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   See Also:

    Grandfather Federal Government Debt Report by MWHodges - Information on the National Debt, including who the money is owed to, how much worse it is than ever before, how the "budget surplus" is fake, and how the debt is still growing.

    The National Debt - This site has a line by line analysis of the National Debt and the Federal Budget. Very detailed

    FAQ About the Budget and the National Debt - The U.S. Treasury's Office of Public Correspondence tries to answer some of the safer questions on the National Debt.

    Debt Clock - A Java-based national debt clock, calculates the Debt, including your own portion of it and many similar things, every second.

    U.S. National Debt Clock - Another National Debt clock, this one not in Java, with many useful links, and a National Debt FAQ.

    Deficits, the National Debt, and Economic Growth - A new, optimistic view on an old subject. This website emphasizes the importance of economic growth and seeks to dispel some myths about deficits.

    Citizens for Budget Reform - CBR was established by a group of taxpayers to arm citizens with knowledge to attack government program failure and to promote economic, political, and social growth.

    CCER National Budget Simulation - This is a creative and interactive page presented by UC-Berkeley's Center for Community Economic Research (CCER). A new on-line National Federal Budget Simulator lets anyone on the World Wide Web attempt to balance the budget. Your choices and the actual budget can be shown graphically also.

    Budget Explorer: The Complete U.S. Federal Budget - Explore the entire U.S. Federal Budget quickly and easily. Find solutions to reduce the National Debt. Learn how others have balanced the budget, and how your Federal taxes are spent.

    Civix Database - All of the budget numbers and agency requests submitted to Congress. Links to historical data series on the deficit, expenditures, and revenues.

    The Public Debt To the Penny - The United States public debt--to the penny

    Our Crushing Public Debt - Why should you care? Because your future is at risk! Wonder why we can't send anyone back to the moon? Why support for schools is drying up? Why there are no more big public works projects? Or why big corporations are about to take over national parks and other services? Support for highways, conservation, police - all are dwindling, and You ain't seen nothin' yet!

    Federal Budget Spending, National Debt, Deficit - Is there a budget surplus? You can find out for yourself. If the National Debt is increasing, then the Treasury Department is borrowing, and there must be a deficit.

    The Federal Debt - By John Steele Gordon - The author explores the recent explosion of federal debt in the United States against a history in which holding down or reducing the debt in peacetime was the norm. Until the Republican "revolution" of 1994, responsibility for creating the debt was in the hands of members of the U.S. Congress who stood to gain politically by increasing government spending without applying offsetting taxes.

    Statement by Lawrence H. Summers Secretary of the Treasury Washington, DC - August 4, 1999 - Because of the reduction in the deficit (which still exists, but is hidden), the Treasury department has made this announcement concerning the frequency and scale of federal debt auctions.

    Flashback - The Balanced-Budget Debate - The Atlantic Monthly's review of its own century of articles takes a look at Federal deficits and debt. As always, they lean toward the "Liberal" viewpoint, but "Conservatives" should find also it fascinating nonetheless.

    Coalition on Human Needs Budget Page - Federal budget issues page of the Coalition on Human Needs, a coalition of major U.S. anti-poverty organizations. Includes status of major budget legislation.

    The Mechanics of Inflation - A detailed analysis of the mechanics of "the great modern government swindle known as inflation."

    Government Surpluses and Deficits: What do they do? - This paper argues for a return to the old neo-Keynesian theory that government deficits are a "stimulus" to the economy, instead of a burden on it.

    The Antidote to the Debt Virus - An article arguing against debt scaremongers making the case that there is nothing inherently wrong with a debt-reliant money system.

    Deficits and Inflation: A Tax on the Poor - How the government puts heavy taxes directly on the poor and middle class, through the deficit (which still exists, even though they claim to have balanced the budget), inflation, the Federal Reserve, and the National Debt.

    Presidential Spending Meter - Which presidential candidate is promising to consume more of your tax money? You'd better check before you vote...

    A Better Auction Mechanism, And Why Governments Should Sell Futures Rather Than Debt - Paper outlining the need for governments to stop selling debt through their current, primitive methods, and a suggestion for a replacement.

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