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   See Also:

    Campus Sweatshop Protests Spread - Country wide student rallies urge stronger conduct codes for factories that make clothing bearing university logos. Meetings and rallies at most major U.S. universities.

    As You Sow - Organization promoting corporate accountability - holding corporations accountable for complying with consumer, workplace and environmental laws.

    CERES Principles - Formerly the Valdez Principles, the CERES Principles for environmentally sound business practices were drafted by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies.

    Anti-Scofflaw Regulation - This proposal would prevent the federal government from entering into contracts with companies that are chronic violators of consumer, environmental, labor, tax, antitrust and employment laws.

    Apparel Industry Partnership - Code of conduct for domestic and overseas apparel factories with monitoring procedures.

    Be your own sleuth - Extensive information and links for persons wanting to study corporations' behavior in the world.

    Better World electronic edition - This is third edition of Better World online. Useful links and references are here.

    Corporate Accountability Project - Researching Corporations section provides links to numerous resources to investigate publicly traded corporations.

    Adbusters Organization - Creative, counter revolution in progress in Canada but about our world. Visual activism about corporate operations. And wickedly funny to boot.

    Essential Action - Site for alerting and organizing efforts in corporate accountability.

    International Corporate Environmental Reports - Corporate Accountability vis a vis the environment. English link, site name, Milieujaarverslagen.

    Social Accountability - SA Information Center is an initiative of Ellipson Ltd, a consulting service linked with sustainability.

    The International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) - ILRF, founded in 1986, is a nonprofit action and advocacy organization focused on human rights necessary for life and dignity Excellent information but graphics and frames may not load well.

    The MacBride Principles - Principles of conduct for firms doing business in Northern Ireland.

    Loka Institute - Begun in 1987, enables information and organizing about worldwide concerns with science, technology and society. Genetic engineering by corporations, for example, has been a focus here.

    Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development - Annotated web links on corporate accountability, hosted by a publicly traded company often challenged by activists for its positions on pesticide and genetic engineering.

    Max Havelaar Switzerland - Swiss firm promoting and enabling fair trade actions.

    Ending the Wall Street Walk: Why Corporate Governance Now? - Although published several years ago, James McRitchie's report presents certain minimum standards with specific corporate examples of "doing what's right."

    Australian Ethical & Green Shareholders' Groups - Descriptions and contact information for several Australian nonprofits whose aims are to make corporations accountable.

    Profit vs. Social Responsibility - Cyber College asks students to calculate the costs / benefits of socially responsible business decisions.

    Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum - Promotes social responsibility in business by increasing awareness of ethical matters and hosting a database for good corporate practices. Offers seminars and conferences.

    Shareholder Action Network - Nonprofit group hosted by Coop America which informs and coordinates shareholder activism toward corporations which are behaving unethically.

    Corporate Integrity - This website seeks the best practices of businesses within the 6 circles of responsibility.

    Airline On-Time Statistics - U.S. Bureau of Transportation figures on airline's tardinesses.

    CSR Europe - European business reference point for social responsibility issues. Includes case studies, publications, current activities and databank search.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Forum - Pratical tools, resources and case studies on responsible business practices.

    Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia - Regional example of BBB that focuses on ethical matters of business members for the public.

    Boycott Action News - Co-op America's "tell it like it is" information about corporations that need to be made more accountable.

    Tell - A place for concerned citizens, including Citigroup stockholders and Citibank customers, to fight predatory lending at the Associates and to learn about community investing as a constructive alternative.

    The Fair Labor Association - Nonprofit network which gets major footwear and clothing manufacturers to agree to disclose specific factory names, where in the world their products are manufactured.

    Initiative Against Economic Globalization PRAGUE 2000 - Support citizens' democratic rights to publicly demonstrate in order to bring accountability to bear upon large, multinational corporations.

    European Corporate Governance Network. Non-Profit Network for European and Comparative Corporate Governance Issues. - Non-Profit Network for European and Comparative Corporate Governance Issues.

    Business in the Community - A movement of businesses committed to continually improving their positive impact on society through corporate social responsibility.

    Ethical Performance - Monthly newsletter for professionals concerned with corporate social responsibility or for investors.

    What is the OECD? - Paper on overarching issues affecting corporate accountability. Discusses the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

    A Resolution on a Modern Myth - It is resolved that Wal-Mart conduct a short-term study to disprove the modern myth that Sunday work maximizes profits.

    Local Competition - Pennsylvania based group which says Verizon continues a monopoly on the East Coast by devious means.

    Corporate Rights: The Big Question - Adbuster's animated, simple story on how corporations came to become so powerful in the world and how to bring them back under civil control.

    CensorShip Kills - Anti-Corporate advertisers and underwriters. Supports competition to them by citizen-based Low Power FM radio stations.

    One Market, Under God - Thomas Frank, 35, contends that behind the go- go stock market and the feel-good atmosphere, the American economy that bloomed in the 1990's is sick, and that the divide between rich and poor has widened. To read this NY Times interview of him, requires free registration.

    Watered Stock Pyramid Analysis - Links to articles by Bill Parish about Citicorp, Cisco Systems and Microsoft printing stock with abandon.

    The Citigroup Watch - Challenges this major banking and insurance group on numerous, worldwide practices.

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