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    Mysteries of the Bible - Includes articles on subjects including Torah codes, ancient chronology, lost tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, origins of Christianity, Egyptology, and biblical archaeology.

    Bible Study Center - Free on-line illustrated Bible studies of the Gospel for the last days.

    Bible Studies by Aggelia Publishing - Bible studies on a variety of difficult subjects, such as: the Trinity, death, Sabbath, once saved always saved, hell, and rapture.

    Acts 17:11 Bible Studies - In-depth studies on various topics of interest to Christians or those seeking to learn more about Christianity.

    Way to God's Heart - Bible lessons on the Old Testament books of 1st and 2nd Samuel.

    The Gospel Way - Free Bible study lessons, spiritual guidance, and instruction in religion.

    Smyrna Chapel Gospel Truth - Studies about the last days before the return of Jesus Christ.

    WordTruth Ministries - Expository messages on Old and New Testament books of the Bible. Any Bible passage can be read online, questions can be asked with thoughtful responses, and a topical list of messages is available.

    Feed My Sheep - Studies on the books of James and Revelation; topical studies.

    Bible Study Tools from Xenos - A collection of Bible study tools including exegetical outlines, topical outlines, practical theology notes, RealAudio Bible teachings.

    The Rain - Bible studies designed for people new to Christianity to give them a better understanding of God's Word.

    Elect Discussion List - An e-mail Bible study group where people can discuss Bible doctrine in a civil way.

    Across the Rainbow Bridge - Bible studies dealing with the return of Jesus Christ and other helpful topics. Also has links to Christian graphics and MIDI files. Plays MIDI without asking, and no way to turn it off.

    Heneliz's Christian Corner - A Bible study site that is dedicated to the truth of God's word and sending forth the gospel of salvation. Fellowship, uplifting Christian poetry.

    One Way Only - Scripture based Bible studies, kid stuff, devotions.

    What Saith the Scripture - Overview of the rapture and events of the tribulation. Includes prophecy, poetry, extensive library of online books, Alexander Scourby via Live Audio, stories, and links.

    Spiritual Foundations - On-line book of topical Bible studies for subjects such as Jesus Christ, Christian life, and the last days.

    Wisdom of the Bible - An exploration of the Bible's major wisdom teachings as they relate to everyday life. Topics include family life, generosity, government, wealth, humility, good vs. evil, and Bible translations. With generous quotations from the Bible.

    Bible Light - Offers translations, study guides, and book reviews.

    Never Thirsty - Helping You To Know God More - Interactive weekly Bible and doctrine studies, discipleship and Bible questions and answers. Site features historical facts and fulfilled prophecies about Jesus Christ. Study materials are available to download at no cost.

    In His Ministry - Biblical teaching via audio monthly radio program.

    Biblical Studies - Sermons and articles covering eschatology, hermeneutics, soteriology, theology, and ecclesiology.

    Our Father's Word - Bible studies, lessons, and articles on subjects not generally taught in mainstream Christianity.

    Christian Educational Ministries - Bible Resources - A collection of bible based essays, bible online study, forum, and christian resources.

    Jesus Christ Our Morning Star - A weekly updated study of God's word.

    Bible Study - Topical studies based on the King James Version.

    Kingdom Life - Offers a forum for discussion and several articles.

    ROGMA International, Inc. - Offering free bible courses. Includes course information,a course schedule, and missions work information.

    Ichthys - An archive of in-depth Bible studies based on the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures.

    Didaskalos Ministries - Conservative Christian Bible study site, offering 400 informative articles, sermons, study outlines, and links to other Christian sites.

    Bible Writer - These materials explain the faithfulness and character of the God of the Scriptures. There are lessons on basic faith, forgiveness, true happiness, and the joy of being in God's presence in prayer.

    Biblenotes - The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is summarized with easy to read review notes and key points. A useful resource for everyone.

    A Bible Prophecy and Christianity Site - Teaching and encouraging Christians to trust in God and to live a productive life while looking for the return of Jesus Christ.

    Bible Studies from "Yes Lord" Ministries - Free interactive Bible studies for use by individuals or groups. Book studies include Revelation, Mark, Haggai, and Jude. Also topical studies and FAQs on many subjects.

    Bible Study Aids - A growing collection of Bible study and pastoral resources. Commentaries, Church history, devotionals, autobiographies, Bible dictionaries.

    Discipleship Net - Wide selection of Bible studies and articles on discipleship and overcoming materialism and self-centeredness.

    Don Love Ministries - Providing sound doctrine for the church on how it should be acting today and what's in store for them.

    James Williams' Bible Study - Links to original Bible studies and inspirationals.

    SeekersTrove - Faith-filled prophecy studies, timelines, articles.

    A Love I Could Not Deny - Topical Bible study outlines; teen and kids sections.

    Topical Bible Studies - Studies compiled entirely from Scripture with no interpretation added.

    Skeptical Inquirer, November 1997: Hidden Messages and The Bible Code - Article exposing statistical fallacies in the "Torah Code" literature.

    Bible Truths for Today - Many Bible studies ranging from who are the modern day Israelites to law and grace.

    Christian Basics - This course of Bible studies is designed to help people discover the answers to the basic questions concerning what being a Christian is all about.

    Overview of the Bible - This free online book details numerous Bible topics including creation, Jewish holy days, descriptions of God, Messianic prophecies, Satanic counterfeits and more.

    End Times - Topical studies of the book of Revelation.

    The Gospels - A series designed to study the life of Jesus from the four Gospels in the Bible.

    A Daily Walk - An evolving bible study on the internet working through the New Testament.

    Cody Jones - Six translations of the book of proverbs, along with commentary on the key images and quotations.

    Breaking Down The Walls - Non-denominational online Bible lessons.

    Jesus Answers - Biblical studies, discussions, and children's bible stories.

    Secretmotive - Several articles to aid in your studies.

    He Leadeth Me - Non-denominational bible students who hold Sunday services and mid-week topical bible studies in the Los Angeles area.

    Bible Study of the Week - Contains a weekly study as well as a collection of topical studies.

    The WhiteStone Foundaton Home Page - Articles on Bible Study, Prophetic Issues, News and other related information. Also publishes the WhiteStone Letters.

    Controversial Bible Subjects - A collection of treatises concerning scriptural subjects with scripture references.

    At the Cross Ministries - Online Bible studies and teachings from a Bible college professor.

    About Him Ministries - Christ centered scripture studies and essays to glorify the Lord. Also Christian missions, book review and humor.

    CrossMark Christian Resources - Collection of Bible studies suitable for personal or small group use. Topics include: Genesis, Mark, the Lord's Prayer, parables, Philippians, 1 Peter, and Revelation.

    My Devotion - Study the Bible online in a Christian community. Provides references, commentary, and Bible dictionary. Biblical Studies - Weekly articles, links, and a discussion area for Biblical studies.

    Study of the Book of John - Bible study of the Book of John designed to help you better understand who Jesus Christ is and what His love for you means.

    Community Bible Chapel - Studies on the book of James, and on the apostles Peter and Paul, James and John.

    Biblecentre - Dissemination of the Bible, commentaries, online magazine, and study conference schedules.

    Free Bibleschool - "Dreams and Visions". Short Bible studies on a wide variety of topics.

    Bible Studies - Non-denominational studies examining the Word, repentance, sanctification, miracles and healing.

    Pursuing the Eternal Word - Studies in the Word for those interested in the deeper Christian life. Some are based on the Hebrew and Greek origins of the original words, but all are applicable to life today.

    Lord's Verses and Parables Explained - An explanation of the parables and words of Jesus Christ. Topics range from the parable of the sower to the prodigal son.

    Ken's Biblestudy Arena - Useful online study course including apologetics, doctrine, and hermeneutics.

    ICC - Topical articles, study notes, and a tutorial on Hermeneutics and Exegesis.

    To the Saints of God - Contains a vast amount of visual aids to teach the timeline of the bible.

    PreRapture - Studies from an apostolic pentecostal view.

    Sent by the Father - Young adult class studying the primary Gospel of John.

    Frames of Reference - Studies the relationship between science and the Bible.

    The Word - Provides meditations on the Word of God related to life today.

    Bible Topics - Provides more than three dozen topicable studies.

    Edibles for the Soul - Offering studies and lessons by topic. Also has a daily Bible minute devotional.

    Study the Bible - Offering free interactive studies using the New King James version.

    Bible Studies Desk - A comprehensive listing of studies by both topic and book.

    West Shore Community Church - In-depth evangelical Bible studies of the books of John and Romans, written in Adobe format.

    JesusWalk - Weekly discipleship lessons from the Luke's Gospel. Includes e-mail discussion.

    Potter's Workshops - Publishers of Sunday school curriculum for the Workshop Rotation Model. Adaptable on CD or disk. Download free curriculum.

    Encounter - A study on cults and pseudo-christian religions.

    Lectionary Bible Studies - Resource providing exegetical summary studies and sermons.

    Freedom's Faith Facts - A wide range of subjects, all centering around the New Testament. The information is presented in eight sections.

    Site of Truth - Twenty study lessons from a Protestant viewpoint.

    Apokalupsis Now - Studies in prophecy, bride, rapture, antichrist, and endtimes

    Living Truths - Provides instruction and edification.

    Bible Studies at the Moorings - Ed Rickard's studies (in lesson form) on apologetics, doctrine, prophecy, and the Christian life.

    Things Above - Daily studies in ReadAudio format. Archives organized by topic and scripture reference.

    Biblical Perspectives - Studies on helping others to interpret and understand the scriptures for themselves.

    Grace Institute - Class study notes on teaching about the bible, theology, apologetics, and evangelism.

    Institute for Biblical Studies - Providing scholarly discussions on a variety of topics.

    Chiasms and Parallels - Features linguistic paralells of the Old and New Testament.

    Christian Bible Links - Extensive translations and studies based on Greek texts.

    I AM Bible Studies - Several studies and resources on the scriptures.

    Jesus Plus Nothing: Christ centred Bible Study - Centrality of Jesus in the Christian life. Studies include Christ in the Old Testament including lives of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, eternal security, spiritual warfare in Nehemiah, and the book of Ruth.

    Use the Sword (the Word of God) - Offers a weekly study, daily devotional, a study on the Holy Spirit, and Genesis.

    Christian Resources - Numerous links to online Bible studies.

    Today's Bible Study - Daily Bible study from First Assembly of God in Eloy, Arizona.

    BibleGuide - An introduction to the Bible including what it's about, why it is essential reading, and the difference it can make in lives.

    First Century Christianity - Questions on the bible may be emailed.

    Study - Offers notes on the New Testament and critical issues facing the church.

    Bible Study Fellowship International - Interdenominational organization with classes in cities across the United States and throughout the world. Site includes directory of current classes.

    Pauline Studies - Articles, discussions, and writings of the apostle Paul.

    Free Home Bible Studies - Provides free materials online and by post (UK only).

    Christian Literature & Bible Center - Study materials, articles, and teaching.

    Prophecy Bible Study - Includes the subjects of rapture, tribulation, and eternity.

    The Beacon - Categorical selection of Bible doctrines, with an emphasis on exegesis of biblical texts in the original languages.

    Bible Basics - Provides articles, studies and study resources. Includes overview of the books of the Bible, translations, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Christian Bible Study and Games - Topical in-depth studies to help you grow in God's Word. Also offers Bible trivia, word search and crossword puzzle games.

    Notes on the Septuagint - An analysis of quotations in the New Testament from the ancient Greek Old Testament.

    Kingfisher Postal Bible Scool - Offers free Bible study courses via post for people of all ages.

    Pastor Simon - Study course providing a foundation of how to practically apply biblical lessons.

    Divine Viewpoint Bible Studies - Studies on a wide variety of topics ranging from chariots in the Bible to marriage.

    Revelation - Provides a chronological study of the book of Revelation.

    Scripture Truth - Topics include the Son of God, Earth Ages, and human preexistance.

    My Spiritual Life - A daily bible study to enhance your spiritual relationship.

    Xristos Ministries - A large resource for Christian growth and development.

    Jim's Bible notes - A critical discussion of biblical topics.

    Online Bible College - Online courses using a non-academic, life-application approach to teaching.

    Bible Revelations - Includes studies on topics like Sacred Name, Biblical Feasts, baptism, and Jerusalem Countdown to Armageddon.

    Ward's Bible Teaching - An expanding list of biblical studies.

    Open Bible Trust - A non-denominational publisher of resources which include a bi-monthly magazine search, study booklets, books, and audio-cassettes.

    Bible Issues - Three articles drawn from history and economics presenting a literal reading of the Bible.

    Restoring Christian Keys - Resource of information regarding the Restoration Movement.

    Two Paths - Summary of Jesus' teachings, an exploration of the Bible's major wisdom teachings, and bible quizzes.

    Real Christianity - Featuring online sermons to facilitate your scripture study.

    MiRea's - A personal walk through the scriptures.

    Finding Bible Truth - Articles discussing bible interpretations and dogmas.

    Creation, Counterfeits, and the 70th Week - This online study discusses a wide variety of Bible topics.

    Bible Studies 2000 - A collection of studies of the events of our times.

    Great News Ministry - A series of non-traditional/denominational articles.

    Boston Christian Bible Study Resource - A group study guilds, survey, topic study and forums.

    Parables of the Bible - Offers studies on the parables of Scripture.

    Bible Research - Explores the Kingdom (Government) of God and other prophecy in the scriptures.

    Home Bible Study - A large variety of study materials and resources.

    The Season - Includes forums, newsletter, and study resources.

    Grafted-In Ministries - Articles on the deviation from the teachings of Yeshua.

    The Society for Old Testament Study - SOTS is a British Society for Old Testament Scholars which publishes news about Old Testament studies in Great Britain.

    Internet Bible Study - An interactive study course consisting of 25 lessons.

    Sonic Light - Offering expository notes to enhance the study of the bible.

    Gideon's Bible Lessons - Old and New Testament lessons for children and adults, including topical studies.

    The Disciples Study Bible - Online study tool based containing notes from Nave's Topical Bible, Torrey's New Topical Textbook, Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, and Smith's Bible Dictionary.

    Truth of Yahweh - A review of the Scriptures through related archeological and cultural resources.

    Eye of the Needle - Study of the Bible's structure, numerics, and cohesion.

    Bible Study Lessons - Online or choose e-mail correspondence.

    Scripture Puzzles for Scholarly Research - Explores a number of questions about various biblical issues, ideal for scholarly consideration and debate.

    QuickNotes - Bible studies, doctrines, overheads, sermon outlines, and sermons from different areas of theology for pastors and teachers.

    Divine Viewpoint - Studies, outlines of doctrines covering many categories of Scripture including marriage, salvation, and spirituality. - Bible studies, devotions, short stories, and study tools

    Every Nation - An online correspondence course featuring aspects about your Creator, your Savior and your hope.

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