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   See Also:

    Numerometria - Trying to synthesize what to some are vastly different ideas on religion, science, magick and technology.

    Christian Occultism and Magic - The esoteric side of Christianity. Features articles on talismans, candle magick, astral projection and a Roman ritual. Includes links and discussion group.

    The Daily Grail - Daily news on the Priory of Sion, Egypt, scientific breakthroughs and numerous mysteries. Descriptive links to news items concerning ancient and modern mysteries. Includes an interactive forum.

    Esoterica: The Journal of Esoteric Studies - A peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the transdisciplinary study of Western esotericism.

    Villa of the Mysteries - Occult scholar Tim Maroney presents some of his essays, personal information, and other projects bearing on occult spirituality.

    Esoteric Engineering - Essays on various esoteric topics and interviews with occultists.

    Esotericism - What Is It? - An article describing esotericism and the methods used for attaining spiritual awareness. Gives suggested readings for further research.

    Occultopedia - An encyclopedia of occultism, mythology, the strange and the unexplained.

    Astrological Realtime-Clock - A resource for knowing the exact placement of the planets in real time.

    Symbols.Com - Western Signs and Ideograms - A large collection of symbols and signs found in Western Culture and esoteric schools of thought.

    The Darker Side - Travel to the darker side and learn more about the occult, mysterious, and indulge on your creative side. Includes the authors' philosophy.

    Science and the Outer Streams Internet TV Show - Free on-demand streaming media show for discussing esoteric studies, spirituality, religion, and mysticism.

    Cardoza's Dragon Magick and Alchemy - Explores the Great Work of spiritual transformation through witchcraft, magick and alchemy. Includes comparative methodologies from various cultures.

    Occult Symbolism and Culture - Shows how tarot, astrology and the four elements can help bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

    Spells and Magic - Puzuzu's place for black and white magic spells, charms, esoterica, and the conjuring of spirits.

    Esoteric Studies Guide - Articles on Theosophy, occultism and the esoteric.

    Necroraven's Dark Dance of the Soul - Various articles on candle magick, creative visualization, cleansing, and divination. Includes links and a guestbook.

    The Twilight Grotto - Extensive esoteric archives covering Enochian and other forms of Western Esoterica. Has many texts and Grimiores online.

    Lucid Zahor - The theory of inner transmutation, a system of magick for achieving spiritual immortality.

    PsyberMagus Elemental Magick - Information detailing the elemental realms, with qabbalah and chakra information.

    The Ancient Science of Resurrection - An explanation for re-uniting the physical body and the divine body.

    The Psychonomicon - Occult links directory and large library of relevant files on the esoteric.

    Magia Christiana - A collection of links and articles on Christian magic, demonology, sex magick and other occult topics. Includes forums, webrings, and online texts.

    Esoteric Theological Seminary - Offers courses and degrees in paganism, asatru, magik, and a variety of other esoteric subjects.

    The Philosophers Stone - Articles on occult subjects and related fields, including reference information and where to find the books. Newsgroup listings, reviews of classic books and listings of events around the globe.

    Living Traditions: An online journal of tradition and spirituality - An anti-modernist look at the wide spectrum of spiritual traditions from alchemy and hermetics to Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Esoteric Art - Alternate Realities in Art and Thought. Some esoteric pieces.

    Donald Tyson's Supernatural World - Entertaining and instructive articles, images, texts and links on all aspects of the Western esoteric tradition.

    Occulture Festival - Brighton's annual occult festival. It provides a platform for esoteric contributors.

    The Maekuirian Library - Written books online by author Maekuira primarily dealing with all subjects in and relating to metaphysics and occultism.

    AstroQab by Mallukh AHI - Combining qabalah and astrology in an unique hybrid that also draws heavily upon the work of Alice Bailey.

    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth - A literal translation and interpretation of one of the most ancient and secret of the great works.

    The Occult Tides Web - Deals with many aspects of the occult, including alchemy, magic and witchcraft, demonology, and runes. It has an extensive list of spells, rituals, training courses, and occult texts.

    New Dawn Magazine - Devoted to examining esoterica, the Mysteries and publishing non-mainstream analysis of religion.

    Crowley Thoth Deck Online Reading - Tarot reading featuring the Crowley Thoth deck online, with additional areas for the Tree of Life, a dreambook, chat room, database and information.

    The Astral Citadel - Eclectic collection of various occult and paranormal subjects.

    Hollyfeld Esoteric Archive Network - Huge resource of texts, links, elists and other esoteric resources.

    Den of Heathens - Occult and Pagan awareness. Features chat, message board and articles.

    Biblioteca Arcana - Greek system of magick and ritual.

    Isopsephia Calculator - Automatically calculates gematria based on the Greek, Hebrew and three different Roman systems.

    Truetype Fonts - Truetype fonts of ancient alphabets and mythic symbols, including Ogham and Runic scripts.

    Graal of Immortality - One man's goal of physical immortality. Includes writings on Crowley, the Kabbalah and Earth chakras.

    Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation - Esoteric knowledge for our time. Pythagoras' secret teaching.

    Magical Alphabets - Various magical fonts available for download.

    Frater 93 - Provides many details on Aleister Crowley. Library section contains articles on Qabalah, magick, Theosophy and various other esoteric topics.

    The Gnostic Pagan Tradition - A cultural fusion based on Traditional Gnosticism, Thelema, TransPhysics, Historical Materialism and Jungian Psychology.

    Western Esoteric Texts - Esoteric and Occult texts at

    The Power of the Swastika - About the swastika and its relationship to Wodhanaz, the Great Goddess, and the Indian god Ganesha, and how the swastika can be used in combination with psychoactive mushrooms for shamanic purposes

    Antiquus Mysticus - Ancient Mystic - Dedicate to mystics interested in magick, Rosicrucians, astral projection, and the Kabbalah.

    Shamanspace Internecine Resource - Resource on Internecine deicide cult, Prevail, Gnosticism and the Cult of Alix.

    7th Star Occult Pages - General occult information which includes runes, the kabbalah, the shemhamaphoresh, and goetia.

    Rings Bells? - Information on the Vuquin, Black Armada, and other such organizations.

    Arcane Device - Features texts in various formats on different systems of magick, mindcontrol and the esoteric.

    The Umbanda - The Tradition of Umbanda is transmitted orally and visually, allowing a significant and wide discussion on religious, philosophical, scientific and artistic concepts, to unite the four pillars of the knowledge.

    Nazism and The New Age, Hitler and the Occult - Explores the secret hidden occult history of Adolf Hitler and his inner circle.

    Upon Reflection - Symbols and imagery used in the ancient world. Covering aspects of runes, Ogham, hieroglyphics and deities.

    The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet - An in-depth look at our modern alphabet and it's relation to Esotericism.

    Kraken's Lair and Ki Dojo - Ki, energy and Will.

    C.F. Russell Cubed - An evolving web site on the magickal workings of the late mathematician and logician, Cecil Frederick Russell (1897-1987).

    The Human Form Divine - Microcosm of the MacroCosmos - Revealing how the MacroCosmos of the Sun, the Moon and various features of the Earth is reflected in the microcosm of the human body.

    The Song of Taliesin-seeking the Elohim Grails - Based upon channeled insights into the Arthurian Grail Legends.

    Spirit Mythos - A visual path into the Akashic Records of Thoth.

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