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    Intuitive Consultation Service - Spiritual and empathic readings available by appointment, in person, or by phone. Readings to inspire insights that result in promoting change and growth in you.

    Validated Relationship Compatibility And Timing - Readings especially designed to give you information about your relationship.

    Alizon Psychic Services - Intuitive and Tarot readings, investigations, missing persons, and personal consultations available.

    Averi, Malibu's Resident Psychic - In-person or telephone psychic readings by appointment only. Averi's newsletter is also available.

    The Bridge of Life - Victoria Kree, Intuitive Consultant. Personal symbolic readings, and weekly forecasts using native american wisdom.

    Lumari, Spiritual Coach - Intuitive readings and counselling available in person, phone, or via e-mail.

    Loving Light Psychics - Cartomancy, numerology, spiritual healer, and astrologists. Choose between phone and e-mail readings.

    A Turning Pointe - Faye M. Kimball, Spiritual Advisor. Intuitive Readings available with Tours of Sedona and North Arizona.

    Oracle Tree New Age Mall - Readings available by phone, java chat, or email. Articles, horoscopes, classes, and more.

    Astronet - Astrology, intuitive,and tarot readings. Personal consultations and charts available.

    Radiant Wisdom - Barbara Ellen Zabel, Spiritual Consultant. Choose which reading package fits your needs. Newsletter available.

    Ask Claudia - Intuitive readings, emotional healing, and spiritual counseling.

    Psychic Leigh - Intuitive Readings via secured chat room, e-zine, and assistance in finding missing children.

    Kitty Parker - Intuitive Consultant - Psychic readings available by phone or e-mail. Newsletter offered as well.

    Lena, Inc. - Intuitive readings by phone or in person. Appointment only. Distant healing and courses available.

    Future, Inc. , Spiritual Consultants - Hypnotherapists, Reiki practioners, animal communicators and intuitive consultants offering readings, courses and information about their gifts.

    Robinson, Lynn A., M.Ed. - Intuitive Consultations, workshops, seminars, and free newsletter.

    The Sabrina Scott Company - Choose from 25 sites that offer you a selection of intuitive and tarot readings. Phone, java chat, and e-mail readings available.

    Relying on Joy - Psychic readings, healings, and communication with animals. Delivery is by phone, email or in person in Minneapolis, MN.

    The Spirit Link - Rev. Louise Link, Ph.D, Spiritual Advisor. Messages and Readings available via e-mail or java chat by appointment.

    Spiritual Counselling and Healing - Intuitive Readings available by e-mail, phone, and in person.

    White Light Enterprises - Intuitive and tarot readings by phone, java chat, or e-mail. Charts, courses, and other services available.

    Rose Ledbetter - Psychic and Master Healer - Readings performed by graduate of the Berkley Institute, and ordanined minister.

    Mystical Magic - All readings are done within 24 hours, by appointment only through e-mail.

    Accurate Psychic Readings by Nirup - Readings by email, phone, or in person. Based in Sedona, Arizona. This website also has a very informative FAQ list.

    Joyce Smith - Psychic Services - This reader uses the star-gate cards or a crystal to provide psychic readings. Mail, and phone readings, as well as gatherings are available. Plano, Texas based.

    Holy Alter - Offers spiritual readings and soul prints, pricing and contact details. Also provides a newsletter.

    Mystic Luna - Atlanta Psychic - tarot, palm reading, spiritual encounters, and self healing.

    Timothy Mather - Psychic channel, spiritual minister and counselor in Portland, Oregon. Providing personal readings, individual and couples spiritual counseling.

    Clairvoyant Counseling - Clairvoyant counselor offering guidance and support on life issues and those seeking positive change.

    Online Psychics and Divination Readers - Directory of online psychics and divination readers; emphasizing ethics. Psychic, tarot and I Ching readings, astrology.

    Pete Green- Astrologer and Psychic - An introduction to the life and work of one of the UK's leading psychics.

    Zak Martin - Readings offered by this author and psychic.

    Email Psychic - E-mail or java chat readings as well as an open chat to meet other users of the site.

    Tarot and Dreams - Offers dream and psychic Tarot readings. A chat room open to the public, and e-cards are also on this site.

    Astrological Services Centre - Dr. Art Basu, Clairvoyant and Astrologist. Phone and online readings. Astrology charts available.

    Readings By Jillianne - Jillianne is a psychic, clairvoyant and an empath.

    Pegasus Etc. - Intuitive astrology readings. Available by e-mail or phone.

    Creative Spirit - Psychic Readings with intuitive and clairvoyant teacher Jennifer Baltz. You can also learn to develop your own intuition and psychic ability in ongoing classes by phone and online.

    Psychic readings by Jandi - Psychic readings, divination, mediumship, spiritual advice.

    Krystalnet - Intuitive, angel, and tarot readings. Available by appointment through e-mail, or phone.

    World Psychics - Lisa Long and Michael McAvoy, Intuitive and animal readings. Articles, FAQs, and other links.

    Newlight Psychic - Personal psychic advisor offers chat or phone readings.

    Angelic Inspirations - Bernadette Schwab and Rose Ann Schwab, Clairvoyants. Spiritual counseling and consulting services for both business and personal growth.

    Russ McCaw Clairvoyant, Psychic Readings - Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology readings available through appointment, by mail, by phone or at a Pegasus Production Psychic Fair.

    The Lode Website - Online psychic, Angel card and Karma readings.

    Psychic Realm - Membership site: e-mail horoscopes, articles and readings. (includes free tour.)

    Simon Alexander - International Clairvoyant - Personal and business consultations with this UK psychic.

    Online Psychic - Open an account and receive free weekly horoscopes and Intuitive readings that are delivered privately via e-mail.

    Rya Psychic Consultant - Rya a seventh generation psychic available for readings using psychometry,clairvoyance as well as many other psychic talents.

    The Mystic Oracle - Personal intuitive, palmistry, and tarot readings by Kim Blakewood. In person, New Orleans area, e-mail for details.

    Gomonds' EarthLight Center - Spiritual based guidance and answers. Psychic readings are given by phone and email. Past life regression therapy and courses for developing your psychic abilities offered as well.

    Angelgloria - Intuitive, and crystal readings as well as channeling and workshops held in Sedona, Arizona.

    Lady Windsong - Offering psychic readings, spiritual and intuitive counseling, healing and past life regression. Workshops and individual training are offered as well, see the calendar of events.

    E. Loving Rose, RM/T - Psychic readings from the heart.

    Temple of Wisdom: Psychic Readings and Spells - Offering psychic readings, spells and information on metaphysical topics. - Psychic readings through the assistance of angels.

    Metasymbology - Readings given using regular palying cards.

    Ellen's Light - Astrology readings by e-mail or phone. Weekly Column.

    Simply Spiritual - Psychics specializing in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Runes and channeling from Angels and Spirit Guides. Offers online readings and email readings. Ordering instructions.

    CindyMarie-Psychic - Psychic readings through email. Three questions answered in one reading. This reader also communicates with the deceased.

    Joy Light Center - Clairvoyant offers live phone psychic readings, free online psychic readings, astrology charts, numerology reports, free horoscopes, relationship advice, new age gifts, music, books and videos on paranormal and psychic topics.

    The Goddess Spiral - Lady AutumnStar offers Tarot and Rune Readings, her Goddess Stone Oracle set for divination, Goddess Path info, Chakra crystals, available online store, 14 years experience. Complimentary first reading.

    Love Psychic Readings with Soul Sea Psychics - Psychic readings and live consultations. 24 hour service around the globe. This site also contains information about soulmates, and relationships.

    Masters in the Making - Spiritual readings services, articles on Ascended Masters and books.

    Di'Aradia Spiritual Services - Psychic readings delivered by email or phone.

    Witch Magik - Intuitive readings and spells via e-mail.

    Divinies Envisionaries - Spiritual readings, and lessons in self betterment.

    Consultations and Therapies with Petrene Soames - Intuitive Readings available by phone, e-mail, or regular mail. Available also are sessions in: Past life regression, future time progression, and rebirthing.

    New Vision Psychic Services - Dedicated to bringing psychic services and education about psychics to the public. Suggested reading and an ezine can also be found on this site.

    Love Psychics - Astrology charts, psychic and animal readings, and more. Choose from e-mail, phone, fax and regular mail.

    Madam Linda, Spiritual Advisor - Readings by phone, in person, or online. Intuitive, tarot, esp, regression and spiritual readings.

    Angel Channeling by Clairvoyant Psychic - Clairvoyant psychic, Rev. Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D. channels three angels.

    The Psychic Internet - A variety of readings offered, by certified psychics. Award winning website.

    Katrina's Spiritual Counseling - Offering psychic readings by phone or email, Tarot card reading, dream interpretation, and online store of oils, perfumes, and metaphysical accessories.

    Psychic Steven - New York based psychic can assist you over the phone or through email.

    Psychic Reader and Spiritual Advisor - Miss Anita will use her psychic gifts to answer your questions through email.

    Susan Nelson- Intuitive Consultant - Practical guidance for business, personal, health, education, and self-development questions.

    Lori's Guiding Star - Readings using clairvoyant intuition to guide and help on career, finances, and personal matters. Free trial question.

    Wisdom Word - Spiritual Counselor Melissa Halsey uses her skills of clairvoyance to teach people the nature of their individual reality. Available for individual sessions by appointment in person or by phone.

    Psychic Visions - Clairvoyant psychic readings through Tarot and astrology.

    Embracing the Universe with Linda Lauren - Readings by email, phone or in person. Also, intuitive products, message board, and newsletter.

    Readings by Meria Heller - Medical intuitive and reader helps clients make positive changes.

    The Psychic Team - Offers tarot, spirit, dream, pet, and past life readings.

    The John Edward Website - Host of the popular TV show "Crossing Over." Psychic medium offering a chance for you to hear from departed loved ones.

    In Mind - Psychic entertainment for individuals or parties.

    Readings by Carol - Personal psychic readings, and astrology reports. E-mail and phone consultations are available.

    Your Guiding Light - Lois is a Nova Scotia psychic who does phone and offline readings.

    Messages From The Angels: Consultations by Jan - Psychic readings offered by professional. Readings are delivered by email or phone.

    Next Step Services - Rev. Panthera Amy Miller is a Reclaiming Initiated Priestess, a Licensed Minister, a Berkeley Psychic Institute trained clairvoyant and spiritual healer.

    The Seventh Sign - Joyce is a professional, tested Psychic & Astrologer with 39 years experience. She has worked with Police & FBI locating missing persons.

    Intuitive Consultations - Featuring intuitive/psychic readings, with metaphysical articles on utilizing mind power and prosperity techniques.

    Psychic Readings by - Chinese readings using colors to aid in focus.

    Marghee - Trance Medium & Channel - Based in Silicon Valley, this reader will read for you from a trance state.

    Modern Mystics - Intuitive consultation, transpersonal exploration and other holistic services offered in the Los Angeles area.

    Soaring to Spiritual Heights - Offering Angel, soul and psychic readings, spiritual coaching and counseling. As well as workshops focusing on spiritual growth. Phone, e-mail services, in person (workshops.)

    Psychic Readings by Melissa - This reader receives information from God, Angels, and spirit guides.

    WhiteOwl Psychic Services - Psychic readings, psychic animal communication, house/office blessings, and energy clearing, utilizing shamanistic principles.

    Audrey's Psychics Unlimited - Gifted psychic does phone and online readings, dream analysis, relationship, business, pets or just to listen.

    Angel Connections by Lori - Psychic, and angel readings for your personal life or business life.

    Tonika Blackfeather Rinar - Channeled readings by UK based psychic.

    Cheryl Smeed - Parapsychologist and Psychic Counselor - Paranormal information, parapsychic sciences, divination tools, psychic counseling, readings, healing, reference.

    Urban Oasis - Helping people realize they are surrounded with help and support from the spirit world.

    YellowCloud - Chippewa Spirit Guide offers psychic readings, including: missing persons and lost articles, mediumship, and spiritual counseling.

    Arcanus - Spiritual Counselor - Psychic Readings - Over 35 years experience offering Spiritual Guidance through the use of psychic readings (Tarot, Runes, I-Ching) and Spirit channeling both offline and more recently online.

    Astra Future - Past Life and Intuitive readings available by phone appointment. UK based.

    Psychic of the World Wide Web - Rev. Lee Morehead is a psychic therapist, astrologist, numerologist and palmist. She also performs reiki healing.

    Albert Greco, Spiritual Medium - Angel, intuitive, and spirit readings with brief bio of personal experiences.

    PsychicStephanie - Uses many tool and arts for readings. These include Tarot, astrology, numerology and herbology.

    Pyramid of Enlightenment - Providing psychic consultation by phone or in person. Includes the services available, workshops and classes. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Certus Personality Assessment - Readings - E-mail readings and assessments available. Various articles on personality.

    Kate Psychic Services - Free and fee based Tarot and psychic readings via e-mail.

    Online Psychics - E-mail readings available, choose which question fits your needs. Includes articles and information on Tarot, Astrology, psychic gifts, and Runes.

    Pete and Gracia, Clairvoyants - Arrange a party booking in the UK, open fair festivals, living history events and re-enactments. Services offered on phone, by appointment only. Offered only to UK residents.

    Psychic Encounters - Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker, UK Mediums. Available for phone, e-mail or special events. View articles on the paranormal and occult world.

    UK Psychics - Several psychics/readers to choose from. Each using a different method and approach. This site includes articles, discussion boards and links to related sites.

    The Psychic Mother - Palm readings, tarot cards, live psychics and horoscopes.

    The Way Ahead - Astrological, intuitive and Tarot readings by Monica and Paul Underwood. Courses and healing also offered.

    Readings by Shelby Lynn - Readings done through mail, phone and chat.

    Lodestar Psychic Center - Choose from several psychic and Tarot readers.

    Mind and Spirit - Phone consultations with clairvoyant Tarot reader. UK based.

    Mind-Body-Spirit-Online - Clairvoyant, numerology and astrology readings available through chat. This site also offers metaphysical products, jewelry, and natural health treatments. Flash plug in required.

    Caring Psychics - Several readers to choose from. This site includes information on the various types of readings its readers offer.

    Psychic Readings by Serendepity - Psychic readings and Rieki healings by post. Send photo and questions.

    Psychic Readings with Love and Light - Live chat or email readings. This reader uses her spirit guides to answer your questions.

    Psychic Reading with LaVaughn - LaVaughn is a Psychic Intuitive with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic ability.

    Spiritual Psychic Readings by Douglas - Massachusetts psychic.

    Truth With Ruth, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Counselor - Solutions to control and resolve hurtful, depressing or unpleasant situations through affirmations, hypnotherapy, psychic counseling, opening & aligning chakras, and psychic awareness.

    Intuitive Readings by Kathleen Jillson - Spiritual Advisor Kathleen Jillson combines Tarot, Astrology, psychic and clairvoyant energy and education to promote understanding and guidance into the field of psychic phenomenon.

    Flora's Psychic Circle - Flora's Psychic Circle provides readings for love, future, money and relationships by phone. Australian callers only.

    Angel Readings By Holly - Ask your angels questions and receive their answers. Other services include spiritual advice, Reiki healing, and prayer submissions.

    Global Psychics - Personal readings offered by a variety of psychics.

    Mystical Wisdom Psychics - Readings are available via email, phone or fax within 24-48 hours of your request.

    Anastasia's Professional Clairvoyant Readings - Objective readings by a psychic with over 20 years experience.

    Spiritual Magic - Psychic Readings done on-line, phone, private, and e-mail. Web site offers candles, mojo bags.

    Jan Hoffman, Psychic Counselor - Psychic readings delivered by phone, or in person in the Toronto, Ohio area.

    Loving Soul Readings - A professional psychic reader gifted with being clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

    Ascendant Psychic Chat - Psychic readings, astrological readings and transpersonal counseling by phone, chat or report.

    LightShadows - Soul blueprint readings (from the Akashic Records), Orhai healing, free on line teachings, practical insightful articles, animal totems, and readers forum.

    The Center Of Light - Offers spiritual counseling with their ministers as well as clairvoyant readings with a staff of readers, using Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Graphoanalysis, Numerology and/or Psychometry. Readings are by phone or in person. The Ecumenical Church of Light is located in North Huntington, PA.

    Omar - Clairvoyant - Natural psychic (true born Romany), seventh son, travelled the world, reaching all walks of life, asking no questions.

    My Wife is a Psychic - Able to both see and hear spirits and angels. Postal and phone readings available.

    Quiet Elk - Ordained clairvoyant with Masters degree, working with trauma, death, grief, crime and violence. Professional consultant specialist. Medical, legal and corporate services available.

    Psychic Within - Provides full or mini psychic readings, dream analysis, details of previous lives, a spirit message board, and offers a free trial.

    Desert Moon Profiles - Psychic and Intuitive Readings by Indigo. Many reading types including Tarot, and spirit communication.

    ElysianDream - Psychic readings by email and chat. This reader can also contact your spirit guardian's.

    Deja - Intuitive Readings - Professional online and offline intuitive readings. Not for entertainment purposes.

    Angel Readings By Jenny - Intuitive angel readings, information about God and the angels, and a listing of spiritual websites.

    Mystic Grove - Psychics - Mystic Grove offers real-life psychics with real help.

    Mind, Body and Spirit Enterprises - Dr. Angel Hakim specializes in court cases, but can address almost any issue you have. In person readings in Savannah, GA.

    Psychic Counseling - Psychic Counseling with Malacti.

    Clairvoyant Readings - Psychic readings. Online metaphysical and spiritual courses.

    Sarah Cole's Psychic Services - A professional clairvoyant with over 25 years of experience.

    Psychic Readings - Online and by e-mail from David, with many years experience.

    Janet Rae Orth, Clairvoyant - Readings, workshops, audio-tapes, and appearances.

    Sunflower Magic - Psychic and Astrology readings offered by experienced psychic. Chat room and message board on site.

    Psychic Hourglass - Several readers available offering various types of services. Readings delivered via mail.

    Linda Dickinson - Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Advisor - Linda Dickinson is both a Psychic, providing information about past, present and future, and a Medium, communicating with loved ones who have passed over to the other side.

    Spiritual and Energy Reader - One soul's spiritual guidance

    Psychic Marita - Readings, missing persons, interpretations of dreams.

    Angel's Soul Whispers - Tarot readings, spirit guides, dream interpretations and trance mediumship.

    Guidance from the Inner Light - Phone or in-person readings.

    Readings by Nora - A psychic and spiritual healer, Nora offers 15 practical steps towards obtaining personal peace and freedom, as well as her own experiences with animal souls to personal pre and post life encounters.

    There is Another World - The site of Vanessa Steel, International clairvoyant and medium. Messages from the spirit world.

    Love Magic - Love advice, rituals, recipes, astrology and compatability readings.

    Michele Knight Clairvoyant - Psychic readings by phone from this UK based reader. Also a free automated Tarot reading.

    Moongate and Associates - Positive psychic readings by Lynda Doyal. Readings delivered through email, phone and in person.

    Psychic Web - Several chat rooms to choose from offering psychics, Tarot readers, numerologists, and astrologists.

    Kathrine Forsythe - Intuitive readings and background information about author.

    Spiritual Consultations - Professional, licensed and degreed spiritual visionary.

    Piad Psychic Advice Service - Psychic readings available online.

    Mark Adams - Personalized crystal ball readings, requires that you send a picture and the nominal fee. A hardcopy reading will be sent to you. Also provides tarot, graphology, and palm analysis.

    Psychic Services - Based in Evanston, Illinois, these readers offer services in person or over the phone.

    Spiritual Waters - Spiritual intuitive readings from a reader with 25 years of experience.

    Astrel's Closet of Metaphysix - Offering free and professional Tarot readings from Astrel.

    Psychic Terry Kite - Radio psychic, psychic soul readings.

    Psychic Kontact - Online psychics demonstrating their powers through tarot cards, clairvoyance, intuitive abilities and astrology. Readings in private chat rooms or by phone.

    Angel Oracle - This site offers spirit guide readings, past life readings, spirit guide drawings, animal totem, tarot and palm readings. also provided are book excerpts, writings by our guides and information on SETH.

    Jill's Healing - Telephone life readings and distance/hands on healing by husband and wife team.

    Spirit of the Moon - Several psychic readings and readers available by chat.

    Carlyn, Psychic Consultant - This psychic gives readings in person only in Imperial, Missouri. Call for appointment.

    Clairvoyant Readings with Marianne - Marianne offers consultations live on-line, by phone, or email.

    Psychic Impressions - Professional readings by medium and healer, Debra. Information on metaphysical topics is also included.

    Ralph Hurst Fifth Generation Psychic - Psychic readings by phone in Canada and the States.

    Psychic Readings by Erin - Readings provided over the phone by a psychic with a background in counseling.

    Zsuzanna Budapest - Psychic readings by Zsuzanna Budapest, known as the mother of the Goddess movement.

    Online Psychics - Live Chat Readings - Online psychic readings with certified psychics. Email readings and spell work are also offered.

    Amazing Psychic Readings by Constance - Readings by phone or in person in Denver, CO.

    Psychic Counseling via Private Chat - Personal psychic consultations and counseling through a private chatroom. Email services also offered.

    Clairvoyant Counseling by Caren Shery - Psychic and clairvoyant reader accepting appointments by phone.

    The Josiah Line - Offering inspirational and motivational guidance and with psychic readings, tarot cards, i ching, and angel vibrations.

    Vibes-and-Visions - Psychic Readings are available online via email or telephone.

    Ancient Voices - Psychic readings, intuitive healing, spiritual counseling, dream interpretation and prayers by psychic Deborah Yellow Wolf.

    Psychic Readings - Abby answers your questions through the U.S. Mail.

    Rilla S. Psychic and Medium - Readings offered by email and phone. Drawing for a free reading held weekly.

    Consultations by Jan - Various divinations offered by professional psychic.

    Counseling for a Better World - Readings from Beverly Cook, a clairvoyant motivator. Information on rebirthing, animal communications and upcoming psychic development courses as well.

    Sister Hope - An ordained minister, spiritual leader and psychic offering readings through Tarot, and other divination cards as well as numerology and astrological charts.

    Gertie Miles, Arizona Psychic - A clairvoyant reader and medium offers in person, phone and email readings. Classes are also available.

    Reverend Elizabeth Toles - Memphis based psychic (prophetess) provides seekers with insight about business, personal and spiritual topics. Sessions are generally provided in person, but phone consultation can be arranged.

    Francine Tesler - Psychic readings in private, or for parties and corporate get togethers.

    Michelle Walsh, psychic reader - Michelle does readings in person in New York City. Long distance readings are conducted via the telephone, e-mail or over the internet in a private chat room.

    Answers, by Tonya Somers - Psychic readings delivered by phone. Also contains information on soulmates, and past lives.

    Eclipse Psychic Solutions, Inc. - Psychic reading by phone. Offering Tarot, psychic and astrology.

    Gaela - A clairvoyant, platform medium, psychic artist and healer. She also offers psychic life guidance, tarot and psychometry.

    Dougall Fraser - Dougall Fraser is a well known clairvoyant and psychic, he is available for sessions in person and over the phone.

    The Psychic Grotto - Readings by email and chat. All readings are done using automatic writing. This reader is also available through Kasamba, Keen, and Inforocket.

    Lynn McMahon, Psychic - Medium - Astrology and Psychic readings from a professional psychic medium.

    Michal Levin - Michal Levin is an intuitive who reads energy. Based in London, Michal gives talks, seminars and workshops.

    Spiritual Life Readings by Sayahda - Soul blueprint readings disigned to give you deeper understanding about your soul pupose, karmic opportunities, spiritual history, and hidden gifts.

    Angel Messages, Psychic Readings by Cyndy - Online psychic readings and information on Spirit Expo, Oklahoma's largest psychic fair.

    Spiritual Teaching/Counseling - A spiritual counseling service for those in need of hope and healing.

    Psychic Visions Network - Michigan based psychics available by phone. This website also includes information on psychic fairs.

    Starstone - Information about Starstone Psychic services and details of how to contact Dorothy Austin.

    Answers Within - Cassie Cohen is a psychic medium who gives Free initial readings for proof she's real.

    JoyStar, Light Worker & Psychic Medium - Readings by phone, email, or mailed to you on cassette. This reader uses guidance from angels, and the departed to do your reading.

    Cynthia Hess - Psychic Consultant - Professional psychic Cynthia Hess gives readings in person or by phone.

    Amore's Psychic, Tarot and Medium Readings - Clairvoyant/Psychic Medium and Tarot reader from Salem Massachusetts specializing in relationships and matters of the heart. Online or by phone.

    Atham Z - Psychic Reader - Practical reality based psychic consultations by phone or e-mail. Free quarterly e-zine around psychic methodologies and philosophies and self training.

    Psychic Perceptions - Information about psychic medium Michelle Walsh. Includes various articles, Q&A, testimonials and a page devoted to exposing psychic fraud.

    Alive in the Moment: Intuitive Guide & Personal Coach - Clairvoyant readings and spiritual coaching by phone.

    Nancy J. Cullen - Professional Psychic Reader, Palmist and Teacher - Provides psychic reading, palmisty, tarot, candle reading, house cleansing and blessing. Also offers classes and workshops.

    Life Purpose Reading - A psychic reading designed to show you your life purpose. Readings given through the mail.

    Psychic Triad - Several psychics to choose from offering readings by phone or chat.

    SpiritLight - Free healing, and paid psychic readings by email or chat.

    ChrystalWolf - Psychic medium, shaman, and spiritual healer offering consultations and readings through email, mail, and telephone.

    Karen Gresham Rossi Light Worker - A psychic dedicated to assisting others in spiritual growth and social transformation.

    Angelic Forces - Australia based psychic readings through phone or mail.

    Visions-2000 Online Psychics - Online live chat readings or by email.

    The Mystic's Realm - Readings by phone from a psychic. Free readings given through his radio show.

    Awaken to Angels! - Angel connection, communication and readings. Services by chat or email.

    WisdomsEdge - Psychic readings, channeling, and tarot. Choose from two practitioners.

    Genie Easy Spiritual Life Management - Request a reading by live chat with a variety of psychic readers.

    Essential Wisdom Intuitve Readings - Providing intuitive, clairvoyant and mediumship readings. Delivery through chat, email or phone.

    Psychic Readings By Marie - Tarot, and psychic readings by a professional reader. Strees reduction therapy offered as well.

    DanaLuvNLite's Clairvoyant Psychic Readings - Offering indepth readings by email or chat-based platforms. Also available by phone through Keen.

    La Pronostica (The Psychic) - San Diego based psychic and healer. Readings by phone, chat in person and email.

    Moonstonechicken - Psychic readings by the "Fussy Psychic." All reading are a flat rate, and your first reading is free.

    Birth Patterns Psychic & Astrology Resources - Psychic Readings via telephone, email and chat. On-line astrology classes and free readings. Astrology-related gifts and services. Computerized astrology reports. Secure, on-line payment options.

    House of Mystics - More than 200 psychics to choose from. You may call or email for your reading.

    Shelley's Psychic Circle - Offers online readings, monthly horoscopes and free readings.

    Lady Aryella's Cosmic Blessings - Lady Aryella is a clairvoyant receiving messages and readings from Angels and Archangels. Psychic readings on a variety of subjects.

    Psychic Readings by Lori Ann - A professional clairvoyant and medium, using numerology, tarot, metaphysics, and psychometry. Online or by phone.

    Druid Morrigan Psychic - Taps into the psychic realm and carries over messages from the other side; channeling, spirits, and ghosts.

    Ignite Your Life - Psychic readings offered include soul, astrology, Zen Tarot, and Akashic Record Readings. Details about pricing and contacts.

    Emotional Intuitive - Emotional and Medical Intuitive providing comprehensive readings and insight on health, emotions, career, relationships, goals, and the purpose of life. Includes services offered, events and contact details.

    Star Sapphire - Details about this psychic, her services and rates.

    Absolutely Psychic - Bilingual in Spanish. Offers readings via private chat, telephone and Email. Includes prices and contact information.

    Gary Alan: Personal Hierophant - Details about Gary and his psychic services which are available by phone or mail. Pricing and ordering instructions included.

    Avalon De Witt - Provides psychic readings, spiritual counseling, tarot readings by e-mail.

    Shaman Says - Shaman Teu teaches group classes, psychic readings, blessings, house calls and private parties. Can travel within Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio.

    Extra Sensory Impressions - Steve A. Engel provides psychic work for decision making. Specializes in aura delineation. Based in Portland, Oregon. Includes rates and contact details.

    Psychic Junction - Readings in private chat rooms, by phone or detailed email, combining tarot, clairvoyance and astrology. Includes prices and ordering instructions.

    Psychic Isis - Offers psychic readings by a spiritual reader by way of immediate live chat, In-depth email, or by our Toll Free phone number. Includes instructions.

    Quietsound's Psychic Haven - Offers Psychic Counseling and advice using the tarot and offering a variety of readings.

    Prophetic Readings by Sharon - Psychic, tarot, numerology, astrology and clairvoyant readings. Includes testimonials, details about the readings and ordering instructions.

    Psychic Essence of Angels - Professional Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. Offers information about readings, prices and contact details.

    The 7th Quest. Towards a More Practical Spirituality. - A team of professional psychics and metaphysical teachers who are not for entertainment purposes only. Gives details about each psychic, pricing and ordering instructions.

    Online Psychics & Psychic Readings - Offers reading FAQs, details about the reading and ordering instructions.

    Psychic Medium Christina - Includes articles by  Christina, information about her and ways in which she may be contacted.

    Clairvoyant Jade - Offers information about Jade, the services offered, pricing and contact details.

    Christian Psychics - Lists the services available, pricing and ordering instructions.

    Soulmates: Love & Relationships - Psychic Vickiveil states that there are actually 5 various types of Soulmate Encounters. Explaining the trauma of heartache, divorce, infidelity and why something as beautiful as love could go wrong. Includes pricing and contact details.

    Precognition & Clairvoyance - Ian Schmitz provides psychic predictions through Precognition and Clairvoyant readings on relationship, family, business and personal matters. Includes FAQs and pricing and terms.

    Rescue/Rituals - Offering rituals, psychic readings and other services. Prices and contact details.

    Linda Indian Psychic - Details about the services offered and contact information.

    AstroSarah - Offers live Psychic advice online, phone and E-mail. Includes prices and ordering instructions.

    Patrick Avenell - Australian Clairvoyant for psychic and tarot readings. For emotional, spiritual and financial guidance and direction. Includes a profile and ordering instructions.

    Maria Foster - Psychic, medium and astrologer.

    Tarot Readings by Lumina - Includes prices and ordering instructions.

    The Hangedman Tarot and More - Online source for the alternate paths. Metaphysical readings, components, tools, and other items for the everyday pagan.

    Psychic Line - Offers readings by video, email or ICQ.

    Psychic Vista - Meet your personal psychic and astrological advisor. Explore your intuitive abilities, develop your psychic abilities. Instructions for ordering a reading.

    Psychics Readings Online - Offering tarot, free horoscopes, astrology, numerology, biorythms and i-ching.

    Psychic Readings for You - Offers online live psychic readings, Tarot, numerology, and i-ching. Includes details and contact information.

    Isabella's Psychic Consultation Services - Offers psychic, rune, faery oracle, and tarot readings via e-mail.

    Real Readings - Includes the types of readings, pricing and contact details.

    The Shining Light Society - Offer spells, magic, witchcraft, tarot, talismans, channeling, healing, prediction and astrology for the New Age. Information about fees and ordering.

    Sacred Spirit of the Ancient Wolf - A place for people to go and be able to enjoy the company of others of like mind. Offers, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot and Clairvoyant readings.

    Ask Star Guide - Offering automated readings and follow up. Details about the services offered and ordering instructions.

    Psychic Arts Reader - Las Vegas - Uses classic tarot, empathy and palm techniques combined with conscience channeling to bring forth spiritual guidance, encouragement and comfort. Includes contact details.

    Divine Dimension - Healer, clairvoyant, aura reader and spiritual advisor.

    Spirit Walkers Readings - Offers brief information about the readings, pricing and contact details.

    Joan St Johns Psychic Insights - Offers free and for pay Psychic and Tarot Readings, Channeling sessions and workshops and seminars, by phone, email and online chat. Includes a FAQs and order form.

    Soaring Eagles Voice Clairvoyant - Blessed to be Clairvoyant, Clairessent, Clairaudient, animal communicator specializing in equestrian communication, this Psychic offers readings using insight of her spirit guide Soaring Eagle

    Lynda's Esoteric Web - 4th generation London based psychic. Articles, help and advice or book a one-to-one, telephone or an email reading. Also astrology charts and life charts by post.

    Psychic Dreams Online - Psychic readings and dream interpretations given from their psychics.

    Psychic Marketplace - A wide range of psychic readings available, from a variety of psychics.

    Dan: Your Guide to the Spirit World - Live psychic readings by phone and e-mail. Also a bi-monthly discussion news letter.

    The National Psychic Association Of America - Phone and email readings available. Certification for qualified psychics.

    Linda Salvin - Radio Psychic, Metaphysical Healer and Channeler - Radio psychic providing readings, psychic information and selling psychic products.

    Tina Michelle - Clairvoyant, clairaudiant, medium, author, and guest speaker.

    Da Juana Byrd's Metaphysical Web Site - Readings, predictions, radio broadcasts, and information about psychic Da Juana Byrd.

    The Psychic Realm - Quality affordable psychic reading packages, tarot, astrology, and numerology.

    Designed-Readings - Readings and general information for sale.

    Dr Jerry The Medical Psychic - Medical readings for almost all ailments.

    Starbear Productions - Psychic services and products for the mind, body, and spirit.

    Breath of A Witch - Psychic, tarot, past life and email readings.

    LifeMap Readings - A complete personality profile, it includes a five year personal forecast, month-by-month predictions for 60 months, and a daily prognosis for the next 730 days.

    Regina Russell's Tea Room - Readings and general information on psychic abilities.

    Healing the Circle - A woman offering her psychic and spiritual powers for sale against a pan-Indian backdrop.

    CrowHawk MedicineBear - A Native American Psychic who will help guide you to your higher self and to a more peaceful and happy life.

    GM Psychics - A team of U.K. psychics specializing in giving accurate, ethical readings and exposing psychic fraud.

    Celebrate Your Spiritual Growth, Psychic Readings by Jane Hope - Includes information about psychic readings, workshops, chakras, Jane Hope and contact details. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Psychic Stars and Ghost Files - Mia Dolan presents Psychic Stars and the Ghost Files online.

    Sonia: Clairvoyance - Information about Sonia, a European Clairvoyant. Lists the services available and ordering instructions.

    Spiritual Help - Information about Harriet Robertson a Scottish Psychic. Offers spiritual help and assistance by using clairvoyance, seership, spiritual healing and postal readings. Located in Edinburgh.

    Angelic Intuitive Counseling - Readings by phone or in office, San Diego, CA. Intuitive counseling or hypnotherapy with psychometry energetic healing, spirit guides, angels.

    Miss Terry - Psychic, clairvoyant, medium and medical intuitive. Offers a biography, services offered, classes conducted and contact details. Located in Carson City, Nevada.

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