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    Green Cross International - Founded by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993, building on the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and Agenda 21. Green Cross concentrates its efforts to promote a significant change in human values. Provides information, news and resources.

    EnviroLink Library - Includes an A-Z list of organizations. Provides a comprehensive resource of environmental information on the internet.

    Earth Force - International education program that involves young people in hands-on river education, conservation, and restoration projects. Award-winning program Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN).

    The Environmental Revolution - A new style of environmental organization, dedicated to revitalizing and expanding the environmental movement. An alternate to conventional environmentalism.

    Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD International) - Established in 1991 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Aims to educate selected future leaders whose actions will influence the decisions made about environment and development issues in most parts of the world.

    Environmental Education - Earth Systems is a non-profit organization expressly dedicated to the advancement of environmental information and education to the world community.

    CEE Regional Environmental Center (REC) - "Non-advocacy" organisation assting in solving environmental problems in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), mainly "by encouraging cooperation among non-governmental organisations, governments, businesses and other environmental stakeholders, by supporting the free exchange of information and by promoting public participation in environmental decision-making."

    All Species Project - Promotes conscientious art, thought, and action toward building thriving neighborhoods and communities in harmony with nature.

    The Bellona Web - Science-based environmental organization set up to combat problems of environmental degradation, pollution-induced dangers to human health, and the ecological impacts of economic development strategies. Bellona aims to present feasible solutions with the least impact on human activity. Regularly updated news. Topics include nuclear weapons and climate change. [English, Norsk and Russian.]

    Global Communications for Conservation Inc. - Nonprofit organization created to support and initiate conservation and environmental education programs throughout the world, while increasing public awareness of the need for a worldwide ethic of respect for all life.

    River Watch Network - Harnesses the power of people and communities to monitor, restore, and protect the world's rivers. Involvements include transboundary rivers such as the Rio Grande and the Danube.

    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility - Protects employees who protect the environment. It provides a valuable service to government employees and contractors charged with safeguarding the nation's natural resources. Rather than work on environmental issues from the outside, PEER works with and on behalf of employees to effect fundamental change in the way their resource agencies conduct the public's business. - USA organization offering volunteer programs of environmental restoration. Provides information on history, programs and how to support.

    League of the NewJust - Progressive-left group concerned with environmental abuses, the anti-democratic practices of large corporations, and other issues which adversely affect Mother Gaia.

    Renew America - Coordinates community and environmental groups, businesses, government leaders and civic activists to exchange ideas and expertise for improving the environment.

    Earth Day Network - Coordinating worldwide events for Earth Day 2000 and beyond. Provides calendar, environmental tips, clean energy campaign, organizing materials, activist network, eco-store, Grist Magazine and other resources.

    KEPEMEP-CREE - Center of Euro-Mediterranean Regions for interregional cooperation for the environment and sustainable development. Integrated management of wetlands. Info in English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish: Regional Policies, Environment, Sustainable Development, Spatial Planning, Emerging Technologies - Telematics

    Twigma - Adopt a twig in support of the environment and people. A friendlier environment starts with a smile.

    Both ENDS: - (Environment and Development Services) for Non Governmental Organizations. They contribute to responsible management of nature and the natural environment by strenghtening fellow NGOs and community groups working on these issues, especially in developing countries.

    National Environmental Trust - Educate about the problems facing the environment. Promote working to solve these problems.

    Canada - Sierra Legal Defence Club - Protects the environment by upholding and enforcing the law. Provides free legal advice and free legal representation.

    Powerful Information - Independent, non-profit group that supports local initiatives in environmental conservation and sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries, notably in Eastern Europe and West Africa. Works almost exclusively with community-based NGOs and key institutions involved in environmental protection, education, research or regulation.

    Environmental Working Group - Content provider for public interest groups and concerned citizens who are campaigning to protect the environment. - Provides information to learn more about environmental conservation, endangered species, plants, people and pets.

    Idealist - Directory of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web, with information provided by 16,000 organizations in 130 countries. An online library of Resources for Nonprofit Managers, with information about computing and the Internet, fund raising and volunteering, accounting and management, legal issues and nonprofit support organizations.

    Philippe Cousteau Foundation - Foundation in memory of Philippe Cousteau, founded by Jacques Cousteau's grandchildren to educate people about the world's environment and oceans and to create an environmentally sustainable future.

    Australian Conservation Foundation - ACF is an Australian non-profit organization dedicated to the environment. Site has a wide range of topics, including genetic engineering, air pollution, and the WTO. Campaign on Australia World Heritage issues.

    Global Stewards - Provide resources, tips and articles for sustainable living and many environmental topics. Links on activism, petitions and campaigns.

    African Conservation Sites and Web Design - Information on African conservation causes. Links to groups trying to save either specific species or specific areas in Africa.

    Pakistan Energy and Environment Management Centre - PEEMAC is a non government organization involved in energy and environment conservation activities in Pakistan.

    Ecoterra International - Global society for ecology and sound economy. Work as a development and humanitarian agency, and committed to work for our common future on earth.

    People and the Planet - A global site on the issues of population, poverty, health and the environment, sponsored by IPPF,IUCN,UNFPA and WWF and published by the London-based Planet 21 charity.

    One Earth Spirit Web Site - A non-profit organization, dedicated to awakening Consensus Reality, from a selfish and "fear based " outlook, to the Greater Reality, that of "love" and interdependence with all beings that share this beautiful water planet.

    The ReSource Institute for Low Entropy Systems - Independent, nonprofit organization working on public health and environmental issues in Spanish and English speaking countries. Support non-depleting, non-wasting, non-polluting methods and technologies for sustainable development.

    Georgia Strait Alliance - Protect and restore the marine environment of Georgia Strait, B.C., Canada. On line newsletter, resources on many environmental issues including a green boating guide.

    Checkmate - Winning Strategies for Environmental Peace - Exists to promote ecological balance and nonviolence toward animals -- human and non-human -- through research, humor, and thought-provoking, iconoclastic publications. The comic book, Ignoring Binky, The Life and Times of Victor Evertor, is published by Checkmate Press.

    Eden Foundation - Working for the preservation of biodiversity, against monoculture agriculture, and for better ways for humans to live in harmony with their environment.

    Enviro-Insight - Essays on various environmental health topics, intended to focus on what is behind environmental decision making.

    Ecobeetle - The latest eco-news, eco-gear, top eco-tours and artists.

    Unions for Jobs And Environment - A partnership of various unions which offer a labor perspective on the Kyoto Protocol and climate policy with summaries of economic and job impact.

    Greentide - Green issues made simple - how to be kinder to the environment. Dedicated to a better world in the future. Featuring a green shopping guide.

    Green Elephant Society - This is the official site of the Green Elephant Society, a non-profit environmental organization composed primarily of politically conservative citizens.

    Conservancy of the Phoenix, Inc. - Work to protect the environment for those that cannot speak for themselves, the wildlife inhabitants.

    Animal Alliance - Protect and preserve animals and their habitats. An Internet think-tank whose purpose is to help fight mindless encroachment of animal habitats. Present ideas for solutions to preserve endangered habitats.

    White Violet Center for Eco-Justice - A non-profit organization which exists to foster a way of living that recognizes the interdependence of all creation.

    Earth Action Network - Online environmental and human rights letter-writing community. Promote the activity of down loading, signing and sending action letters to the people who have the power to change the situation.

    Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment - Part of the University of East Anglia in the UK, this site provides information on their research and publications.

    The Earth We Share - TEWS 2000 Millennium Project is an international inter net youth conference (June 27-28, 2000), focusing on science, technology, society, and human achievement.

    Department of the Planet Earth - Concerned about the rapid decline of global environment, global pollution of ecosystems, health injuries from toxins, and lifestyles and economies that challenge Earth's future. Organized in 1991 by citizens from the United States and Canada.

    Environmental Resources Trust, Inc. - Consult with commercial, industrial, and institutional consumers to help them understand the benefits and costs of meeting the electric power needs with "green" power (EcoPower). ERT also focuses on the development of markets for water-use rights (EcoLands) and greenhouse gas emission allowances (EcoAir).

    Center for the Study of the Environment - Private not-for-profit organization, providing information, identification, analysis and optimal solutions to environmental problems. Science based projects are conducted on global, regional and local scales.

    Port of Entry - Portal to environmental business opportunities and information exchange in the Americas. Main focus is the Latin American environmental sector. Site in English and Spanish.

    BC Environmental Network - BCEN is a network of community-based British Columbia environmental organizations. Articles on many environmental topics from back-issues of the BC Environmental Report are available online.

    Society Promoting Environmental Conservation - SPEC operates an Environmental Resource Center in B.C., Canada. On line resources on various campaigns for better air, water, and land.

    Project Pacific - Project Pacific is devoted to actions benefiting the ocean and its users-balancing enhancement and preservation. Focusing on the San Diego region, its overall outlook extends beyond the local area.

    Ecobridge - An organization dedicated to expanding public awareness of threats to the environment.

    Environment Probe - Canadian public interest organization that promotes property rights and market mechanisms to protect the environment. On line publications on property rights, fisheries, forestry, water and wastewater.

    Wings of Change - Provides information on using the power and vision of flight as an aerial platform to give an overview of environmental problems and raise awareness of conservation problems locally and internationally.

    The Interfaith Coalition for the Environment - An organization whose purpose is to inform and inspire and inform environmental communities about their common interest in protecting and healing the earth.

    The Earth Charter - A global campaign involving individuals and organizations from around the world working together to draft a statement of ethical principles similar to the UN Declaration on Human Rights that will guide the conduct of people and nations towards each other and the Earth.

    Lovearth Network - Provide information on environmental and humanitarian concerns. Links to Eco Humane Political web sites.

    Environmental Investigation Agency - An independent, international campaigning organization committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime.

    naturepeace - An international friendship club whose mission is to protect the natural environment and promote world peace. Environment tips, news, on line discussion environmental group.

    Earthgreen - Information on a variety of environmental problems including including global warming, acid rain, economics, philosophy, water, air, and climate.

    Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC uses law, science, and the support of its 400,000+ members to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all living things. Provide information on many environmental issues.

    Earth Action - Features a global action alert network to mobilize people simultaneously around the planet to speak out for a better world. - Provides information on solar energy, saving energy, saving forests and helping people world-wide.

    Kyoto Now! - A grassroots global climate change campaign promoting US action on global climate change. Operated by Cornell Greens, an environmental group at Cornell University. Provides resources for environmental action, planning and media.

    Wild Salmon Conservancy - Promote wild salmon conservation and stewardship throughout the Pacific salmon's historic range. Provides information about a cycle trek to raise awareness of healthy, threatened, and extinct wild salmon runs.

    Pennsylvania Environmental Network - Provides information and resources on everything from land fills, incinerators, nuclear dumps and sludge spreading on farmlands to logging and mining or development battles.

    Citizens for a Better Environment - Working to prevent and fight environmental health threats through research, advocacy, public education and citizen empowerment.

    EarthRights International - Linking human rights and environmental protection. ERI works to document and eliminate human and environmental abuses by building the capacity of indigenous peoples in South East Asia.

    Environmental Defense Fund WorldWide - The EDF find the ways that work by creating economically viable solutions. Issues include: climate change, human health, biodiversity and oceans.

    Global Response - Environmental Action and Education Network - Action-oriented project to involve youth and adults in communicating about environmental issues. Organizes international letter campaigns to prevent environmental destruction, with corresponding resources for teachers.

    Western Organization of Research Councils - A network of six state grassroots organizaitons working for change on the environment and family agriculture.

    GreenNet - An umbrella site for over 200 green, peace, human rights and development groups.

    PrĂ³-Cerrado Foundation - Environmental program which provides training and education to at risk youth in Brazil. Projects include preservation of the central savanna grasslands and environmental education.

    Union of Concerned Scientists - The Union of Concerned Scientists works to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food.

    United Earth Alliance - Non-profit organization concerned with environmental pollution, human rights, world hunger, and other issues.

    The Wildness Within Us - Official web site of David R. Brower and his work for conservation, preservation and restoration. Features photographs, poetry, audio, video and environmental newswire.

    Planet First 2000 - An environmental awareness and action site with information on easy ways people may actively participate in their own unique way to protect and enhance their environment.

    Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) - International consortium dedicated to "promoting democracy and sustainability." Headquartered in New Delhi. Campaign topics include biodiversity, climate change, air pollution, water pollution, forest management, rainwater harvesting, and "people and wildlife".

    EcoFuture - Dedicated to sustainability and the ecological future of our planet. A wealth of environmental information.

    Euronatura: Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainable Development - Portugal based research and policy NGO with programs on climate change, international waters, trade and the environment. English and Portuguese.

    International Wildlife Coalition - A wildlife protection group working to end animal cruelty, protect the environment, and save wildlife, including whales, marine mammals, elephants, kangaroos, koalas, swift foxes and penguins.

    ECO: Earth Communications Office - ECO is a non-profit organization whose goal is to use the power of communications to help improve the global environment. Provides program information.

    BlackRhinoceros - Searchable, annotated directory (updated daily) of over 600 sites on environmental issues. Six categories: biodiversity and animal rights/threatened species; conservation; energy; environmental justice; habitat; pollution.

    Anti-apathy Organization for Environmental Conservation - Provides environmental guide on many environmental issues. Activities, links, resources and things to do.

    The International Center - Promote good governance and development through direct contacts with all levels of governments, institutions, and individuals. Provides information on programs and projects including reforestation.

    The Right-To-Know Network - Provides free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development.

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