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Sponsored Link - Disparaging Meat Since 1997 - Regularly updated, this site has it all for both the aspiring and long-term vegan. Over 150 feature articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews. Also features plenty of recipes plus a large bookstore.

    VegSource - Over 5000 vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion boards, nutritionists, medical doctors, experts, authors, articles, newsletter - a community of nice people sharing an interest in health, diet and the planet.

    Leather Substitutes Resource Guide - An in-depth guide for those attempting to reduce or eliminate their use of animal skins for clothing and other uses. Copying encouraged.

    Vegan Outreach - An organization working to end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.

    VegaNation: Radical Ecology and Ethics - Contains recipes, and an essay on animal liberation and social revolution.

    VeganVoice - The online vegan community: the latest news, discussion, polls, book reviews, and recipes. - Provides a comprehensive listing of animal rights/vegetarian/vegan events and information for people in Arizona. Seeks to unite individuals and groups with shared interests.

    The Vegan Society - The world's first vegan society. Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.

    Food Ingredients Made from Animals - Alphabetical list of food ingredients derived from animals.

    A Vegan Primer by David Rolsky with Carl V. Phillips, PhD. - Leaflet published by Compassionate Action for Animals (CA4A) provides basic information needed to make a significant change in lifestyle.

    Vegantopia - Recipes, why vegan, and shopping links. Aims to build a community of vegetarians and vegans that want to chat, and share recipes and stories.

    Veganism in a Nutshell - Vegetarian Resource Group - A general overview of veganism from nutrition to common vegan foods. Includes links to books on veganism (sold by the VRG) and a list of alternatives to eggs and dairy.

    Vegan FAQ - Answers everything you might want to know. Details on almost every type of product you can buy and whether they are vegan - also health issues.

    Veganarchy Online - An outline resource for veganism and anarchism. Against the exploitation of people, animals and the environment.

    On Being Vegan - An introduction to veganism from Vegan Outreach's "Vegan Starter Pack."

    The Sunfood Diet - Promotes the raw-food vegan diet, with recipes, articles, resources, and information on the benefits of raw foods.

    Animal Ingredients A to Z - A thorough guide to animal ingredients. The booklet focuses mainly on food, but it also extends somewhat into shampoos and other products.

    Vegan Easter - Vegan listings for products available in both the UK and the USA for Easter; also recipes, ideas and photos.

    Planet Vegan - Many in-depth articles and other resources about the ethics, health and environment aspects of veganism.

    Sparrow's Vegan Diet - A holistic vegan diet aimed at letting people eat as much as they want, while losing weight.

    Why Vegan? - A brochure explaining why people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.

    Defining Vegan (Vegan Outreach) - What the word vegan means to various people.

    Veganomics - Online Vegan Community - Contains news, guides, features, a discussion board, a messageboard, and reviews.

    Essentially Eden - Contains articles of interest to vegans.

    Hedweb List of Vegan Companies - A list of cosmetic, household, and footwear suppliers.

    Vegan-Straightedge Mailing List - Mailing list offers a forum for those who abstain from animal products, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances.

    Vegan Village - Vegan homepages, resources, recommendations and news in the UK.

    Tips for Promoting Veganism - Suggested strategies for vegans who want to share their views and encourage others to adopt their lifestyle.

    Vegan House - Tells about the group's efforts to live in a peaceful community while doing the least harm to all animals and minimizing its impact on the environment.

    Vegan Action FAQQ - Answers common questions about the vegan lifestyle, its impact on human health, and its impact on the environment. Also includes a guide for making the transition to a cruelty-free life.

    SoyStache - Promoting the many compelling reasons to change to a vegan lifestyle.

    Veganism in Germany - All about being vegan in Germany (also available in German).

    Vegan Central - Contains news and links.

    Vegan Porn - News and information for vegans. This is not an actual porn site.

    Vegan New Zealand - A vegan perspective on travelling in New Zealand.

    MeatFreeZone - Not-for-profit organization promoting meatless diets and lifestyles with the goal of creating a cruelty-free society. Site includes testimonials and products.

    The Chocolate Room - Contains vegan chocolate listings (for the UK and the USA), details of where you can buy vegan chocolate online, and recipes.

    Veggies Catering Campaign - Links to vegan and related firms worldwide, including shops.

    Beyond Vegetarianism: Transcending Outdated Dogmas - Articles and news update about a variety of meat-free diets and lifestyles.

    Vegan Values - A Philosophy of Vegan Values, and some articles and vegan issues with Professor Stanley Sapon, Ph.D.

    The Vegetarian Site - Online portal for vegan living. Sections include animal rights, health and nutrition, news, editorials, free recipes, cruelty-free shopping, upcoming events.

    Anil's Collection of Resources on Cruelty-Free Living - Roadmap with extensive pointers to vegetarianism, becoming and staying vegan, eating at home and while traveling, cruelty-free shopping, and finding support.

    Webring: Vegan and Cruelty-free - A small ring of vegan websites.

    Vegan Travel in the Greek Islands - Guide to Greek vegan food and drink and island specific advice / reviews.

    Vegan Vector - Why people go vegan, and links for vegan food, clothing, household and personal care items.

    Vegan Society Information Sheets - Seeks to answer questions those considering a transition to veganism may be asking.

    Choose a Compassionate Lifestyle -- for the Animals - Point-by-point list of facts about why meat is uneconomical on a world scale and unhealthy, factory farming, the cruelty behind milk and eggs, and the truth about slaughter.

    VeganList - Australia - Online network of of vegan-friendly products, people, places, events, and information.

    Cool Vegan - An online gathering place for like-minded people to connect, share recipes and ideas, and shop.

    The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland - Contains recipes, resources, restaurant listings, and links to diet- and lifestyle-related information.

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