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   See Also:

    Alliance for Separation of School & State - Argues against any interference by government in education.

    Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation - A foundation supported by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman. Advocates restructuring the education system to ensure educational service competition and free choice.

    Center for Education Reform - Advocacy, statistics, resources and guidance on education reform issues and action at the school, district, state and national levels, from School Choice, charter schools, and educational entrepreneurialism to high academic standards, teacher professionalism and local control.

    School Choice Programs: What's Happening in the States - This world renown conservative think tank publishes details and statistics on state School Choice efforts, and maintains links to many other Choice sites.

    School Choices: A Citizen's Guide to Education Reform - Latest worldwide research shows competitive schools serve families better than government run schools. Compares public school systems to free market alternatives based on vouchers, tax-credits, and privatization. Many essays, articles, book reviews, and complete book chapters included.

    Why School Vouchers Can Help Inner-City Children - The Manhattan Institute feature article by The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore "The City That Reads.

    Educational Issues - National Center for Policy Analysis whitepapers on education issues, particularly School Choice and teacher's union obstruction of Choice reforms.

    Floridians for School Choice - Action-oriented and effective advocacy for giving every family in Florida the opportunity to choose their child's school using public education funds as a scholarship.

    Citizens For Educational Freedom - Promotes the primary rights of parents with regard to freedom of choice, justice and quality in education for all regardless of wealth, color or creed by allocating a fair share of educational tax dollars for each child to take to the school of the parents' choice while protecting parents and schools from undue government regulation and control.

    School Choice support - One good example of individual parent's efforts to support School Choice. Links to presidential candidate position papers.

    Education Policy Institute - Documented inside information on PTA and teacher unions. Education research and policy analysis from a public choice and pro-market perspective, plus expert revelations on teacher unions, collective bargaining in education, PTA issues, and education reform matters.

    The Parent Information Center - Assists parents in making informed decisions about the educational choices available in Colorado by producing a report card on public schools.

    National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools - NCACS supports and defends alternative education organizations and participant-directed schools.

    School Reform News - Reprints of hundreds of education articles reporting on school reform efforts nationwide from School Choice to Teacher Unions. Its tone is objective and timely.

    Arizona's Education Marketplace - Supports and defends the principle of choice in public education.

    Contract management of public schools - The experiences of school systems in the U.S. with private management hold valuable lessons for any school system considering contracting

    Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation - Lots of school choice information. Look especially at their state by state summaries of current efforts.

    School Futures Research Foundation - School Futures  is committed  to providing  every child with  a world-class  education.  Working in collaboration with public school systems throughout the United States, the not-for-profit foundation provides a competitive, performance-oriented alternative for students who are trapped in historically low performing schools. 

    Effectiveness of School Choice in Milwaukee: A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Program's Evaluation - For five years Harvard researchers refused to release data for secondary analysis by other members of the scholarly community. Correcting for errors in the original, this still relevant re-analysis found that students enrolled in choice schools for three or more years did better than a comparable group attending Milwaukee public schools.

    School Vouchers Links - Definitions of some common terms used regarding the issue as well as links to sites for and against school choice through vouchers.

    Harvard University Program on Education Policy and Governance - Research papers on the results of innovative US school policies, including school choice programs in Washington, DC, Dayton, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Universal Tuition Tax Credit - Mackinac Center for Public Policy - "Proposal to Advance Parental Choice in Education". Also available as a 76 page download.

    Reason Magazine - a dynamic libertarian perspective - NEA supporters are out of touch with the increasingly pro-voucher black community, Rep Jackson got booed off the stage when he spoke against school choice in Milwaukee.

    Black Alliance for Education Options - Supports empowering low income black families with school choice.

    School Choice Information Center - Institute for Justice champions individual liberty, free market solutions, and limited government in their collection of school choice articles

    Virtual Charters: Public Schooling at Home - K12, a Virtual charter school led by former education secretary, Bill Bennett, provides free curriculum, computers and connections for homeschoolers.

    Teachers for Better Education - Grass-roots organization of teachers who support school choice and the Opportunity Scholarship program.

    Teacher Unions and School Choice in countries that have both - Scholarly work includes lots of data by Alexis de Tocqueville Institution on Sweden, Germany, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, Belgium, France. Teacher Choice site chock full of articles!

    Faith In Public Schools Fades - African-American parents with children in Georgia public schools are more likely than white parents to think private companies should run those facilities.

    Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America - Makes points that it feels unite a coalition of inner-city African-Americans, economic libertarians cultural conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, Jews, Christians and Muslims.

    Unnatural Monopoly in Education - Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. Think-tank studies focus on economics of parents exercising their God-given rights as primary educators of children.

    Jews and School Choice - School choice is the most readily apparent solution to the problem of assimilation...If the Jewish organizations could remove themselves from their lock step adherence to the liberal arguments of yesterday.

    Academic Choices - YES; Vouchers - NO - Vouchers are a bad School Choice delivery system similar to standing in line for food stamps, or filing a tax return.

    School Choice: Issues and Answers - Citizens for a Sound Economy research paper is easy to read and well referenced. It covers 8 forms of Choice. School Choice - Presidential candidates's views on school choice and vouchers, both pro and con.

    Teachers in Focus Magazine - Choice research from teacher's perspective. Census data says teachers are fifty percent more likely than the public at large to choose private schools.

    Choice Accomplished Kiwi-style - A Cabinet Minister and a Member of New Zealand's Parliament testifies to the overwhelming success of School Choice started in the 1970's and completely implemented. Elimination of bureaucracy doubled classroom spending.

    Dr. Quentin Quade's essays on school choice - Part of Blum Center at Marquette University's effort to collect, organize, synthesize and distribute information regarding school choice efforts across the country.

    Excellent Education for Everyone - Organizing grassroots movement throughout NJ where spending is $10,975 but half the students in inner-city public schools don't graduate.

    Charter School Success - Arizona had 1/3 of the nations Charter Schools. This insightful study by a business and economics writer looks at competitive effects on all schools.

    Resources for Teachers Needing Help - The American Society for Ethics in Education offers help to stop abuse and corruption where unions and school systems fail techers.

    Education Week - Why Vouchers, From a Teacher's Point of View - School Choice unleashes forces of competition, benefitting teachers. Well-written economics.

    Toward Tradition - School Vouchers - Advocates School Choice based on Torah and traditional Jewish principles: parents must have responsibility and control, teachers and schools are agents of parents, education should inculcate values as well as knowledge.

    The Right Thing; Why liberals should be pro-choice - A Brookings Institution fellow, in The New Republic, discusses emerging political constituencies for Choice versus the cognitive dissonance created by our current government monopoly.

    Commentary Magazine - Are School Vouchers Un-American - Gary Rosen, associate editor of this American Jewish Committee magazine stirred a hornet's nest of opposition with this indictment of teachers' unions and public schools.

    The Charter School Project - A non-profit organization networking with charter schools to bring about much needed education reform.

    School Choice Act - MODEL LEGISLATION - Model School Choice legislation follows common sense objectives. Child-centered funding follows students, empowering parents and teachers, without vouchers.

    Issues Bulletin - The Case For School Choice: Models from the United States, New Zealand, Denmark, and Sweden - Fraser Institute studies application of other countries School Choice to Canadian policy

    Charter Schools Development Center - Resources for charter school developers and charter granting agencies.

    4Choice - A workable school choice plan - Common sense School Choice objectives, International Test Scores, John Gatto's shocking origins of public education, links to simple model legislation.

    Ed Clark White Paper on Education - Published by the Ed Clark for President campaign in 1980, this white paper still makes the case for educational tax credits.

    Kossor Education Newsletter - Psychological Treatment Programs Masquerading as Education revealed by a Certified School Psychologist who concludes that we must create alternative schools.

    Success in Urban Choice Schools - Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) abstracts on concerns addressed by urban families.

    Cost of Education - Cato Institute study: What Would a Voucher Buy. Documents the cost of public and private education.

    Eliminate Governmental Interference in Education - Alliance for Intellectual Freedom in Education supports Choice, with emphasis on homeschooling.

    Education Reporter Articles - Latest well-researched articles on School Choice. Try main site for other education topics.

    Pros and Cons of Charter Schools in the United States. - Non-partisan researcher presents opposing viewpoints.

    Institute for Transformation of Learning - Dr. Howard Fuller's organization focuses on getting options for black children.

    SchoolReformers Newsletter and resources - Subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with nationwide press current articles. Use school reform activists tools for local networking, doing research, resources on fundraising, organizing, giving speeches.

    Alan Keyes - Black Republican presidential candidate timely essay on School Choice without Vouchers.

    School Choice Wars - John Merrifield, economics professor at University of Texas, in articles and a new book, explains why K-12 schools governed by market forces would be much more attractive to teachers than the status quo.

    School Choice Advocacy Groups - Boston College's extensive list of resources. Be sure to click on their homepage too.

    Remarks by Ted Forstmann - We Can Fix Education - Successful businessman Ted Forstmann explains why he joined the education revolution against the forced school monopoly, creating the Children's Scholarship Fund, and Parents in Charge.

    Parents In Charge - How Do We Build Better Schools - Policy brief focuses on teacher issues of quality and salary differentials affected by school choice.

    John Taylor Gatto - Articles on home education - Choice in Education collection of noted author and educator's speeches and essays on government schools

    Fair Funding in Canada - Ontario families want to choose schooling conforming to the beliefs and traditions of the home, without undue financial penalty or burden.

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