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    National Mobilization Against Sweatshops - NMASS is aimed at fundamentally transforming the sweatshop system according to the needs and human rights of working people.

    Maquila Solidarity Network - Activists organizing "Maquiladora" factories to improve conditions, win a living wage, and campain against multi-national corporate abuse.

    Sweating the big stuff - Anti-sweatshop efforts on U.S. college campus; "activism is trickier than bra-burning." Salon Books review.

    Big corpations scare museums: Sweatshop Exhibit Delayed. - U.S. history of sweatshops continues to date. An exhibit was shunned and delayed, until Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance accepted it in late 1999.

    Battling Sweatshops - Public Broadcasting Service on battling sweatshops ("Real Audio," is available. Written April 14, 1997 but still of use today.

    Child Slave Labor News - Immaculata High School students newspaper on line. This page is about Saipan sweatshops and U.S. firms profiting from that.

    Campaign for Labor Rights at Duke - March, 1998 Duke University's "Sweatshop" standard is linked closely with the demand for factory disclosure plus a stipulation that the university has the right to send independent monitors to inspect conditions and labor practices in those factories.

    CISPES Anti-Sweatshop Campaign - Compares historic U.S. sweatshops and exposes sweatshops in Central America, focusing on El Salvador

    Feminists Against Sweatshops - This organization's page on sweatshops gives the background of sweatshops with focus on repression of women and children in their use.

    High Tech Sweatshops - Corpwatch says, "...high tech industry (uses) thousands of low-paid, mostly immigrant women, who assemble the nuts and bolts of our computers using hundreds of toxic chemicals."

    Kathie Lee Gifford's Lesson - On April 29, 1996 Charles Kernaghan (labor movement's mouse that roared) very badly embarrassed Kathie Lee Gifford by telling a Congressional committee about conditions at Global Fashions, a Honduran factory that made her sportswear, where 5 year old girls earn 31 cents an hour and work 75 hour weeks. - Co-op America's aims to end sweatshops and child labor; supports fair trade, international human and labor rights.

    Salon News on sweatshops - Tom DeLay, is characterized as a defender of sweatshops. "The GOP whip thinks that American companies using underpaid garment workers in distant Saipan is just fine." By Jeff Stein in Salon E Magazine, February, 1999.

    Smithonian sweatshop exhibit - Graphics intensive historical review of sweatshops in America.

    Stop Sweats - Nonprofit devoted to stopping Sweatshops Sections of site: (1) What is a Sweatshop? (2) What You Can Do?, (3) Teaching Resources, (4)Current Campaigns, (5) Students Against Sweatshops, and (6)Stop Sweatshop Links.

    Sweatshop Reform - Hearts and Minds nonprofit site. Offers analysis and current links on how the harsh sweatshop conditions stimulate public reactions.

    Sweatshop Watch - Sweatshop Watch is a nonprofit coalition working to eliminate sweatshops in the garment industry. See reviews of this and similar web sites in Open Directory's "Society: Organizations: Labor."

    Campaign for Labor Rights - A labor organization which specializes in the struggles of workers in sweatshops. Provides labor updates on Nike, Disney, Guess, Child Labor (including the Rugmark and FoulBall campaign), Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, United States (esp. Farm Workers and Poultry Processing Workers), Youth and Campus Activism, various Policy Issues and more.

    LaborNet - Labor news and information for unions and activists wishing to share news and information on labor issues. Links to Activists' plans for confronting child sweatshops.

    Sweatshop Journal - Minnie Roe conducted an undercover, investigation to report a U.S. firm's sweatshop practices.

    Farmington Area Citizens to End Sweatshops - Student led group working to support human rights issues at the level of retail stores. University of Maine at Farmington.

    Verité - Verité is an independent non-profit organization monitoring international labor rights abuses in off-shore production sites.

    Southern Maine Clean Clothes Campaign - Organization in solidarity with the worldwide campaign seeking justice and dignity for apparel workers. Portland, ME.

    Unite - Fire Triangle - March 25, 1911, the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City took the lives of 146 workers. These workers were mostly young, female immigrants who came to the United States seeking freedom and found poverty and horrifying working conditions instead. Rallies now held each year in N.Y. Contacts to rallies here.

    The Triangle Fire - On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory in New York City caught fire. Nearly 150 workers, mostly young women, had been locked in the sweatshop and died in full view of their families and neighbors.

    No Sweat - Provides campaigns against sweatshops and child labor, in the UK and around the world.

    Thai Labour Campaign - Covers labor disputes, worker rights campaigns, as well as labor law in Thailand. Provides original research on migrant workers and sweatshops in South East Asia.

    US Dept of Labor - Entitled, "No Sweat," site aims to help end sweatshop conditions for U.S. workers

    United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) - United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is an coalition devoted to stopping sweatshop labor, on the personal web site Jeff and Kari. Not updated but they have several links not available elsewhere.

    Sweat Shop accountability - U.S. Retail trade group takes position against products of sweatshop labor being sold by member stores.

    Maquila Solidarity Network - Offers resources on sweatshop conditions, independent monitoring and workers' struggles to improve working conditions and win fair wages, plus a "Stop Sweatshop" campaign.

    Universities enable Sweatshops - Students Blast University Labor Code as Too Weak "This Code is a sham," said Todd Pugatch, a member of the University of North Carolina chapter of USAS. "This Code will put a university stamp of approval on factories paying starvation wages," said Tico Almeida, a Duke student and USAS member. Released Dec 2, 1998

    Wal-Mart Confronted - Charles Kernaghan's small organization was featured in The Providence Journal-Bulletin. Entitled: "Activist targets Wal-Mart factory conditions,"wants to make sure that foreign workers are treated and paid fairly." By Brian C Jones, Staff Writer Friday, June 19, 1998.

    Sweatwash - The Apparel Industry's Efforts to Co-opt Labor Rights - Perhaps inspired by corporate lies on the environment, U.S. administration and mulitinational corporations now push "Sweat Free" labels for clothes. Abuse of children is monitored by the local firm itself. Therefore, "Sweat Free" labels are like posting "fat free" on McDonald's food.

    Blood, Sweat & Shears - Resources on Corporate Watch showing evidence or investigation of sweat shop practices, worldwide.

    Antisweatshop Labour League - Group on yahoo that exchanges ideas and energy to publicize and end sweatshop practices.

    Olympic Living Wage Project - Human rights initiative designed and implemented to humanize Nike factory workers in Indonesia. Compares the wages of workers and owners. Offers photo archive, daily journal, worker basic needs research, and interviews plus background on the sweatshop issue.

    Students Against Sweatshops - San Diego State chapter of SAS, offering links to sweatshops around the globe. Plus cartoons, articles, and minutes from local meetings.

    Fair Labor Association - Works with major corporations to improve human rights through agreements with clothing retailers to set minimum anti-sweatshop standards.

    Anti-Sweatshop Labour League - The ASSL provides support, references, ideas and information to stop sweatshops.

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