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    Why Does Congress Pay to Increase Drug Prices? - Congress is trying to 'solve' the problem of high medical prices by spending even more money on medicine, a subsidy which will drive the prices ever higher.

    The Advanced Technology Program And Other Corporate Subsidies - Stephen Moore, Director Of Fiscal Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, outlines the effects of various government subsidies like the "Advanced Technology Program".

    Subsidies and Sustainable Development - Hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies now harm the economy, the environment, equity and trade: measures to cut the waste of public money and resources and to promote sustainable development. (author André de Moor has a degree in economics)

    The Cash Croppers - Report, based on the gigantic EWG Farm Subsidy Database, of few, incredibly wealthy, who receive most of the Farm Subsidies, an outdated program for keeping food prices high which was created during the 1930s and is painted as if it protects small farmers.

    Farmer's Union - National Farmer's Union actively opposes large government spending on multi-national agri-busineses and advocates for family owned farms.

    Why Price Controls Fail - Explains the reasons why prices controls are always doomed to failure.

    How Rent Control Drives Out Affordable Housing - Rent control has been in force in a number of major American cities for many decades. The best-known example is New York, which still retains rent controls from the temporary price controls imposed during World War II. But this policy, meant to assist poorer residents, harms far more citizens than it helps, benefits the better-off, and limits the freedom of all citizens.

    Broken Ladder: Government Thwarts Affordable Housing - From all appearances, federal policy on affordable housing is facing its most searching reassessment in decades. As housing policy comes up for reauthorization in Congress, the decades-old approach of housing low-income tenants in massive housing projects has few defenders in Washington.

    New Study Suggests Government Price Controls for Pharmaceuticals Harm Patients, Don't Save Money - A study released by the global research firm, Boston Consulting Group, raises serious questions about the effectiveness of government price controls on pharmaceuticals. The study, commissioned by the Warner-Lambert Company, suggests that price controls may actually harm patients without achieving significant long-term savings.

    Time To Condemn Subsidized Housing - An article which sites MANY sources who say subsidized housing causes harm, not good.

    Corporate Welfare Information Center - Site full of information on government subsidies of corporations, which add up to hundreds of billions.

    Alary Press - Federal Subsidy - Subsidies comprise 60% of the federal budget, see information on waste, mismanagement and abuse of taxpayers by politicians and bureaucrats

    The True Size of Government - Despite declarations to the contrary from elected officials across the political spectrum, the federal government is much bigger, not smaller, than it was 30 years ago. There are actually 17,000,000 people consuming taxpayer money through government pay. While the only real "downsizing" was PURELY though cold war cuts in military personel, far more government employees have been hidden as "contractors".

    Americans Are Going Hungry. Why? - Examines the crime of raising food prices through farm subsidies, then "Feeding the poor" who can't afford the high prices, then researching ways to increase the government-limited food production, all using tax money.

    Food and Agriculture Policy Forum - Established in 1997 to implement the Center Against Government Wastes long-standing goal of dismantling Depression-era agricultural price supports and regulations.

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