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    Love and Relationship advice for Men and Women - offers personalized essays and products to help men and women who want to improve their relationships.

    New Age Love and Relationship Tips and Advice - offers love and relationship tips and advice from Susie and Otto Collins, plus information on personal and spiritual growth and a free newsletter.

    LoveCentral - Ask Mrs. Lewis for your special relationship problems. Answers your questions about problems with your girlfriends or boyfriends.

    Out of the Blue - Weekly advice column regarding online and offline relationships.'s Relationships Channel - Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.

    The Singles Cafe - Advice, articles, short stories and columns on love, romance, and dating. Personal ads.

    Ask E. Jean - Relationship advisor and advice column.

    Holy Union - Receive communication from the Holy Spirit.

    Personality Tests - Suggestions and opinions on sexual, love and relationship problems. Relationship, sex, friendship and codependancy tests.

    The Advice Sisters - Links, advice, chat, tools for relationships, articles, ideas, forums and more.

    An Unbiased Opinion - Advice on life, love, family, kids, work, business, herbal medicine, and etiquette.

    Shades of Love - A black relationship site where observations, advice and experiences are told by those that have lived them.

    The Singles Shack - Offers an advice column, internet personals, a dating experiences page, and horoscopes.

    LightYourFire - Chat, and advice on relationships, love, and romance.

    Breakup Girl - Hip advice column.

    Ask Angel - Family advice, chat, and message boards.

    Netlove - Advice forum, a personal ads board, a sex Q&A, and e-cards.

    Adolescent Adulthood - Provides relationship advice and gives tips on flirting, dating and breaking up. Focus on teens and young adults.

    Perspectives: Living Large and In Color - Receive both a male and female's perspectives to questions on dating, relationships, sex, and commitments.

    iDateSmart - Fun and practical advice for dating, relating, mating and thriving in the dating trenches. Free and fee advice for dating dilemmas.

    LoveShack - Interpersonal relationship advice. Personal conflicts are confronted, and participation in self-discovery is promoted.

    A Complete Marriage - Marriage advice, books, counseling, help and research results.

    How To Make Women Happy - The failsafe method of keeping women happy with "The Points System". - A discussion forum-based advice website with help on relationships, friends, family, moms, dads, uncles, sisters, and basically anything else that might trouble you.

    Master's Help - Devoted to help in establishing, maintaining, and repairing relationships from a Christian perspective. For singles, couples, friends, and families. Advice, counseling, books, discussion forums, and Christian matchmaking.

    Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara - Relationship advice from authors and columnist Wayne and Tamara Mitchell, topics include; dating, infidelity, divorce, sex, marriage.

    Love, Relationships and Marriage tips and advice from Susie and Otto Collins - offers a free newsletter with love,relationships and marriage tips and advice for people who want help making their love and relationships more healthy,passionate, alive and connected.

    Art of Loving - Information resource for advice on love and relationships. Articles on love, relationships, singles, family, sex, intimacy, heart & soul. - Provides relationship advice.

    Skill With people - Human relations, self improvement, career success, better social and family life. - Articles on, e-mail discussion of, and an annotated guide to online resources on friendship.

    Rainbow Connection - Offline and online long distance relationship help, support, and advice.

    Ask Dr. Tracy - Searchable encyclopedia of advice on relationships, a love advice column, and private counseling.

    Ask Deb - Deb answers questions and offers advice on many subjects. Read Dear Deb letters. Let's talk about love, sex and relationships, issues, concerns or just vent.

    Dating and Relationships - Ways to meet, tips on the first approach, first date golden rules, when it doesn't work and the break-up.

    Relationship Resources - Relationship articles, resources and coaching.

    Ebony Intimacy - Intimacy advice and sexual educational videos to help improve lovemaking skills for Black couples.

    The Institute of Relationshipology - Provides advice for all aspects of relationships.

    A Place For Love Advice - Answers to your questions and advice on how to proceed in your love life.

    Soulmates Romantic Realities - Secrets that will show you how to find love, romance, passion, and your true soulmate.

    Love Notes - Relationship advice from a professional counselor.

    HeartsandDarts - Relationship advice, bulletin boards, chat and stories.

    Ask Annabelle - Relationships, marriage, sexuality, children, and life in general.

    Creating Harmony In Life - Articles about all relationships, whether they be man and woman, husband and wife, or parents and children. (Innerself Magazine)

    Love Lady - Astrological advice on relationships Compatibility analysis, mating rating, relating, and romance secrets horoscopes.

    The Players House - Offers advice and information for men, on how to be a player.

    Sari Locker - Sex educator, tv personality and author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex" answers your questions about sex, love and relationships. Sari is known as "Dr. Ruth in the body of a Baywatch babe."

    The Playettes House - Advice and information for women, on how to be a playette.

    Head Bone Zone - Questions and answers regarding love and life.

    LuvSpell's Ultimate Love Site - Advice column, opinion page, and horoscope love compatiblity charts.

    Shy and Free - Information to assist in transforming shyness and social anxiety into wholeness and happiness. Live Relationship Advice - Provides live relationship, dating, and romance advice via the internet for a fee. Also offers a free advice e-mail column.

    Love Lady - Advice ofered by E-mail.

    Philosophy and Self Help - Discussions include dating from a self help perspective and self help techniques for improving one's dating skills.

    Ask Venus and Mars - Answers questions and offers advice about life, love, relationships, marriage and children.

    Love Directions - Entertaining advice on relataionships, marriage, weddings, child rearing and self improvement.

    Romance and Relationship Advice Page - Romance and relationship advice columns from two experts in the field. No fee service.

    Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Spiritual Soulmate Relationships - explains what a soul mate is, offers info on finding your soulmate, spiritual soulmate relationships and reincarnation.

    The New Intimacy - Dedicated to the magic in the differences between men and women. Includes a newsletter, events, articles and links.

    Ask Dr. Jeff. - Life-changing advice about sex, love, and relationships. - Dating and romance source for advice, articles, romance polls, horoscopes, games, styles and shopping. - Answers to questions on many subjects.

    Suckers For Love - Advice, information and experiences help to get that person of your dreams.

    At the Fence - Articles and advice on all kinds of relationships issues including dating, marriage, divorce, and parenting.

    MyNDTALK - Relationships and mental health self-help resources.

    Advice on Love,Marriage and Relationships from Susie and Otto Collins - New Age love, marriage and relationship tips and advice, information on personal and spiritual growth, plus a free love and relationships newsletter.

    PlayaVativ - Offers advice to assist men in relationships with women.

    How To Meet Men - A woman's forum on meeting, dating, and understanding men.

    Ask Jennie X - Gen-X-er gives you contemporary advice on relationships, dating and etiquette.

    OK Seriously - Relationship advice on a number of subjects.

    Natasha's Cafe - Life and relationship advice from a Buddhist perspective.

    Love Mermaid - A place to receive free love advice, learn about romance, and experience the joys and pleasures of life's most passionate feeling.

    Dr. Phil Mc Graw - The official site of Dr. Phil. Includes a biography, events, national tours, online tests, a newsletter and contact details.

    Good Living - Advice on relationships, career, problem solving and spiritual growth. In this web site you can download free articles on practical, Christian living. Topics include marriage enrichment, overcoming temptations and heartaches, finances and job satisfaction.

    Women's Wire - Advice on relationships, sex, personal finance, and career.

    Good Relationships, Empathy, and Psychological Hugs - Describes how to use empathy and listening skills during conversations and explains why their use sometimes leads to good relationships, emotional intimacy, and psychological hugs.

    Tropical Flame - A relationship site on dating, flirting, love, romance, marriage, friendship, intimacy, sex, conflicts, advice, counseling, problems and resolutions. Includes forums for personal views.

    Z Romance - Offering romantic ideas, poems, chat, matchmaker, and relationship advice.

    Power and Love - Power, responsibility and authority in intimate relationships.

    The Don Juan Center - Information to help men in meeting, dating, and attracting women. Articles, tips, forums, and a newsletter. - Focuses on the unique issues which impact African American and interracial relationships.

    Sari Locker - Online advice column about relationships and sex.

    So You've Been Dumped - Offers an online haven from those break-up blues ready to offer support and advice to the lovelorn.

    Light His and Her Fire - Offers love advice from Dr. Ellen Kreidman. Also a program available with contact information for more details.

    Lovegevity - Relationship advice on dating, marriage, engagement/wedding plans and parenting.

    Figuring out Relationships - Learn how to improve your relationships with loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

    Relationships Guide - Love, romance and dating. Tips on keeping relationships alive.

    Tigress' Luv - Moving Beyond Shattered Dreams. Breaking up is hard to do. If you need help with your breakup, or would like to relate your own experience visit here.

    Empathy and Listening Skills - Illustrates how to use empathy and listening skills during conversations and explains why their use sometimes leads to good relationships and emotional intimacy.

    Jason's Column - Love advice. Questions and answers.

    Ask Auntie Z - Dating, love and relationships advice, given with insight, intelligence and good humor.

    Celebrate Love and Relationships - Larry James, offers personal coaching, articles and an online bookstore.

    How Well Do You Click? - Are you with the right guy? Is this relationship the one? Take these online quizzes to rate your mate, just for fun.

    Opposites Attract - Relationship Talk show radio program hosts, psychologist Muriel Scher and husband/social worker, Shelly Scher offer valuable relationship advice. On site question and answer board.

    Love Builders - A free site offering timely advice for singles and couples seeking to enhance their love lives.

    Cary Counseling Center Online - Intimacy and personal boundaries are both necessary to maintain love. A collection of articles about how to balance them.

    Keith Ignatius Newsletters - A printed report giving news and information of interest to family.

    Love Online - Digital romance resource guide to finding love online.

    Girlfriend Stealer - Guide to stealing somebody else's girlfriend.

    Dear Tracy - Ask advice on love, relationships, and life.

    The Relationship and Personal Development Ctr. - Articles on relationships, marriage, divorce and stress. Free newsletter on relationships.

    The Guide to Love and Sex - Information from Nair, Trojan, Arrid, and Pearl Drops.

    Letters for Lovers Directory - Directory of letters for lovers and relationship services by a creative market consultant. Pseudonym is Dr. Passion.

    Romanceopedia - Advise and insight into single, committed, romantic and alternative relationships. Also includes advice on ending relationships.

    Maniac High's Pick Up Girls Guide - Maniac High lives in Tokyo and likes to pick up chicks. This site is his men's answer to "The Rules."

    Fast Seduction 101 - Resources about and explanations of various seduction techniques for pickup artists. Associated with the Usenet newsgroup

    Love, Marriage and Sex - provides articles and information on love, marriage and sex,plus other topics like feng shui, geomancy, aromatheraphy, fragrances, sexy lingerie, wearing high heels and more.

    Stepmonster 101 - Offers free advise and support about problems dealing with step-family members. Share your ideas, concerns and problems.

    Dennie Hughes - An award winning journalist and columnist, she now writes about every aspect of relating and is available to answer any question from dating to divorce. Includes an archive with tips and contact details.

    Dear Carrie - A Capitol Hill advice column for Washington insiders.

    Deartao Advice Column - Sexual advice by a liberated couple. Both perspectives: male and female.

    Ask The Mystic Beagle - Free Relationship Advice - Free advice on relationships, love and life. Ask questions, read past letters, get romance tips and read love stories.

    Ask Jack and Jill - Jack and Jill offer advice on love, sex, relationships. Post your problems to the bulletin board.

    Ask Mr. Passion - Author and Speaker, Mr. Passion answers your romance questions. Get advice on dating, marriage and living together.

    The Art of Living - An approach to the art of living, based on the author's more than half a century of experience, containing golden precepts of wisdom as found in all religions and spiritual traditions.

    Relationships as Mirrored Images - Seeing the best in others, seeing the best in ourselves, by holding and acting on positive, caring attitudes in our relationships. Many hints offered.

    Mama Said - Four women get together to try to teach men more about women using humor.

    1st of All - Catalog of personals sites with fully illustrated details of personals and dating advices services companies.

    Russian Women FAQ - Answers the frequently asking questions about dating and marriage to Russian women.

    The Wave Cafe - Insights and advice on yourself or relationships. - Offers love and relationship advice. - Free relationship advice for the lovelorn.

    enLighten Up - Advice and discussion on relationships, love, spirituality, children, and other perplexing topics.

    Dr. Jamie Turndorf - Couples therapist and relationship advice.

    Learning Love and Life - Articles on love and relationships. Free e-mail newsletter.

    Circle of Hope - Breakup and divorce advice. Lost love, relationship, and personal grief.

    Miss Minties Advice - Assorted advice offered.

    The Monster Man - A man's opinion on love, sex and relationships.

    Michael Stone on Relationships - Send a letter or visit live, talk chat.

    Conversely - Site dedicated to relationships between men and women.

    Honest Sucessful Relationships: Online Communication Tool - Lasting, fulfilling relationships require truthful communication; the PCI helps you and your significant other overcome communication barriers.

    Friends and Lovers - Relationships advice, midlife crisis forums, chat, personals, chapel of love, articles and poetry.

    Tigress Den - Help to mend the broken hearted.

    What Happens After You Find Your Soulmate? - Love and relationship advice article from Susie and Otto Collins that answers the relationships question "What happens after you find your soulmate?"

    Dating To Dumping - Relationship rules, articles and advice for every stage of your relationship.

    Cooperative Communication Skills Internet Resource Center - Site features library of articles and free, downloadable, Seven Challenges Workbook, that will help readers communicate more cooperatively, more compassionately and more successfully at home and on the job.

    Ask the Kitty - Offers relationship advice from two perspectives, a la Siskel and Ebert.

    The Hard Part - Difficult relationship advice and discussion.

    The Savvy Male - Relationship advice for men, about women.

    Ask Nina Now - Advice to your questions on dating, love and romance. Offers tests, relationship checklists and a bulletin board.

    A Place for Love - Online personals, dating advice for men and love poetry.

    Communication Practices in Everyday Life - Improve the world and have fun - through "best practices" training any time you are interacting with people. This site now has 11 self-education exercises that you can use any time, any place, to learn communication, relationship, and community-building skills.

    Difficult Words - Of all, the word "help" can be the most difficult to utter. Advice and resources for those in a domestic violence situation.

    His and Hers Magazine - Information and advice on getting the most out of life for men and women.

    Professional Christian Keynote Speakers - Professional Christian keynote speakers on relationship advice, romance advice and marriage counseling.

    Ask Naomi and Ruth - Providing a forum to ask questions about a relationship, the male viewpoint, advice, answers and opinions. Answers are given with prayer, love and care.

    Advice Lady - Offers free advice on love and relationships, posts questions and answers.

    Adulthood Wonderful - Provides advice about how to flirt, date, get romantic, survive from breakup and an affair. Includes a forum.

    Straight From The Heart - Psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman offers questions and answers.

    Ask A Male - A guy 's point of view is on issues like dating, relationships and commitment. Registration required.

    Advice on Relationships,Dating And Marriage - Advice on relationships, dating, marriage, love, divorce, depression, family and choisifu.

    Ask All about Love - If you're having problems with your lovelife, just ask Elisha for tips and ideas.

    Nabou - Relationship Advice Column - Relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara, topics include: dating, infidelity, divorce, sex, marriage.

    Free Love and Online Romance Tips Report - A free love & online romance tips report reveals how to find &/or keep a lover.

    Lifted Hearts Network - For all your relationship issues, including commitment phobias, breakups, infidelity, rebounds, love addiction, unrequited love, and dating again.

    Friends4u BBS - This is a forum for men and women to understand each other better.

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