender or attempt a coup that might topple Saddam Hussein's regime without a full-scale U.S. invasion, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday night. Rumsfeld said communications included talks with Iraq's elite Republican Guard, and he was optimistic about the outcome.
  • US, UK forces enter Iraq in Gulf War II - Daily Times, Pakistan - The United States launched cruise missile and air strikes on Baghdad while US and British troops invaded southern Iraq from Kuwait on Thursday, as the ...
  • U.S. Confirms Saddam Hussein in Video - LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. intelligence officials said Friday they have determined that it was almost certainly Saddam Hussein, not a look-alike, who appeared on a video recording that aired on Iraqi television a few hours after he was targeted by an American air strike. However, officials say it is unclear whether the message was recorded before or after the strike. They said some reports indicate Saddam pre-recorded several speeches to air during fighting.
  • Saddam Or Imposter? - CBS News - The look-alikes reportedly had plastic surgery and were trained in the dictator's mannerisms, including the way he walks, and even down to his facial tics. ...
  • Allied Forces Cross Into Southern Iraq - LA Times - SOUTHERN IRAQ (AP) -- Allied forces crossed into southern Iraq on Thursday after a thundering barrage of artillery that signaled the start of ground war. Infantrymen on the move, their weeks of waiting at an end, cheered as shells screamed overhead...
  • Mystery over vanished Iraqi general - BBC - Danish police are searching for firm leads in their hunt for a key missing Iraqi defector, as reports said he might have been snatched...
  • Officials: Saddam in Compound When Hit - LA Times - WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. intelligence believes Saddam Hussein and possibly two of his sons were present inside a suburban Baghdad compound when it was struck by U.S. missiles and bombs and that medical attention was summoned afterward, government officials said Thursday night. The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said intelligence agencies have not made any determination yet whether Hussein himself or his sons were injured or killed in the attacks and they were carefully analyzing videotapes purporting to show Hussein after the attack.
  • Antiwar protests circle the globe - MSNBC - A wave of sometimes violent protests circled the globe Thursday to protest the beginning of a U.S.-led war against Iraq. In the United States, anti-war demonstrators blocked morning rush-hour traffic in Washington and San Francisco and chanted “no blood for oil” outside the White House. Internationally, protests were mounted from Athens to Asia ...
  • UN readies Iraq food crisis plan - BBC - The United Nations food agency, believing that it may be facing the largest and most costly humanitarian crisis in history, is making contingency plans to feed the people of Iraq...
  • Worldwide protests denounce war in Iraq; 13 US missions close International Herald Tribune - Protests swelled around the world from Stockholm to Srinagar and San Francisco on Thursday as the United States and Britain launched military action in ...
  • Iraq Fires Missiles Toward U.S. Troops - LA Times - IN THE KUWAITI DESERT (AP) -- Iraq fired missiles across the Kuwaiti border toward U.S. troops Thursday, prompting soldiers to don gas masks and chemical protective gear. At least one of the rockets was intercepted by a Patriot missile, U.S. officials said.
  • President Bush Addresses the Nation - The Oval Office 10:16 P.M. EST - THE PRESIDENT: My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger...
  • War on Iraq begins - BBC News - US President George W Bush has said he has launched a war on Baghdad, vowing to "disarm Iraq and to free its people". Mr Bush delivered a live television address shortly after explosions rocked the Iraqi capital, signalling the start of the US-led campaign to topple Saddam Hussein...
  • War begins with strike at Iraqi 'leadership targets' - Stars and Stripes - War erupted Wednesday night as the United States launched cruise missiles at Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and other "leadership targets" in Baghdad, officials said. The strike was aimed at crippling Hussein's regime and specifically targeted him, his sons and other senior leaders of the Baath Party and Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council, according to a senior Bush administration official. Ground forces poised at the Iraqi border did not appear to have been ordered into combat, however.
  • Air Raid Sirens, Planes Heard in Baghdad - Yahoo News
  • U.S. Begins Striking Iraq - Washington Post - U.S. Begins Striking Iraq “Military stages of Iraqi disarmament have begun,” said Ari Fleischer.

Short History of Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is a small oil-rich monarchy on the coast of the Persian Gulf, enclosed by Saudi Arabia in the south and Iraq in the north. Dawlat al Kuwayt

National motto: None
Official language Arabic
Capital Kuwait
Emir Jabir
Prime minister Saad
- Total
- % water Ranked 153rd
17,820 km˛
- Total (2001)
- Density Ranked 141st
Independence June 19, 1961
Currency Dinar
Time zone UTC +3
National anthem Al-Nasheed Al-Watani
Internet TLD .KW

History Main article: History of Kuwait Kuwait has been a part of the Abbasid empire from the 8th century, and was later incorporated in the Ottoman Empire (16th century), where it was eventually granted some degree of autonomy as a principality; the current royal family are descendants from these princes.

In 1899, growing British influence led to Kuwait becoming a British protectorate. This status ended with independence in 1961, by which time the discovery of oil had made the nation a wealthy one, attracting many immigrant laborers (which are not granted citizenship).

After being allied with Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, it was occupied and annexed by Iraq in August 1990. An American-led alliance liberated the tiny nation.


Chief of state is the emir, a heriditary title. The emir appoints the prime minister, which is currently the emir's son, and crown prince. A council of ministers aids the prime minister in his task as head of government. The parliament, or Majlis al-Umma, consists of 50 members, who are chosen in elections held every four years. As Kuwaiti citizenship is very restricted, only 10% of the population is eligible to vote.


Kuwait is divided into 5 governorates (muhafazat):

  • Al Ahmadi
  • Al Farwaniyah
  • Al Asimah
  • Al Jahra
  • Hawalli


Main article: Geography of Kuwait

Kuwait consists mostly of desert, with little altitude difference. The climate is dry and hot. On the north coast of the Persian Gulf, an number of islands is situated, largest of which is Bubiyan.

The major cities are the capital Kuwait, Salmiya (most inhabitants) and Hawalli.


Main article: Economy of Kuwait Kuwait is a small, rich, relatively open economy with proved crude oil reserves of 94 billion barrels - 10% of world reserves. Petroleum accounts for nearly half of GDP, 90% of export revenues, and 75% of government income. Kuwait's climate limits agricultural development. Consequently, with the exception of fish, it depends almost wholly on food imports. About 75% of potable water must be distilled or imported. Higher oil prices put the FY99/00 budget into a $2 billion surplus. The FY00/01 budget covers only nine months because of a change in the fiscal year. The budget for FY01/02 envisioned higher expenditures for salaries, construction, and other general categories. Kuwait continues its discussions with foreign oil companies to develop fields in the northern part of the country.


Main article: Demographics of Kuwait About 80% of the Kuwaiti population is Arab; the non-Kuwaiti Arabs contain a large group of Palestinians. Other large groups of immigrants are made up by Indians and Pakistani, and Iranians.

The official language is Arabic, although English is generally understood. Some immigrants also speak their own local languages. About 85% of the Kuwait are muslims, mostly Sunni.

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