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    Azuregreen - Provides metaphysical related items including books, candles, music, tarot, and incense.

    Lytha Studios - Fine Celtic and Pagan jewelry, clothing, books, essential oils, incense, candles, and music.

    Wiccan Ware - A 100% Wiccan/Pagan owned and operated small business providing the Magickal community with T-Shirts, bumperstickers, and other related items of original design.

    Cyber Magick - An occult supply store with secure, private online ordering. A very wide selection of products are available for purchase.

    The Witch's Wares - Online occult store and witch shop selling Wiccan books, supplies, tarot cards, and runes.

    Papa Bones - Voodoo occult supply store with ingredients for spiritual rites and rituals including washes, astrology, books, candles, oils, voodoo dolls, skulls, and witch candles.

    Mooncrafts - Ritual kits, supplies and general merchandise.

    The Ancient Order of Spitzalod - Ritual services and magic candles.

    Ancients Shadows - Offers a variety of magickal solutions to everyday problems. - Occult supplies, baphomet, candles, robes, books, pendants, pentagrams.

    Custom Voodoo New Age Superstore - Recommends books for witchcraft, black magic, love magic, and much more. Tarot Decks and Ouija Boards available.

    Mother's Hearth - Rare hand rolled incense making kits and supplies, magickal ingredients, books and general new age items.

    Besom Buddies - Items from various Pagan artisans are sold online here.

    Aquagik - Spiritual and magikal waters for use in spells, rituals and blessings.

    Parsifal Gallery and Books - Art, books and links. Various gifts and services available.

    Conjurations Wiccan Products - Catering to the Wiccan community. Various tools and ritual supplies for sale.

    HermeticKa - The Ceremonial Magick Webstore: Serving the magical, thelemic, wiccan, pagan and occult communities.

    Odin's Treasure Chest - Offers books, oils, and spells.

    Witchy Ones Online - Ritual kits, magickal supplies, and gifts for the Pagan community.

    PureMojo's Little Book of Spells - PureMojo's Little Book of Spells includes magick spells and candle magic.

    GODDESSY: Belief Is Only The Beginning... - Astrology, New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical web store and community offering the information, products, and services.

    Magikherb - Proving herb and incense for ritual, spells, and healing. Over 400 items to choose from.

    Pagan Business Cards - Pagan background, photo and graphics themes. Pagan owned and operated.

    Embroidery by Design - Design and manufacture of velvet pouches, altar cloths, wands and other occult goods.

    The Eye of Newt - Providers of New Age, Earth magicks, and ceremonial supplies. Online catalog of 1000+ holistic, pagan, ceremonial, and ritual items.

    Enchanted Market - Offers jewelry, books, ritual and altar supplies.

    New Age Emporium - Pagan and New Age shop. USA orders only. Some unique items worth checking out at reasonable prices.

    Magikal Herbs - Secure online ordering of wiccan/pagan herbs, incense, potpourri, and teas.

    Simply Magickal - Serving the Pagan and Heathen communities offering items for the mind, body, and spirit.

    FivePoints Metaphysical Shoppe - A variety of hand-crafted goods made by pagan artists as well as high quality, ready-made products; including bath salts, statues, athames, and custom staves.

    Kitchen Witch - Handcrafted soaps, lotions, potions and incense. They also offer an "Energy Exchange", and "Antidotes for Boredom".

    The Velvet Witch - Features home decor and statuary for both Pagans and non-Pagans. Various ritual items also available.

    The Mystic Maiden - Supplier of hand-crafted ritual robes and cloaks of Pagan and Alternative spiritual influence. Renaissance attire, ritual supplies jewelry and altar tools.

    Alicja: Healing Tools and Jewelry Catalog - A selection of alternative healing tools, protective jewelry, and neutralizers.

    Magickware - Witchcraft store for custom witchcraft spells, Wicca and magickal supplies and tools for pagans of every path. A wide selection of products with lots of corresponding information.

    DragonDust - Metaphysical items from a wide variety of paths and traditions.

    CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies - Supplies for ceremonial, ritual, spellwork and altar needs. Specializing in engraved runes.

    Witch Works - Witch Works empowered herbal oil potions original blends of highest quality essential oils - absolutes with moon cultivated garden grown herbs and flower blossoms. Gemstone aligned for wealth, health.

    Magickal Apothecary - Offers a variety of supplies for magickal needs including but not limited to essential oils, herbs, bath salts, and complete spell kits.

    AmethystShells - The new age section includes altar decor, ritual items, cauldrons, and divination tools.

    Merlin's Dream Shop - A metaphysical shop offering books, tarot kits, ritual tools, and candles.

    Lorelei's Call - Various Pagan supplies and books.

    Scarlet Lily - Various magickal ingredients and potions made under the moon by vampyres.

    Unearthly Delights - Complete line of unique occult supplies with more added monthly or as created. T-Shirts, stickers, altar tiles, and patens.

    Mystickal Tymes - Offers a large supply of quality, magickal products. Also has information pages.

    Seasons of the Witch - Wicca Pagan calendar, magick day planner and organizer. Features powercast system, lunar astrology, holy days, and color illustration by twelve top pagan artists.

    Ancient Archives Bibliotheque - Magical mastery, universal wisdom, spiritual growth and potent ritual power.

    Bridget J. Delfine's Bell, Book and Candle - An esoteric online service and supply site. The proprietor is a student of the esoteric who will offer teachings, advice, and counsel to those who wish to add a spiritual slant to their lives.

    The Witch Shop at Silver Stitches - Carries supplies for Wicca, Gypsy, Voodoo all Pagan religions. Extensive selection of organic herbs and essential oils. Over 5000 items.

    Original Magick Designs - Wiccan owned and operated cross stitch publishing company and pagan supply mail order company. Cross stitch pattern catalogs are available.

    R'Chel Enterprises - Creators of candles, bath and body products in over 200 fragrances. Suppliers of metaphysical and pagan products, handcrafted wands and runes.

    WytchWorks - Online magickal supply shop with hundreds of wondrous Pagan, Wiccan, Occult items for your spiritual needs.

    Snake And Snake Productions - Daily Lunar Phase information, t-shirts of moon, goddess, and pagan themes by Susan Baylies. Winter Solstice cards, lunar calendar, Goddess Grace exercise video.

    Häxans Hus - Witch's Cottage is a store for Wiccans. Located in Stockholm, Sweden but also sells via mail order.

    Beaded Magick - Unique and artistic beadwork with a Pagan, Wiccan, mystical and magical flare. All items made by an Alternative Pagan in Lancaster, PA.

    Other Worldly Stuff - Pagan greeting cards.

    Dancing Willow - Offers everything from Wiccan, Pagan and Celtic jewelry to ritual supplies, bath and body products, almanacs and cloaks.

    Dark Blessings - Oils, incense and jewelry.

    Enchanted Apothecary - Huge selection of all types of incense, spell kits, amulets, and other magical aids.

    Trepame's Sacred Space - Online shop and poetry archives.

    A Mystik Garden - Magickal tools and mystical needs for meditation, transformation, illumination and spiritual growth.

    Ladyhawk's Treasures New Age Shop - Various supplies offered. For general new age or the serious student of Wicca and Paganism.

    The Magick Shoppe - Handmade tools of the Occult. Spell kits, books, runes, and ritual wear.

    Shadoni Enchantments - Pagan supplies including books, tarot and ritual supplies.

    Books and Stuff - Carrying mainly books with some other metaphysical gifts.

    Magic, Mystic and Magick Spells - An Indian (east), multipurpose store for various occult needs.

    Magick Spells - Potent Protection Spells - Magick protection spells. A collection of ancient and modern protection spells for the warding-off of various dangers, attacks and evils.

    Herbal-Shaman - Alternative, bulk medicinal, shamanic and culinary herbs, extracts and smart drugs. Ethnobotanical seeds, spores and plants as well as Visionary incenses and related gift items.

    The Amulet - Shop includes runes, crystal amulets, and tools, along with related information.

    Merlin's Magickal Supplies - Supplies and tools for a variety of esoteric needs.

    Amalux - Natural herbal products along with books by Franz Bardon and Paracelsus.

    Celestial Web - Eclectic blend of Pagan and Wiccan ritual and gift items, Carry handmade candles, incense, soaps, windchimes, herbal products, oils, altar cloths as well as books.

    The Blue Moon Soap Company - Ritual supplies, natural herbal soaps and toiletries, and other witch-crafted items.

    Star Links Gifts - New age and Pagan amulets and gifts. Dragons, pentacles, crosses, spell kits, cards, zodiac pendants, metaphysical jewelry.

    Beewitch and Beedazzle - Specializes in handmade beeswax candles and other items to enhance your rituals.

    Glass Dragon - Candles, tarot cards, crystal balls and clothing.

    Enchanted Encounters: Ye Olde Magick Shoppe - Features a wide array of items including altar items, ritual supplies, divination tools, and handmade candles.

    Sorcerers Apprentice - U.K. mail order company. occult books and ritual regalia.

    Pagan Art and Tools By Cerridwyn - Original Pagan statuary, prints, handcrafted altar tools for pagan and ceremonial backgrounds. Spell kits, correspondence course, blessed shaman bags, and books.

    Sands Specialties - Wiccan, occult, and Pagan treasures, jewelry and figurines.

    Gaias Moon - Custom Renaissance finery. Lush capes, cloaks and pouches made of the finest in European trims, charms and velvets. Seasonal and sabbat decor, Celtic recipes as well as interesting ecological information.

    Good Juju Magickal Boutique - Provides an eclectic mix of products of interest to pagan, new age and cultural communities. Candles, statuary, clothing, jewelry, incense, oils, supplies, and ritual items.

    Gypsy Studios - Information on pagan and occult oriented materials, supplies, and services. Mail order from Western North Carolina.

    Inkantations - An online store offering jewelry, magical inks, cloaks, gowns as well as spell chests and altar items handcrafted from solid wood.

    Smoky Quartz - Magickal items to refresh the spirit. Ear candles, sage and sweetgrass, Italian handcrafted journals, Vogel Star of David jewelry. - Witch's Specialty Online Shoppe with witch's balls and witch's runes, God and Goddess bottles, crystal jewelry, unique tools, magickal kits, numerology charts, potions and many other items.

    The Celtic Shoppe - Pagan, Wiccan, and Celtic crafts, including tarot, crystals, ritual garb and seasonal items for solstice, yule, or everyday magic.

    Nature's Lore Herbs - A full line of bulk herbs and essential oils. Also hand-crafted personal care items.

    Ancient Traditions - On-line store offering pagan and ritual needs and Wiccan supplies.

    Solemn - New Age spiritual shaman medicine, therapy healing and alternative homeopathy via jewelry, crystals and incense.

    Flight of the Eagle Shamanic Resources - A compendium of Journeys, philosophical treatises, channelings from Kuthumi, astrological services and a selection of resources such as talesmans, amulets and symbolic jewelry.

    Cosmic Dandelion Herbs - Magickal / occult supplies. Herbs, resins and oils.

    Mystic Dreams - Unique selection of Josephine Wall art, beaded curtains, and sculptures. Carries handmade soap, altar and ritual items, spellbooks, and crystal balls.

    Magick Needs - Order online. Ancient symbols, animal totems, pentacles, rings, runes and talismans.

    Pagan Presence, Inc. - Pagan Presence, Inc. serves the magikal and spiritual needs of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and anyone interested in New Age/Occult products.

    Black Magic Market - The online occult source for all things dark. Buy ritual items online.

    Mystical Wonders - Mystical Wonders offers candles, jewelry, soaps, herbs, ritual clothing and other products to provide a means of better expression for personal magical work and spiritual growth.

    Quintessence - Offers a range of products, from the mystical to the whimsical. Offers journals, gift baskets, celtic jewelry, books, or even magic spells.

    Pagan and Wiccan Clothing and Accessories - Retail shop with secure online ordering specializing in gifts for Pagans and Wiccans.

    Magick Pagan and Wiccan Superstore - Online wicca and magick discount store. Everything for the modern witch. Tarot cards and books, spellcraft supplies, pentacle and goddess jewelry, spiritual statues and texts.

    Earth Magic Productions - Books, tapes, and related products to aid in personal transformation. Subjects include witchcraft, goddess worship, oracle reading, and general occult. Features the works of Marion Weinstein.

    Equinox Books and Occult Supplies - Offers Pagan, Wiccan, and occult books and supplies.

    Herbal Brews - Genuine hand-crafted ritual incense, oils and body care using traditional herbalist methods in conjunction with moon and planetary phases.

    Morticia's Morgue Occult Emporium - Wiccan, Pagan and Gothic jewelry, Talistones, books, and statues.

    NitePagan's Bag Shop - Silk lined Tarot and Crystal Bags, Deerskin Pouches and Pendant Necklaces are hand-crafted in NH by the NitePagan. Also available are jewelry, gemstones, tarot decks and divination tools.

    Goddess Circle - One of the largest herbal sites on line with a wide variety of products for the magickal practitioner.

    The Dragon's Nest - Fantasy and New Age gifts, books, games, incense, and jewelry.

    Wings of Isis - Jewelry, books, athames, herbs, handmade products, incenses, and candles.

    Moon Spells - Harness the power of astrology and astral energy with the help of magic, wiccan, sacred or moon spells for healing,love, health and money.

    Wiccaworld - Offers supplies for Wiccan, Pagan, and occult practitioners.

    Bright Blessings T-Shirts - T-Shirts appealing to Pagans, Celts and New Agers are introduced by Bright Blessings. Original artwork by Bright Blessings own artists.

    Gypsy Magick - Online occult shop.

    The Salem Witch - Shop for Witchcraft supplies, ritual tools, magical clothing, and gifts online from Witches in historic Salem, Massachusetts.

    The Dragon Den - Online occult shop with metaphysical items.

    The Haunted Bookshop - Occult books, workshops and tours.

    Olde Enchantments Online Store - Olde Enchantments is a Wiccan owned and operated online store featuring unique metaphysical products and fantasy gift items.

    Brightworld Metaphysical - Crystal balls, Tarot sets, healing mineral kits, metaphysical books and rune stones.

    Castle Cat Commodities - Celtic, metaphysical, and wiccan jewelry.

    Castle of Spirits Mystical Merchandise - Large range of mystical items including candles, mythical t-shirts, oils, and incense.

    Dragon's Lair Gifts - Offers ritual items, decorative and children's items, and unusual gifts in a pagan friendly atmosphere.

    An Essence in Thyme - Essential supplies for wiccans and pagans.

    Dream Weavers Herbal Accents - Herbs, essential oils, incense and books, for body, mind and freespirit.

    Kama Sutra Collections - Full line of kama sutra products includes massage oils, lotions, body dusts, pleasure balms, cremes and salts. Also carry a line of gift sets and books.

    Crystal Magick - Natural and handcrafted items including crystals, silver jewelry, oil diffusers and supplies. Also carries Pagan ritual tools including wands, brooms, and meditation stones.

    The Lycian Sanctuary Store - Religious videos and supplies for the Pagan / Wiccan community.

    Spirit Networks - Metaphysical and spiritual product line.

    Wacky Jac's - An on-line magickal ritual clothing supply store featuring original metaphysical merchandise.

    The Standing Stone - Herbs, oils, crystals and books. Search feature is offered to help find the magickal tools specific to your needs.

    Stained Witch - Candle spells and stained glass pentacles.

    Gothic Rain - Provides mostly handmade items. Sabbat cards, magick paper, Book of Shadows, "Charmed" baby clothes, Muslin herb bags.

    Spiritual Magick - Oils, herbs, candles. Midland, Texas.

    Faerieland Creations - Sage smudge bundles named Faerie Wands. Made from organically grown sage and lavender. Used for healing and cleansing.

    Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore - Incense, meditation and yoga tools, religious statues (murtis), books, and world music, all reflecting the merging of Eastern and Western mystical traditions.

    Visabella Mythic Clothing - Capes, dresses and various other types of clothing available.

    Gypsy Moon Shadow - Wiccan based site with positive pop-ups, and free with purchase offers. Orders are by e-mail at present.

    Banana Slug Fetishes and Other Sacred Blessing Gifts - Sacred blessing gifts, Native American, blessed animal fetish, medicine bundles and colorful logo t-shirts by Acme Beach-Animal Company of Northern California.

    Keltic Designs - A catalog of Celtic designs for art and clothing.

    Firewind Herbal Products - Pagan-owned online store, providing handmade incense, oils, bath salts, powders, herbs, artwork. Product lines for the zodiac, Tree of Life, Chakras, seasons.

    Botanica La Rosa Del Mar - Botanica/ occult shop specializing in candles, herbs, oils, baths, incense and spell kits.

    Impressions By Lirica - Online store and Wiccan/ Pagan chat.

    The Quiet Room Shoppe - Pagan oriented gifts and products. Altar tools, flights of fancy. Athames, oil and incense warmers. Chat room.

    Mystical Star Merkabah - This site deals with the sale of a star Terahedron which spins on a bearing to allow you to meditate with a firm image of the energy field that surrounds the human body, all planets, plants and animals.

    Ancient Gardens - Products include herbs, incenses and oils.

    The MoJoMoon Magick Shoppe - Free spell archive, tarot, astrology and numerology profiles. Esoteric archive complete with many views and forms of divination and magick. Hoodoo, Santo and Candle magick jobs and kits available.

    Spells Magic and Mystical Talismans - Spells, gemstones, herbs, and talismans.

    Work Miracles with Holy Talismans - Consecrated ritually charged ancient holy talismans which draw positive spirits and angelic influences to improve people's lives.

    Seasons Children - Handmade soap, bath salts, ritual kits and scrying mirrors. There are no dyes, perfumes or chemicals, natural or synthetic added to the products.

    Drowsmist Wiccan World - Wiccan and Pagan store selling jewelry, cauldrons, celtic jewelry and ritual items.

    The Celtic Lady - Celtic jewelry, art, fonts, horses, symbols.

    Moon Diary - A store celebrating women's spirituality and spirit. Featuring a menstrual calendar, moon diary, address book, bookmarks and lunar charts.

    Pagan Designs - Pagan shirts for sale. Design made by the Pagan Family.

    The Ravensong - Ethical Pagan Wiccan store offering supplies and magical ingredients. Featuring a variety of candles, books, tarot, and exclusive ritual kits.

    Full Moon Gifts - An online Pagan store selling runes, candles and miscellaneous occult gifts.

    Earth eScentsuals - Specializes in hand poured fragrance scented and 100% pure essential oil aromatherapy candles, wiccan products and hand dipped incense.

    Pan's Pantry - Suppliers of incense resins and the rare gums of the grimoires.

    Black Cauldron Enterprises - A wide variety of Wiccan, Pagan, and other various religious items.

    Mystical Path - Offering supplies at a low price. Items include statues, ritual incense, oils, and books.

    Madame Zorella's Catalog - Spirit helper charms, oils, and jewelry from around the world. Supplies and help in casting spells for love, money and revenge. - Easy on-line shopping for unique Pagan supplies, kits, and gifts.

    Mystical World - Bookstore and metaphysical supply shop. Also offers workshops on a variety of topics.

    Mystic-Auction - An online auction house catering to Pagans, Wiccans, and Druids. New items always welcomed.

    Mystic Lady Metaphysical Shop - New and growing online metaphysical shop, with spell kits, books, ritual supplies, and other metaphysical items.

    Pagan Greeting Cards - Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagans will find cards for every Sabbat, lunar phases, handfastings, Wiccanings, and other rites of passage.

    Godiva Shop - Books, music, holiday gifts, and spiritual inspirations.

    Salem's Mystical Treasures - An online source for metaphysical, Wiccan, magickal and other spiritual supplies such as books, oils, herbs, and candles.

    The Store at - Italian jewelry, hand-poured candles, Italian tarot and Waterhouse prints.

    Magickal Jewelry and Gifts - Metaphysical and Celtic jewelry, New age gifts, runes, and spell kits. Free Gift with every order.

    Earth Spirits - A diverse selection of magickal and ritual supplies, including books, candles, essential oils, and smudge sticks.

    Ancient Wisdom - A retail store that specializes in providing unique products designed to expand and inspire human potential. - A collection of ritual items and magickal gifts including jewelry, figurines, tarot, and windchimes. Free shipping in the continental USA.

    Copper Moon Cottage - Offers magickal supplies for Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and anyone interested in the Old Ways. Ritual Besoms, Wands, Spell Craft, are just a few of the items they carry.

    Panpipes Magickal Marketplace - Oils, candles, spell kits, and books.

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