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    Cleansing The Church Ministries - Providing teaching, direction and prayer that lead to deliverance and freedom from demonic bondage.

    Jesus Loves You Ministries - Freely serving the family, church and business community until He comes.

    High Tech Ministry at Lakeside - Helps churches and ministries with their computer and Internet needs. Provides free web pages and online classes to churches.

    Christian Reunion Ministries - Working to mend the fragmented church through education and fellowship.

    KneePrints Prayer Ministries - Mobilizing and equipping the Church for strategic prayer. Features conference schedule, newsletters and articles.

    Winepress Publishing and Ministries - Directed toward the maturation of the Church as it rises to a position of unity and glory. Features an events calendar, newsletters, books, tapes and CDs.

    Hi-Venture Ministries - Parachurch umbrella organization with many facets, including conferences and events, Christian counseling, youth outreach, and Christian education.

    Marilyn Hickey Ministries - An international teaching ministry. Site features a calendar of events, a free newsletter, daily devotionals, and a guestbook.

    Imagine That Ministries - A member of Exodus International, reaching out to homosexuals and lesbians and their friends and family. Offers a bookstore, events calendar and articles.

    Doug Jones Ministries - Provides a traveling schedule and materials available through Doug Jones.

    Truth Works - A teaching and resource ministry helping individuals live relevant and significant lives for Christ. Includes an events calendar, mailing list and daily devotional.

    Ministry of the Watchman International - A prophetic ministry. Has a school of ministry, conference information, a newsletter, a daily devotional, and audio and video products.

    Christ Life Ministries - Encouraging and promoting personal and corporate revival in the church and home. Site features an itinerary, newsletter and contact information.

    Back to the Bible Christian Ministry - Bible teaching ministry providing Real Audio, transcripts, devotions, sermon illustrations and other Biblical resources on-line.

    Heart to Hand Ministries, Inc. - Hospital-based ministry attending to critically and chronically ill children and their families throughout the USA. Site features an event calendar, photo album and articles.

    Emerge Ministries - Focused on mental health counseling assistance for adults, families, and children. Also offers Clinical Counselor degrees in Christian family therapy.

    Ravi Zacharias International - Intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and opinion-makers of society with the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Take A Stand! Ministries - Discussing spiritual warfare, the new age movement, cults, prophecy and politics in the light of the Bible and the entertainment world today. Includes seminar schedule, newsletter and articles.

    The Overcomers Ministry - Reaching out to those who are divorced or single through the loss of a spouse. Featuring seminars, prayer requests, and a broadcast schedule.

    Eric Olds Ministries - Bringing a message of healing, salvation, and revival to America. Featuring a newsletter, event schedule and prayer requests.

    New Horizon Evangelical Ministries - Revival Ministry reaching the world with the Word. Site contains articles of faith and event information.

    Ella Monckton Ministries - Joining Maranatha Student's Association and online courses offered at

    Helping Hearts In Need - Ministry helping needy children and providing God's Word to prisoners and their families. Features a newsletter, prayer and praise section and guest speaker information.

    His Majesty Ministries - Mandated to establish God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven through the Word of God and the personality of the Holy Spirit. Features audio files, articles, prayer listings and poetry.

    Christ in Action - Outreach ministry focused on disaster relief and street evangelism through the use of a traveling theater and cook trailer. Also features outreach projects in Brazil and the U.S. school system.

    Ancient Paths Restoration Ministries - Non-denominational ministry traveling across Canada visiting churches and people that are hungry for God. Site contains an itinerary, booking information, newsletters and a ministry FAQ.

    Singing Waters Ministries - Equipping the people of God to minister through discipleship, healing and deliverance. Ministry features a training school, retreats, ministry courses and healing courses.

    Feed My Lambs Ministries - Reaching out to lost and hurting children, the poor, impoverished elderly, prostitutes and drug addicts. Offering educational programs, toy drives, food banks and recovery assistance.

    Bob Hartman International Ministries - A seminar leader and apologetics author focusing on training college and high school students to defend and share their faith. Contains Bible studies, training information and seminar schedules.

    The New Life Mission - Aimed at preaching the words of God to all the people of the world through literature ministry. Features free electronic books, sermons, church planting and book reviews.

    Revival Fire Ministries - Broadcast ministry seeking to promote a great Christian outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord that will spawn history's greatest revival and awakening.  

    Free in Christ Ministries - Promoting God's love and salvation through a music and speaking ministry that has traveled to twenty-five countries. Contains newsletters, a Bible study, audio clips and trip recaps.

    Bill Rice Ministries - Calling the church to renewal through revivals, Christian money management, witness training workshops and pulpit supply.

    GLOBAL WellSpring Ministries - Proving that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a religion, but a relationship. Features a worship CD, conference registration, and a weekly article.

    The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry - A worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to the support of Israel, the Jewish people, and the message of the Messiah.

    Merritt Ministry - A non-profit, nondenominational ministry that uses hot and cold air inflatables as tools for evangelism. Has photos, press releases, events, mission opportunities, and a catalog.

    Renew Your Mind Ministries - Equipping the people of God to be successful in the areas of finance and marriage.

    Spirit of Freedom Ministries - Working with individuals, churches, schools and businesses to help the chemically dependant find freedom, new hope, new direction and a new identity through Jesus Christ.

    TNT Ministries - Outreach and musical ministry of cancer survivor Tom Shuford and his wife Terry. Offers an itinerary, testimonies, photos, and a products page.

    Sierra Reach Ministries - Promoting, organizing and assisting local churches and religious organizations in fulfilling the Christian mandate of evangelism, discipleship and training.

    The Korean American English Ministries of Houston Online - English speaking Korean-American ministries united together in Houston. Features event listings, online sermons and a pastoral directory.

    Jesus Alive Ministries - Devoted to salvation, teaching, ministering to teens and children, bible study and chats.

    New Kingdom Ministries - Faithful to the infallible Holy Scriptures, this fivefold ministry offers articles on prophecy, message boards, mailing lists and an archive of radio broadcasts.

    Andrew Wommack Ministries - Media ministry sharing God's grace through the distribution of free teaching tapes. Online resources include devotions, audio files, and testimonies.

    Christ Love Ministries, Inc. - Ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. Features newsletters, poems, daily devotions, Bible study and prayer requests.

    Mizpah Ministries - Proclaims to the world that redemption from sin is found only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

    New Hope Revival Ministries - Dedicated to the restoration of the faith of the apostles, with an end-time message of deliverance, revival and reconciliation. Contains audio files, newsletters and an events calendar.

    Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry - Serving the residents of nursing homes and the caregivers who visit them. Offers tips and advice for those seeking to volunteer for visits.

    Harvest Evangelism - Inter-denominational ministry dedicated to helping the Church fulfill the Great Commission.

    "Let There Be Light" Ministries - Non-denominational Bible-based ministry concerned with the spreading of God's Biblical message of salvation in its fullest sense.

    Last Days Ministries - Outreach ministry of Keith and Melody Green. Contains articles for evangelism, youth testimonies, music materials and pro-life information.

    In the Name of Jesus Ministries - Making known the love, mercy and grace of God to all people. Site contains news, testimonies and prophecies.

    Shreve Ministries - Proclaiming the Gospel through radio and TV broadcasts, producing Christian books and Bible courses and providing assistance to missionary efforts throughout the world.

    Pearce Outreach International - Music ministry reaching out through song writing, praise music and the spoken word. Site features an itinerary, news updates and music CDs.

    Jesus Calls Ministries - A ministry exhibiting the power of God's love and compassion to the suffering humanity. Site contains audio files, miracle reports, literature and prayer requests.

    Stepping Into The Light Ministries - Restoring those who suffer from substance abuse and homelessness to their proper standing within the community through spiritual deliverance, counseling, work therapy and transitional housing assistance.

    Tim Bogan Ministries - Evangelistic and healing ministry spreading God's Word. Site contains articles, prayer and a study Bible.

    Revival Crossroads Ministries - Introducing pastors, ministries and others to the worldwide revival. Features free book and CD offer, real audio files and crusade information.

    Farms International - Working to equip families in poverty with the training and opportunities to become self-supporting.

    Naaman Recovery Ministries - Promoting an intensive 10 step rehabilitation study for groups or individuals to use to overcome problems with depression, addiction and other life issues.

    Unentangled Ministries - Radio ministry broadcasting on KWAI 1080 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Site features broadcast schedule, prayer requests and doctrinal writings.

    Revive Our Hearts - Women's ministry calling women to freedom, fullness and fruitfulness in Christ. Features a radio program, conference schedule, newsletters and articles.

    Sisters and Brothers Outreach Ministries - Union County, NJ organization ministering to the needs of the elderly, the handicapped, the abused, the homeless and the children. Features Saturday workshops, meal delivery and community events.

    Refuge Ministries - An ex-satanist offers up insight and counsel to those seeking the power of Christ. Site features articles, a personal testimony, itinerary and free audio tapes.

    JJL Ministries - Extending the love of Jesus Christ to all people and providing them the opportunity to discover His Spirit at work in their lives. Includes a devotional newsletter, trivia and a calendar of events.

    The Father's Heart Ministries - New York City ministry established to prepare Christian workers and leaders to bring the good news of reconciliation to the city streets.

    Revival Now Ministries - Traveling ministry dedicated to the promotion of revival. Site contains an itinerary, news updates and missions information.

    Honoring God Ministries - Promotes unity in the Body of Christ and ministry through service to people who are hurting and in need of the grace of God.

    Marriage Bonds Ministries - Aimed at teaching God's design for marriage and reestablishing the importance of it in fulfilling the Great Commission. Also has inspirational points, and an events calendar.

    Hand of the Lord Ministries - An evangelical deliverance ministry focused on preaching the Gospel to the unreached people of India. Features revival meetings, healing services and counseling.

    Greater New Orleans JESUS Video Project - Raising money to organize a mass mailing of the "Jesus" video to every home in the Greater New Orleans area.

    Rory Synoground Ministries International - Ministering the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in order to set individuals free. Features a Bible study, calendar of events, newsletter, Christian chat and music.

    Ron Roper Ministries - Outreach and music ministry. Contains an itinerary, partnership opportunities, music samples, articles and staff information.

    The Lions Heart Ministries, Inc. - Training and equipping Christians for the ministry of healing and deliverance. Contains an itinerary, testimonies and ministry reports.

    God Abroad Ministries - Helping students who plan to study abroad locate a church or university ministry to participate in. Site includes listings for the top twenty-three study abroad destinations.

    Loyd McClung Foundation - Christian international humanitarian aid including hunger relief, shelters for women and children, local church programs, and Christian missionaries around the world.

    APM Ministries - Ministry working to help people integrate faith and life. Site includes Real Audio files, Q&A and a listing of current services offered.

    Launch Out into the Deep Ministry - Tulsa, Oklahoma based ministry that distributes free Bibles and Bible tracks.

    A Gift from God Ministries - Reaching out to the community through a women's half-way house, quarterly women's conferences and a call in radio program.

    Inspired Word Ministries, Inc. - To motivate and challenge the Body of Christ to live godly through the knowledge of God for victory and peace now. Includes articles and a calendar of events.

    Church Restoration - Husband and wife ministry traveling throughout the world to establish new churches, encourage existing churches and equip the saints for ministry.

    Building For Christ Ministries - A structured concept of skilled and unskilled laymen coming together to help missionaries, nationally and internationally, fulfill their calling of the Great Commission by assisting in building projects.

    Epaggello Ministries - Promoting hunger for Jesus through study guides, newsletters, seminars and Bible tools.

    His Abundant Love Ministries - Christian missionary ministry for and by people with physical disabilities. Provides fellowship, teaching, discipleship, advocacy and support.

    Henry A. Penix Ministries - Moving people from complacency to commitment in becoming all that God made them to be. Speaking at churches, business meetings, motivational seminars, retreats and training workshops.

    Charles Capps Ministries - National speaker and radio personality focused on sharing God's word with the world. Site features Real Audio files, an itinerary, books, and newsletters.

    Healing Touch Ministries, Inc. - Offering free training and support for churches and leaders addressing anger, dysfunction, addiction, and sexual abuse. Featuring newsletters, books and a sample lesson.

    Jesus Heals Ministry - Healing ministry focused on spiritual intervention in matters of health and sickness. Includes a TV/radio schedule, praise reports and a calendar of events.

    Life's Blood Ministry - A non-profit organization supporting Christian radio broadcasting in Colorado Springs, CO, by soliciting public donations and distributing the donations to Christian radio ministries.

    Reachout Ministries - Conducts Good News Celebrations in inter-church, community-wide evangelistic campaigns across Canada, the U.S. and overseas in countries such as England, Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania.

    Prophetic Life Ministries - Providing instruction in the operation and activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Provides spiritual and praise warfare seminars, marriage enrichment, ministerial training and gospel concerts.

    Matthew's House - Building a Romanian orphanage with Christian love in the village of Dersca, Romania. Includes picture, goals, prayer requests, and a guestbook.

    Grace Walk Ministries - Discipleship training ministry teaching Christians how to apply the grace of God to daily living through books, tapes, conferences, videos, radio, and the Internet.

    Neighborhood Ministries - Holistic Christian outreach ministering to low-income families and at-risk children in inner city Phoenix, Arizona.

    Ministry of Jesus - Engaged in spreading the word of God in India. Site contains information, messages, testimonies, prayer requests etc.

    Living Word International - International ministry focused on supporting and encouraging ministers and missionaries. Features audio and video files, teachings and newsletters.

    Debra Ministries - Australia-based prophetic ministry of revival to the Body of Christ. Site features event information, study courses, poetry and a searchable Bible.

    W.A.L.K. Community Ministries - Construction and community service ministry consisting of individuals that strive to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ's teachings of local service, outreach, worship and fellowship.

    Ron Phillips Ministries - Outreach dedicated to strengthening the church of Jesus Christ through the teaching ministry of Pastor Ron Phillips. Features an itinerary, TV and radio ministry, bookstore and press releases.

    Cruisers for Christ, a classic car ministry - Nonprofit ministry to the world of classic auto enthusiasts. Reaching out through cruise night events and the distribution of Christian apparel and literature.

    Impact Ministries, Inc. and Dr. Harvey Brown, Jr. - Preaching and teaching ministry bringing hope, healing, and holiness. Features an itinerary, newsletter and testimonies.

    Caleb Ministries - Dedicated to providing rural church workers with resources for building the evangelical Christian community. Site includes book reviews, Spiritual mapping, articles, and sermons.

    Preparing For Harvest Ministries - An equipping ministry with emphasis on worship, evangelism, and renewal. Contains praise and worship music, a newsletter, and prayer intercession.

    New Beginnings Christian Network of Ministries - Partners with and offer support to ministers and believers. Offers ministry link, a newsletter and a message board.

    New Life Ministries International - Planting churches, healing people and reaching out in more than 35 nations. Site contains testimonies and a travel itinerary.

    Kaleo Ministries - Working to be a witness for Christ by sharing the gospel to all people through various ministries. Features event listings, devotions and news.

    Freedom in Christ Ministries UK - Helping church leaders free their congregations from the baggage of the past through Biblical teachings and studies.

    Restoration International Ministries (Australia) - Help hurting Christians find their way back into the body of Christ through forgiveness and love.

    Jesus Ministries - Encouraging individuals to develop a personal relationship with Christ. Contains audio files and testimonials.

    2nd Chance Ministries - Presenting a drama about Jesus and Zacchaeus while walking across America. Site contains an itinerary, daily trip report and donation information.

    PowerHouse Ministries - Evangelist Kaye Stramler and this Ministry are committed to training the Body of Christ to win souls and glean the end time harvest for the Second Coming of Christ, offering many services and products including seminars, workshops, special meetings and tape products.

    Voice of the Martyrs, The - Ministry focused on Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs around the world. Site features a biography of Richard Wurmbrand, a Christian speaker who spent fourteen years imprisoned and tortured in a Communist prison.

    Master Weaver Ministries - A traveling revivalist moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring healing and restoration. Includes events, testimonies, articles, and a store.

    Mary Craig Ministries - Bringing healing and restoration to the Body of Christ. Features missions updates, prophecies, an event schedule and information on seminars, conferences and retreats.

    Montreal Remnant Ministries - Small International publishing ministry. Providing free tracts and literature to individuals around the world.

    A Door of Hope Project - International outreach Ministry aimed at the homeless and impoverished. Includes seminars, project background and an online Bible.

    Soul Patrol Ministry - Aimed at demonstrating the life-changing power of obedience to God to those still trapped in a harmful lifestyle. Features event schedule, photo album, devotions and scripture.

    Christian Business Ministries - Al & Hattie Hollingsworth offer leadership training for professionals in the ministry field.

    For the Sake of Zion - Inspiring and equipping Christians and the church to participate in the Biblical mandate to assist Israel.

    Kalibu Ministries - Emphasizing development work and the establishment of local projects which lead to self-financing at the local level for projects in Sudan and other parts of Africa.

    Marten Ministries - Presenting God's word and Christian Music to encourage, edify and enlighten both believers and non-believers towards a victorious Christian life. Also has an itinerary, a Bible study outline, and devotionals.

    Healing Wings Ministries - Prophetic ministry reaching out through guest speakers, TV broadcasts and worship music. Site features a searchable Bible and essays.

    Johnson Outreach Ministries - International ministry of Kurt and Marla Johnson. Working to tell the world about the love and power of Jesus Christ through music, evangelism, and teaching.

    1-866-JESUS.ORG - Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through a toll-free information number. Contains news and a personal testimony.

    Judah International - Committed to enhancing the spiritual, social and economic development amongst men and women in the body of Christ. Features news, prayer requests, message forum and Bible downloads.

    J. Gordon Henry Ministries - Gives prayer seminars worldwide. Site includes testimonies, seminar information, photo gallery, biography, and schedule of upcoming appearances.

    New Life Outreach Ministries International - Christ centered evangelism and outreach ministry. Contains audio files, an itinerary, testimonies and prayer requests.

    GTO Family Ministries - Providing marriage enrichment resources and conducting seminars and conferences to help strengthen marriages.

    Barbara Thorne Ministries - International ministry dedicated to sharing the love of God with New England & the world.

    Streams To Rivers Ministries - Worship ministry and band reaching out to a wide age range through music and ministry. Features an events calendar, news updates and photos.

    Awareness Ministries - Ministry outreach founded by professional athletes to help individuals become aware of their future in Christ.

    CDM Teaching & Training Center - A multi-ethnic ministry training and equipping people to fulfill their potential. Contains news, event schedules, and training resources.

    Living Water Ministries - An evangelistic ministry dedicated to spreading the fire of revival to the body of Christ. Features prayer requests, a newsletter and information on Revival Fire Crusades.

    Loving Grace Ministries - Featuring the "Lets Talk About Jesus Radio Ministry" with Reverend Wayne Monbleau.

    Joyce Still Ministries - Evangelistic and prophetic ministry of healing and miracles aimed at presenting a powerful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Features an itinerary, tapes and photos.

    Christian Partners Outreach Ministries - Ministry providing job training, clothing and Christian teaching to men and women in spiritual and physical need.

    Multi-Media Evangelism - Evangelistic ministry for the hearing and the deaf, providing video tapes, Sunday School lessons and Bible studies in ASL for sign language study.

    Kathy's House - Domestic abuse shelter for women and children. Features a six-month program helping women to achieve personal and financial stability in a caring environment.

    NationaLight Ministries International - Taking the Gospel around the world for the past 30 years to build relationships, establish churches, instruct teachers and encourage those working as mentors to the Body of Christ.

    Grace to You Singapore - Media ministry featuring verse-by-verse teaching of God's Word. Includes radio broadcasts, books and audio cassette lessons.

    Prayer Ventures - Offers retreats, seminars, prayer ministry, books and tapes to help men and women grow in prayer.

    Hath An Ear Ministries - A prophetic, demonic deliverance, and music ministry. Featuring cassette tapes, seminars and exorcisms.

    Mental Health Ministry Resource - Offering resources to encourage churches and communities in caring for people with mental illnesses and their families. Also has a list of recommended books.

    Rally Call Ministries Official Site - An apostolic prophetic ministry seeking the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Site includes newsletters, event calendars, audio tapes and a prophetic school.

    Integrity Ministries - Taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples of the earth. Features Bible studies, photos, news and prayer requests.

    Saber Ministries - Evangelistic outreach ministry that prays for the needs of people while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching engagements and online sermons.

    C L Ministries - Christian teaching ministry of Chris & Lindy Hill. site provides books, tapes, videos and Bible study materials.

    Abundant Life Ministries - Training local ministers to effectively bring the reality of God's healing into the everyday lives of their fellow church members.

    Abiding Light Ministries - Christian evangelical healing ministry that is proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. Features commentary, speaking itinerary, Bible search and a forum.

    Into the Light Ministries - A Spirit-filled end times ministry dedicated to the preaching the fullness of the gospel worldwide.

    Shalach Ministries - Focusing on teaching all Jews in the State of Israel the urgent need of accepting Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior.

    Les Feldick Ministries - Focused on teaching a two and a half year course that covers every verse of the Bible. Site features newsletters, TV and radio schedules, a Biblical timeline, books and tapes.

    Prophetic People Ministries - Building a place of gathering, training and correlation for the prophetic gifting and ministry while promoting and strengthening the prophetic in Gods church.

    Sammy Tippit Ministries - International evangelism and revival speaking ministry. Site features news, devotions, books, and audio messages.

    Spiritual Disciplines - Ministry of conference speaker, author and seminary professor Don Whitney. Features audio sermons, articles, book excerpts, newsletters and an events calendar.

    H & L Ministries - Promoting the uncompromising truth of the Bible through seminars and revivals.

    BOLD Ministry - Bible study ministry focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ and how they apply to the business community. Site includes news, audio tapes and a prayer room.

    Ezra Ministries - International ministry focused on church planting and outreach. Features music and puppet ministries, clothing ministries and bi-annual crusades.

    Mark Hankins Ministries - Working to be a witness for Christ by sharing the gospel to all people through various ministries. Features event listings, devotions and news.

    Kingdom Ministry Trust - Managing community projects such as food centers, mental health support centers, frail care, long-term psychiatric care and housing and crisis support. Site features volunteer opportunities.

    Military Sentinel of Fort Walton Beach, Florida - Dedicated to serving the military communities of Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field and reaching them with the gospel of Jesus Christ

    Old Enough to Know Better - Equipping senior adults to make healthier choices about their own lives through the use of familiar Bible stories, sound psychological insights and humor.

    Set Free Christian Fellowship S.B.C. - A church who loves Jesus and trains disciples to follow him. Features more than 50 different ministries at locations all over southern California.

    Victory Christian Ministries - Global outreach ministry focusing on the islands of the world. Site features an itinerary, audio tapes, testimonies and a devotional message.

    God Chasers - Encouraging the passionate pursuit of God. Featuring a speaking schedule, newsletter, multimedia and a bookstore.

    Awaken Ministries - Working side-by-side with local pastors to encourage, challenge and equip the Saints for the work of the gospel. Features teaching tapes, testimony and an itinerary.

    Eternal Ministries - Evangelistic outreach that seeks to equip Christians with the knowledge to share the Gospel through the use of sound, Biblical teaching.

    The Full Gospel Of Jesus Christ E. A. Inc - Preaching the full Gospel, feeding and clothing people in need and preparing people for the job market with training. Site offers music and literature to encourage Christian growth.

    Joni Ames Ministry - Christian prophetic ministry located in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Contains an event calendar, prophecies, poems, teachings, and references.

    The King Jesus is Lord Church World Ministry - Soul-winning focused ministry of Cyrus N. Moses. Features prayer requests, personal writings, testimonies and a free book.

    Katrina Rae / Mizpah Ministries - Ministry of a Christian recording artist who travels throughout the world sharing Christian music and her witness in concerts, retreats and keynote speeches.

    Abundant Life Inc. - Outreach ministry teaching the works of Jesus Christ and the Bible to the business community. Site includes a newsletter, audio tapes, and an events calendar.

    Christian Friends of Israel UK - Ministry encouraging the practical and moral support of Israel while educating the church about its Hebraic roots.

    Lamb Ministries - Family ministry with experience in answered prayers. Site features articles, prayer requests and a radio program.

    Christos Ministries - Offers conflict resolution and Christian counseling to clergy and their families in order to promote healthy relationships in churches.

    Crown Financial Ministries - Ministry aimed at providing a Christian perspective on debt management, budgeting guides and help with personal finances. Site features a newsletter, Q&A section, software and online tools.

    All Things New Ministry - Ministry helping Christians grow spiritually through service and evangelism to disaster victims.

    Grace Ethiopian Outreach Ministry - Reaching out to Ethiopians through training, church planting, conferences and local church support. Site offers Real Audio broadcasts of Ethiopian teachings.

    Good News Ministries - Ministry to truckers offering free Bibles, tracts, CDs and cassettes.

    Good Shepherd Restoration Ministries, Inc. - Faith-based initiative addressing addiction recovery, welfare-to-work alternatives, and HIV (AIDS) among African Americans in urban, inner city communities.

    Persuade the World Ministries - Teaching the Biblical message of sanctification and holiness. Site features free books, tapes, and CDs with the life-changing radio messages on sanctification and holiness theology.

    Radical Love Ministries - Wisconsin based Street Ministry aimed at reaching the lost with the love of Jesus. Site includes event updates and evangelism links.

    Worldwide for Christ Ministries - An evangelical, nondenominational ministry founded to reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Focused on Church and mission planting, leadership training and evangelism.

    David Piper Ministries - National speaking ministry of a recovered drug and alcohol abuser. Site features audio files, itinerary and a Bible search.

    CrossPower Christian Ministries - Helping believers achieve "Victorious Christian Living" through guest speakers, retreats, and Christian counseling. Site contains devotions, audio sermons, and witnessing tools.

    Bible League, The - Ministry focused on providing Bibles to new and persecuted Christians around the world. Site features articles, witnessing resources and donation opportunities.

    His Way Ministries - Christian outreach aimed at providing ministry workers with rest and encouragement though the Buffalo Ridge Retreat Center. Resources include a newsletter, articles, and a video documentary on AIDS.

    Christian Communicators Worldwide - Teaching and writing ministry focused on the reformation of the church, biblical evangelism, and the hope for authentic revival in our day. Features a speaking schedule, newsletter, articles and Real Audio sermons.

    Faith Builders - International speaking and teaching team building up and encouraging believers to take hold of their destiny in life. Features upcoming events, news and personal testimony.

    Tony Fontana Ministries - An outreach ministry of Eagle's Nest Christian Church. The site features a newsletter, prayer request, and ministry tools.

    Global Outreach Ministries - Promoting Christian missions in Thailand and around the world. Features information on local ministries and church services.

    Don Clowers Ministries - World-wide evangelistic ministry spreading the Gospel and equipping church leaders. Features Bible teachings, prayer requests, ministry news and practical help for Christian living.

    Africa International Christian Mission - The mission of AICM is to assist Christian Churches in implementing the Great Commission of Christ worldwide by ministering to the total spiritual and physical man.

    Rock The Silence - Deaf ministry & music ministry coming together in a dramatic interpretation of music through American sign language.

    Friends of the Bridegroom - Musical ministry offering worship services and workshops. Features news, an itinerary and worship conference information.

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