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   See Also:

    Anders Transhuman Page - One of the very first transhumanist sites, and still very comprehensive: organised into 5 spheres of interest: Individual [e.g. immortality, nootropics], Global [future of humanity/posthumanity], Cultural [philosophy, art], Technological and Organisational.

    Paradise Engineering / The Hedonistic Imperative - How genetic engineering and nanotechnology will enable us to get rid of suffering in all sentient life.

    The Transhumanist FAQ - Frequently asked questions about transhumanism

    Journal of Evolution and Technology - A peer-reviewed electronic journal, publishing contemporary research into science and philosophy of the future.

    Transhumanist organisations worldwide - A frequently updated list of transhumanist organizations worldwide. People are looking to start groups in various US and Canadian regions, France, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Hungary - more may have been added since I wrote this.

    Transcedo, Dutch Transhumanist Society - "The contents of this English section of the website is still small. However, it will be extended considerably in the future."

    What is transhumanism? - "Transhumanism is the philosophy or belief that it is good to improve oneself, physically and mentally, and that it is good to not accept the existing biological and social limits, and that these limits can be overcome through the use of rational methods like technology and science."

    Transhumanist Philosophy - "Transhumanism is no dogmatic, rigid philosophy with a fixed system of thought or goals defined once and for all. Instead it is a conglomerate of different memes which fit rather well together and support each other without competing too much. This page makes an attempt to link to some of these memes, or to memes which transhumanists tend to support for various reasons."

    The Monkey Cage - A parable

    Foundations of Transhumanism - "Academic papers on the science and philosophy of the future of mankind [sic] and superhuman artificial intelligence."

    Changesurfer Radio - Weekly program about technology and politics, produced by Dr. James J. Hughes, transmitting a sexy, high-tech vision of a radically democratic future. Frequent topics includes biotechnology, bioethics, space, science fiction, sexuality, and radical politics.

    Mind Uploading - The putative future process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.

    Transhumanism in Germany - German website about transhumanism, cryonics, life extension, and nanotechnology.

    The Transhuman Zone - Online network devoted to transhumanism, posthumanism, and related topics. Features include chat, message boards, articles, a listserv, a quarterly newsletter, and virtual reality meetings.

    T.E.C.H. - Transhumanist/Extropian Central Home - Vast collection of alphabetically organized links to transhumanist websites, books, etc.

    Extropian Principles 3.0 - The Principles that define the libertarian transhumanists known as Extropians: Perpetual Progress, Self-Transformation, Practical Optimism, Intelligent Technology, Open Society, Self-Direction, Rational Thinking.

    TransDot: Emerging Trends and Technologies - A slashdot-like weblog devoted to Transhumanist news and opinion. Plus lots of handy links and search forms all in one place. Official home of list.

    Reason's Triumph - Transhuman technologies, exobiology, genetics, intelligence, and various out-on-the-edge areas of science.

    Extropy Institute - Transhumanist group which advocates using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.

    Homo Multifarius - Unique speculative perspective on the possibility of individual humans sharing multiple brains.

    The Electronic Library of Transhumanity and Posthumanity - A collection of electronic texts and resources that focus on the theme of emerging postbiological evolution.

    Secular Transhumanism - The Secular Transhumanist website is a source for all information relating to extending and enhancing the human life span, immortality, memetics, religion and related technology. >H

    Technocalypse - E-mail list for discussion of the politics and philosophy of transhumanism, nanotechnology, posthumanism, extropy and the singularity. For the "technologically and politically enlightened" who hope for humans to "become our own god-like, potentially immortal successors."

    The Politics of Transhumanism - A paper discussing the relationships between transhumanism and other political ideologies.

    Omega Point Fellowship - Yahoo Club for discussing transhumanist topics such as science fiction, space settlement, SETI, nanotech, utopia, unconventional science and futurism.

    World Transhumanist Association - Advocating the use of technology to overcome biological limitations. Contains the Transhumanist Declaration, the Journal of Transhumanism, active discussion lists, and links to national chapters/affiliates.

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