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    Gary Klott's TaxPlanet - Comprehensive tax resource for individuals, including a tax library and calendar, news from Congress and the IRS, tax-saving strategies, analysis of pending legislation, and quick reference to key tax figures.

    The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong - Incorporated in 1972, the Institute's prime objectives are to promote the study of taxation and the exchange of information and views on taxation.

    Simplified Tax And Wage Reporting System - The Simplified Tax and Wage Reporting System (STAWRS) web site offers employers a guide to federal and state tax and wage reporting information.

    The Future of State Taxation - Book available from the Urban Institute.

    The Alexis de Tocqueville Institution - A non-partisan, non-profit educational research foundation conducting, publishing and publicizing research on the promotion and perfection of economic liberty, political freedom, opportunity and democracy in the United States and around the world

    U.S. Tax Reform - includes summaries of major tax reform proposals

    Information and Misinformation about Federal Tax Burdens - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. "The percentage of income that typical middle-class families pay in federal taxes is often overstated."

    Tax Reform - Tax Foundation - Any of the major congressional tax reform proposals -- the Armey-Shelby flat tax, the Schaefer-Tauzin national sales tax, and the Nunn-Domenici USA Tax System -- would lower a typical middle-class family's tax burden, according to a Tax Foundation analysis.

    Tax Foundation - One of the U.S.' original public policy research groups, monitoring fiscal issues at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. Web site includes data on taxes and spending at all levels of government, including "Tax Freedom Day," "Tax Bite in the Eight-Hour Day," federal taxes by state compared to federal spending, "The Price of Civilized Society," who pays federal income taxes, as well as information on capital gains taxes, corporate taxes, the median family's tax burden, and the latest tax bill.

    Build Your Own Tax Policy! - Just answer a few simple questions and let the computer tell you all about the tax policy that appears to fit you best. Completely free.

    Tax Reform -- - Information, arguments, and grass-roots efforts to improve the U.S. federal tax system, particularly through drastic overhaul.

    Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance - Established at the University of California, Berkeley, to promote research in tax policy and public finance.

    Alabama Tax Reform Issues - Alabama Arise website. A page of links to a few articles on tax burden distribution in Alabama.

    Q&A on U.S. Tax Topics - FAQs regarding the current U.S. and local tax systems, from Citizens for Tax Justice. Defends the death tax and advocates lifting the Social Security tax cap, so that all income was taxed instead of a limited amount.

    Michael Gray, CPA's Bottom Line - Free monthly newsletter about the US tax code and tax law.

    Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in the 50 U.S. States - Study found that most states take a far greater share of income in taxes from middle- and low-income families than from the wealthy.

    123World : Taxation Sites - Alphabetic listing of the official taxation sites of the various countries to get information on taxation issues.

    Gasoline Excise Tax--Historical Revenues: Fact Sheet - A history of the national gasoline tax, including yearly revenues since it began. Note that the revenues are in "thousands of dollars", so are actually a thousand times higher than listed.

    Progressive and Regressive taxes/taxation explained - Essay discussing the concepts of progressivity in taxation, the role of taxation in regulating the economy, and explaining why sales taxes are considered to be regressive.

    Bond Issues Are a Tax on Your Children. - A short essay against arguing against bond issues.

    Trickle Down Taxation - Hidden Taxes on the Poor - When politicians pretend they are raising taxes "on the wealthy", what they don't tell you is that the wealthy simply pass the burden on to you, so "soak the rich" actually punishes the poor.

    National Issues: Tax Reform - A "non-partisan" site which analizes the many tax reform proposals, and, in overview, concludes that they are worse than the current system, and that people are actually willing to pay higher taxes if they get more benefits.

    The Tax Project, Inc. - Advocates eliminating income taxes in favor of taxes levied on businesses when they extract natural resources.

    Tax Reform -- - Information, arguments, and grass-roots efforts to improve the U.S. federal tax system, particularly through drastic overhaul.

    Grandfather Tax Report - A graphical presentation showing the average worker needed to work 5 months to cover all taxes (federal plus state/local government), compared to working 1.4 months 70 years ago.

    Tax and Accounting Sites Directory - A comprehensive index of tax and accounting resources on the Internet.

    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy - Focus on land economics and taxation. Goals are to integrate the theory and practice of land use and taxation and to understand the forces that influence them. Has 3 program areas: Taxation of Land and Buildings, Land Markets, and Land as Common Property.

    Deficits and Inflation: A Tax on the Poor - How the government puts heavy taxes directly on the poor and middle class, through deficits and inflation.

    Find Out How Much Hidden Gasoline Tax You Pay. - This site will tell you exactly how much you're paying in hidden gasoline tax, for your state, and how much gas would cost without the tax. Did you know it's often as much as a 100% sales tax or more?

    Do You Get Your Money's Worth from Your Taxes? - The question to ask yourself, and your critics, is if you get your money's worth from your taxes. Includes a calculator to see how much is really taken from your paycheck each year.

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