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   See Also:

    Liberal Arts Mafia - A newly-formed gang in favor of an old-fashioned principle: Humanism.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation - EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization working in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties, including privacy and freedom of expression, in the arena of computers and the Internet

    The Freedom Forum Online - A nonpartisan, international foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people. The foundation pursues its priorities through conferences, educational activities, publishing, broadcasting, online services, fellowships, partnerships, training, research and other programs.

    Toward Freedom - Worldwide advocates of free speech. Permitting the disenfranchised of the world to be heard, this monthly online and print magazine focuses on human rights issues.

    Am Civil Liberties Union ~ Free Speech - Links to issues such as book banning, electronic censorship. Excellent part of site defines "What is Free Speech?"

    Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition - Broad internet and library coalition to support freedom of speech in their realms.

    Whistleblowers Australia - The goal of Whistleblowers Australia (WBA) is to help promote a society in which it is possible to speak out without reprisal about corruption, dangers to the public and other vital social issues, and to help those who speak out in this way to help themselves.

    Free Expression Network - Current news, features and trend analysis in free expression issues in U.S.

    Free Speech Internet Television - Independent site which individuals or organizations can join to set up their own web TV or radio free speech ideas.

    Center for Democracy and Technology - Free Speech Issues includes E Mail subscription for individuals to keep abreast of laws and rulings on Free Speech.

    Libertarian Policy Issues - Free Speech is one of several major Libertarian issues. Graphic on this page presents major political categories that bear upon such issues.

    Police Investigative Report - Win at all costs - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Bill Moushey and Bob Martinson studied cover ups, paid perjury by zealous law enforcement culture that wins indictments and convictions at any cost.

    Cyber Tribune - First amendment content, updated frequently.

    MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression (SAFE) - SAFE provides links on censorship search engine, arguments against campus political correctness as it affects free speech.

    Free Speech Issues in organizations - Michael Martin argues that atheistic organizations should generally allow their members to criticize them. "" site.

    Open Studio: The Arts Online - Free Speech in the modern era requires visual images to communicate.

    Religious Right, an 18 year study - People for the American Way studies U.S. religious right from among other standpoints, concerns about free speech, separation of church and state, minorities.

    Alert Service - Internet Action Alert Service (IFEX) provides daily updates of world wide consequences to journalists and others whose exercise of free speech led to their arrest, imprisonment or ....

    LOW Power to the People - Small groups, nonprofits and individuals might get low power FM radio stations. Free Speech Issue article in Mother Jones lays it out. by Geov Pharrish

    New Age of Falsification ? - Nature photographers face a crisis of ethics as digital imaging makes photo fakery easier than ever. Overview in Atlantic Monthly of May, 1998.

    Freedom Journal: Notes in Black History - Psyche Publishing is in an ongoing struggle for Black American's right to Freedom of Speech. Updated weekly.

    Charleton Heston Speech - Speech to the Harvard Law School Forum February 16, 1999 on the insidious way the idea of political correctness is invading our freedom of thought and speech.

    I Want You Offline - Details the Institute for Justice's ongoing case to protect the Internet free speech rights of those who offer opinions, analysis, or even general information on commodities (like prices) in exchange for compensation.

    Committee for Naming Facts - Ayn Rand Institute honors Mr. Elia Kazan who showed great moral courage in testifying about the influence of those who wished to replace freedom with totalitarianism during the House UnAmerican hearings in 1952.

    Free Speech in USA for Government Employees - Review of U.S. Supreme Court cases on termination of employment of professionals whose personal opinions offended their manager. Written by R. B. Standler, attorney in Massachusetts.

    Free Speech and Media Law - Links and critical commentaries on free speech, media law, and the courts.

    Where's the watchdog? - Instead of public news, the news media focus on the culture of celebrity, and sensational entertainment. Can there be free speech when "news" is so distorted ?

    Resolving The Pacifica Crisis - 50 year old Pacifica Radio, progressive source for U.S. liberals is apparently being gutted by actions of its paid leaders and board.

    Civil Liberties - Home Page - Civil Liberty sites on This broad and inclusive exploration of free speech. Extensive links and resources.

    Mother Jones Side Show page - Page is updated monthly. May, 1999 is called, Winks and Giggles at the State Department's doublespeak.

    Freedom of Expression - Freedom Magazine - Perhaps the most essential right is that of communication. Without the freedom to communicate, other rights deteriorate.

    The Case Against Pacifica Radio - Rafael Renteria in this CounterPunch article, Challenges Pacifica Radio managers and board with duplicity, misleading statements, and a plan to sabotage its progressive quality.

    Save Pacifica Radio - Group to restore democratic voice to governance by the community, for the community of progressives of Pacifica Radio.

    Your investigative toolkit to speak truth to power - Simple site intended to invite people to use resources and ideas to speak up about humans and environment.

    FlyingFish - Seeing through the mists of the modern media is this alternative news and comment site focusing on human rights and quality of life

    Information Torts - Torts in which information causes harm. These torts raise troubling questions about the boundaries of freedom of speech. Discussion of important cases in USA by Dr. Standler, attorney in Massachusetts.

    Los Angeles Times on Alejandra Matus - Alejandra Matus launched "The Black Book of Chilean Justice," at a reception in Santiago. The next morning, police detectives showed up at the Planeta publishing house and at bookstores around the city. April, 1999

    International Press Institute (IPI) - IPI is a global organisation of editors, media executives and leading journalists dedicated to the protection of press freedom

    Muggles for Harry Potter - Is it free speech to maintain the Harry Potter series? Thirteen states ban it. Give your opinion.

    FreeSpeechRadio - Links, resources and features sometimes ignored by the mainstream media.

    Freedom of Speech at Risk in Cyberspace {Freedom magazine} - Article dealing with the argument that software piracy is really a form of "free speech."

    RCFP First Amendment Handbook - Part of the Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press site. Contains a fount of information on the application of the First Amendment to such issues as access to the courts, gag orders, access to places, freedom of information and libel. Well organized and well written.

    Unlimited Freedom of Speech - An extensive compilation of links and resources pertaining to freedom of expression, great thinkers, famous quotes and related issues.

    An Appeal to Hollywood - Petition site that calls upon the entertainment industry to develop a voluntary code of conduct to establish minimum standards and curtail excessive violence and sexual content.

    Off The Hook June 2000 - Twenty-six Hundred dot com pages on challenges to their free speech on hacking computers.

    Almanac of Policy Issues: Arts and Humanities - Background on federal policy affecting the arts and humanitites, including the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

    Big Broadcasters Stomp Out Grass-roots Radio Stations - In one of the biggest blows to free speech in U.S., Dan Gillmor explains how National Association of Broadcasters and others killed Low Power FM broadcasting. : Freedom of Speech in Sports - Article on freedom of speech in professional sport. The John Rocker case.

    Green Ribbon Campaign - Campaign to promote responsibility in free speech.

    The Raving Lunatic -Digital Free Press - This site is dedicated to making available information concerning the struggles of all peoples, so that we may help one another along.

    The Jefferson Muzzles Awards - Announced on April 13, the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson, the award's namesake, the Jefferson Muzzles go to individuals or organizations responsible for particularly egregious limitations to free expression.

    United We Speak - An open forum to express opinions and to create a united voice of the people. Mission, messages boards, text of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, quotes, and contacts.

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