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   See Also:

    Promote Liberty - Finding Truth through the Promotion of Liberty

    BSSN.NET - Rants and opinion on contemporary U.S. society and politics.

    Kate's Political Corner - Political links.

    Mark and Terrilynn's Political Pages - Political links, thoughts, and ideas premised upon independent thinking and independent thinkers. Links to National orgs and some technical links.

    Ron is Still Home - Political writing from the left, short fiction, links to Bob Dylan and other musicians, grateful Dead

    Robert Teesdale Online - Political commentary and discussion of national issues, including petitions, news, and links.

    Uncommon Sense - The State is Out of Date - by Gregory Sams - A readable, radical, and re-assuring application of chaos theory to human affairs and natural government. From freedom comes order. The coercive state is a failed experiment in controlling complex systems.

    Dekle OpEd - Satirical and serious barbs and comments on current events by William O. Dekle

    Wyvern's Issues Website - Personal website representing the views of National Socialism (aka: Nazism) and white supremacy.

    Ignorance or - Updated single page of commentary on a current social or political issue.

    Rabbit5001's Web Page - A great page filled with politics, my opinions (mostly American social, fiscal, some British), rabbits, AbFab, sounds, Broadway, polls, links, sports, and debate

    Democracy is not just smells funny. - Addicted to politics. Politics is more exciting than any sport and funnier than any sitcom.

    No Darby Refuge - Say no to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service proposed Little Darby National Wildlife Refuge, Madison and Union Counties, Central Ohio. Bad for agriculture, bad for the economy, bad for people.

    Robert Rohrman Political Essays and Commentary - Political essays dealing with the Election of 2000, liberals, conservatives, and the constitution.

    I Care (choke) - Links and rants on political activism (especially youth) that you can do without getting arrested or pepper-sprayed. Hawaii based.

    Steve Salter - Views on Australian and world government policies and an outline of concerns about developments in society.

    Kinsella, Warren - Writings and views on politicians and politics. Includes commentary about racist and supremacist groups.

    My Point of View - Extensive list of personal comments on issues ranging from commuter rail car safety to the tobacco issue and the status of Jerusalem. - A site dedicated to all things political-- from the humorous to the controversial-- created by Ted Rueter, a professor of political science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    Mind Over What Matters - Political and social commentary.

    Everything Political - Political cartoons and humor, with various articles critical of Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, and other public figures.

    all that hype - Politcal opinion columns with a progressive view.

    Irán Ricardo-Frexes - Irán Ricardo-Frexes de Sagúa de Tánamo, CUBA. Air-conditioning technician and general maintenance expert! View his experience coming to the U.S. and his technican skills!

    Civil Liberties and Justice - Freedom and civil rights with constitutional guarantees. It's your responsibility to make sure they are not taken away or abused by any government officials

    Kosta Zarin's Official Web Site - My political opinion and views about the world.

    Political Resource Page - Editorial cartoons, election results, quotes, and reference materials available.

    Taking it 2 The Street. - Political and social commentary, with a conservative bent, from One-Eyed-Jack.

    The Questioner - Essays about social issues.

    Jokers Wild - A site for the people. Contains political cartoons, opinions and views submitted by readers.

    Vision of the Future - DonParagon's Vision of the Future predicts that government will fade away.

    Announcing Freedom - Seeks wider distribution of wealth in the United States.

    Manifesto of the Emperor of America - Directives from a self-proclaimed emperor to solve U.S. problems.

    The United States of Abuse - Alleged physical, mental, and other types of abuse at the hands of government agencies and officials.

    Leadem Letters - Words, thoughts and feelings on political, social and cultural issues facing the United States

    Dr. Claus Nordbruch - A critic of the German government's regulation of speech and thought, and an observer of politics in Southern Africa. Available in English, French, German, and Afrikaans.

    Tekla Szymanski - Commentary and analysis from a tri-lingual editor/journalist in New York. Local stories, global viewpoints, inter-cultural and interfaith dialogue; German-Jewish reconcilliation; remembering Raoul Wallenberg.

    Role of Limited Government in a Free Society - Examines the proper role of government in a free society and the kinds of policies appropriate for implementation of that role.

    God Bless Ronald Reagan - A tribute page to President Reagan, with a biography, news, and articles about his administration and its accomplishments.

    Al's Web Page - A personal site, with lots of political commentary, mostly based on the site owner's personal, political opinions.

    Travers' Alley - Provides a day-to-day analysis of the human condition, with emphasis on how it is impacted by the politics of the day.

    Brick Road's Political Rants - Personal homepage featuring leftish themes.

    9 - 11 - 2001 .org - Dedicated to the memory of September 11, 2001.

    Saladin Observatorium - Highlights concerns about communications intelligence and political control, and provides a selection of historical documents.

    Marx Opinions - ZIP files of the author's thoughts on immigration, pornography, and the United States.

    Attitude: Commentary by Harry Higgens - Former Los Angeles State College journalists resurrect their nonconforming patron saint for pithy observations on the Human Condition.

    Political Thinking - Personal site with articles about the Canadian political system, the news media, and music and politics; as well as maps, famous speeches and quotes, and links.

    Freedom For All - devoted to issues surrounding the threat to American freedoms, with links to articles and a message board.

    Just A Voice - Views and links on the Attack On America.

    Do You Desire to Change the World - Editorials, mission statement, message board, poll, links, search capability, FAQ and contact information.

    Voter Apathy? - A vituperating and harsh open letter to American politicians looking to be president, in three parts.

    Reverse Spins - Politics and the state of the world from a Karma/Spiritual point of view..

    Rhymes and Crimes - Political poetry and songs by Tony Ryals.

    JJKaiser.Com - Bringing Conservatives and Libertarians together.

    Scott's Chicken Shack - Pictures, favorite quotes, biography, and page of political opinions.

    One Guy's Opinion - Personal commentary on current issues.

    The Independent Voter - Message boards, essays, and links for the non-confirmist radical middle.

    Politics... American Style - Personal commentary site featuring articles about US political events, with related links.

    United States versus Canada Debate Board - Uncensored discussion forum covering topics of interest to Canadians and Americans alike.

    Stop Terror Now. - Ferenc's Anti-Terror/ Anti bin Laden, Pro-USA site, designed to stop the spread of fear and panic in America.

    Richard Warren Field's Internet Column - A collection of commentaries by the author of "The Election," a novel of third party politics.

    Punks of the Iron Cross - This is a site about communism, Karl Marx, Erwin Rommel and totalitarion dictators.

    Political Science Circle - A group of graduate students at the University of Bonn/Germany which has a deep interest in all aspects of Politcal Science and the concept of individual liberty.

    Quo Vadis, humanity ? - One persons outlook on "our poor crazy world."

    Sonali Kolhatkar and Jim Ingalls - Two scientists and activists. Includes writings and opinions on art, science, politics, links, and photos.

    Pearly Gates - A liberal's salute to James Carville and Bill Clinton, with commentary and humor on Republican infighting and other political topics.

    Fred Reenstjerna Associates - Thoughts on current events, published articles and political essays, and selected links.

    Another Perspective - A site forarticles and essays about today's politics and politicians from a progressive viewpoint. Includes quotes, polls, and links.

    America's Judeo Christian Heritage - Listing of articles showcasing America's Judeo Christian heritage.

    Bill Hughes - Commentary on Irish freedom and other topics in politics and history.

    Whose World? - An essay against religion, nationality, tradition, politics, and other institutions viewed as coercive.

    Taking Names and Keeping Score - Records the actions of American national political figures, and labels pro/con according to the opinion of the author, a Green Party and ACLU member.

    Proper Government - A radical political constitution is constructed. Includes new mechanisms for electing and controlling representatives, controlling them after election, generating revenue, and other government functions.

    Spirit of America Party - Essays about the 2000 U.S. presidential election, common sense, terrorism, and other current events.

    About Democracy - Essays criticizing the global banking and monetary system and the Canadian economic system, including cartoons, quotations, and artwork.

    Steal this Blog - This is a site devoted to humorous short takes on politics, life, and trying to navigate American culture while keeping ones honor and family intact.

    The Sounding Board - Commentary, humor and opinions on issues of the day.

    Snoddy, James R - The World of Snodogg - Personal thoughts on current events, military service, hobbies, and life in Washington, DC and other places.

    Political Reforms for Nations - Personal site with numerous articles suggesting reforms in the political system of nations.

    Verzillo's Political Fillibuster and Politics Pulpit - A collection of links, opinion essays, sound bytes, and advice from the author on American politics.

    The Jack In The Green - Essays on tribalism, media violence, gender stereotypes, and other topics.

    The Underground Revolution - Information on Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Petier, and the Zapatista Movement, links to political pages, music links to bands Like Rage Against the Machine, essays by Noam Chomsky, and poems by Ginsberg.

    Flying Chipmunk - Links to left-wing oriented news and links.

    The Minute Man Page - Lists the author's concerns about the U.S. federal government and the loss of freedom through war and emergency powers.

    Briar Patch - Colloquial commentary on social and political issues.

    Politically Incorrect Freedom - Offers opinions on racism and anti-racism, culture, and political correctness.

    Free Society - An essay about freedom and constructing a free society.

    Sporadic Enlightenments - Various articles on political and entertainment topics in German and English, including opinions of Chomsky, television, and global banking.

    stato e società - The power like ability to one class to realize specific objective interest

    The View From Here - Views and opinion on the state of the nation and society in America today.

    Pink SoapBox - Rants on politics, religion, ugly girls and the world in general. Politically incorrect.

    Ptolemy - Balkan & Europe politics. - Crispin Sartwell is a philosophy professor. This site includes opinion articles from major newspapers from major newspapers on politics, media, culture, art, anarchism. Links to CS's books.

    The House of Azaroth - A personal site containing a webjournal, dreamlog, web commentary, original artwork and jokes.

    Political Domain - Political Domain focuses on political disputes, military conflicts and political life around the world.

    Pictures of Chinese Military Forces - Large pictures of Chinese military forces including warships, submarines, aircraft, missiles, rockets, spaceship, etc.

    United People of Planet Earth (UPPE) - Proposal for an international organization supporting peace, human rights, and democracy. Content in English and Swedish.

    An American Manifesto - Read these priciples on how to live responsibly as an American. Your support and application of these ideas will make you a leader that can have a positive impact on your family, community and country.

    Waco incident: FOIA lawsuit yields new insights - A five year Freedom of Information Act lawsuit yields new information on the standoff between Branch Davidians and FBI at Waco.

    Cal's Thoughts - A collection of political columns written by Cal Margulis.

    War on terrorism...another perspective - Thoughts on America's war on terrorism.

    Vincent's Patriotic Page - This website it about patriotism. This is a tribute to those that lost their lives September 11, 2001 and their loved ones. It contains patriotic songs, Patriotic poems, Patriotic essays, Pictures of the WTC, Pictures of patriotism, Pictures of world support, the Declaration of Independence, historical American speeches, and the Constitution of the USA.

    Celebrating the New World Order - Polemics, Satire and Inflammatory Speech against US/NATO world rule.

    America Under Attack On 9-11-2001 - The terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 - Chronology of events, Pictures, Important Numbers.

    The Peoples Voice - An information forum on politics, democracy, human rights, environment, economy, science, and social justice issues. Interact and make your voice heard.

    The Donkoscope - The home of pseudo-political intellifriendly opinionography, armchair insurgency and a nice pair of trousers. The Donkoscope: Slapping the news with an empty sock.

    Joe Scarborough and Lori Klausutis - The strange case of the death of Lori Klausutis in the congressional office of Republican Representative Joe Scarborough from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

    the rules of power - Linklist to resources on Skull & Bones, Thule Gesellschaft and other secret societies.

    Absolute Common Sense - This libertarian site aims to stimulate debate around current affairs and the double standards and hypocracy of the politically correct

    Left Is Right - Home of Provocative, Progressive African-American columnist, Tommy Ates, trying to give a voice to the voiceless. Site contains latest columns and archive as well as news information and progressive links.

    Political/Social Commentary - Political/Social Commentator and Co-Host of

    NAANA Online - NAANA is an organization devoted to the providing for the abolishment of the nineteenth amendment.

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