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   See Also:

    Islam Guide - A brief, illustrated guide to understanding Islam, to help non-Muslims better understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran).

    Islam For Today - Featuring articles and links to information about the religion of Islam, designed particularly for those of a Western background.

    Living Islam - Islamic texts and references in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish.

    Islam - Islam chronology.

    Muslim Directory - Popular UK Islamic directory. Features include database of businesses, organisations and mosques. Chat room, postcards, notice board.

    Radio Al-Islam - Islamic prayer chants, and chanting recitations of the Koran are featured here.

    Fatwa-Online - Comprehensive fatwa page, providing daily updates from the major scholars of the Muslim World.

    Islam in the United States - Articles, FAQs, terminology and links about Islam in the United States, from

    Dar Assirat for Dawah and Media - Find Masjids, businesses and other organizations. Also get the prayer time at any location.

    Muslim World - The purpose of creation, intro to Islam, women's section, Muslim poetry and fiction, Islamic rulings, links. - Your one stop source on Islam with such items as Islamopedia, live adhan, Islamic communities, prayer times. Requires both Java and JavaScript.

    Fethullah G├╝len and His Works - Books, articles, and poems relating to Islamic faith.

    Muslim Web Portal & Net Guide - Islamic web directory, Islamic greeting cards, free e-mail account, calligraphy images, banner exchange, news headlines.

    Is There a God? - Whom must we worship? - Information about Islam, both for the believer and those not yet aware of this religion.

    Islam - The Modern Religion - Regularly updated with articles for the intellectual mind--regardless of whether you are Muslim or Non-Muslim.

    Back To Quran and Hadith Movement - Encouraging the younger generation towards a picture of Islam as presented by the Quran and Hadith.

    The True Religion - Articles covering topics such as God, monotheism, the purpose of life, Christianity and the refutation of anti-Islamic claims. Features a collection of convert stories, discussion forum, free e-mail.

    All About Islam by Muhammad Sabih Alam - This site contains concepts of Islam, articles, Islamic Images, and lot more

    International Islamic Propagation Center - Organization promoting the Ayats of Allah. You are invited to visit the site, listen to the lectures and ask questions of the speaker.

    Islamic Foundation of North America - A site with a wide range of resources of information.

    Al-Madeena Research Foundation International - A great site about Islam, Christianity and Islam and other subjects about Islam.

    An Authentic Islamic Website - Hopes to provide the most authentic information on Islam.

    Analyze Islam from a Teen Perspective - Providing both the basics and a deeper analysis of the beliefs and ethics of Islam.

    The Islamic Home Page - This site contains information about Islam.

    Islam - A Way of Life - Contains links/information on Islam, such as introduction to Islam, pillars, beliefs, qur'an, hadith/search, women, marriage & family,Articles, Khutbahs.

    Nature of Satan and His Method of Seduction - From the story of "The Visit of the Devil, the Accursed". The Iman survival guide articles.

    Calculate and know your Zakaah - View and learn Zakat rules. Calculate your Zakaah even for multi-types of resources.

    Foundation Khadimou Rassoul North America - Dedicated to the teachings of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke, Touba, Senegal. In depth information on all aspects of Islam as practiced by the Mourides in Senegal.

    An Introduction to Islam - An Islamic web site with information on Islam for non-Muslims and new Muslims. Also available, half of Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips' book 'The Purpose of Creation' online.

    Understanding Islam - Explanation and defense of Islam in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

    Free Qur'an - FREE Qur'an Copy and more information and resources about Islam and Muslims.

    Islam Awareness Homepage - Provides complete Information about Islam, Muslims, Allah, Quran, etc.

    Islam Awareness Homepage - Articles include each and every aspect of Islam, covering Allah, Jihad, Quran, Salah, Hadith, Woman rights, News on Chechnya etc. Frequently Updated.

    Islamic Paths - Your one stop source for information about Islam, Muslims and the Islamic Community.

    Al-Haj - A complete website conveying the procedures (arkans) to be performed at Mecca and Medina step by step, for the fulfillment of one of the pillars of Islam - HAJ. Also contains a section on places of Ziarah at Mecca and Medina.

    Islam - A Religion for All Mankind - Facts about Islam: According to "The Almanac Book of Facts", the population increased 137% within the past decade, Christianity increased 46%, while Islam increased 235%. In a recent poll, 100,000 people per year in America alone are converting to Islam.

    Noor Al Iman - Contains Links, News, Masjids, Editorial, Quraan, Hadeeth, Salat, Wudhu, Learning, Arabic, Homeschooling, Fiqh, Tawheed, Tajweed, D'awah and many more...

    Islamic Paradise - This site contains anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Islam

    Islam 101 - A nice educational site on Islam, its civilization and culture. It includes an introductory course on Islam and presents Islamic views on contemporary issues. The section on comparative religious studies has articles on the commonality and differences between Islam and other religions.

    Muslim Women's News - Islamic information,products,services and links regarding muslim women.

    Dr. Jihad! - Jeremiah D. McAuliffe's eclectic site that includes a variety of papers and files on Islamic topics.

    Islamic Veil - This site is to assist and support full veilled niqaabi Muslim sisters around the world

    Al-Islam and the Signs of the Last Days - Signs of the Last Day in Islam, Jesus, Imam Mahdi, anti-Christ (Dajjal), minor and major events and other prophecies.

    American Muslim Alliance - A National Organization supporting Muslim Candidates and educating Muslim people about politics

    Islamic Spirituality: the Forgotten Revolution - Abd al-Hakim Murad's paper on the necessity for an Islamic spiritual revival and the problems associated with a lack of spirituality in the Muslim world.

    Dar' al Islam - Includes Islamic references and commentary on international news and issues, quran links, sunnah and fiqh.

    Islam in UK - Religion Islam Muslims in UK Islam in UK Chat about Islam and religion

    Islam is for the whole mankind - Islam Pure and Clear, that is according to the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah The Way of the Salaf

    Wali Rauf Popal's Links to Islam - A very informative and comprehensive site with lots of links.

    ICNA Main Page - An Islamic site that contains many actual news and resources

    How to Perform the Prayer - Explanation of how to perform the daily obligatory prayers with pictures and sound.

    Historical Atlas of IslamIslam Online - Portal site with information about Islam and its civilizations, the universe and its changes, current affairs and their analyses, general information and services.

    Living Islam - A presentation of Islam as the middle path including issues about modernity, questions of jurisprudence, and Qur'an and sunnah.

    Islam, Quran, Muhammed PBUHLinks to Islamic Sites - This site gives you some useful link about Islam, Quran, Muslim, Prophet, Islamic Fiqah, Tabligh, Christianity, Jihad, Prayers, Hadith, Umrha, Hajj, Prophecy, Zakat, Ramadan, Fasting, Mohammed and Allah.

    Questions this modern age put to Islam - Questions this modern age puts to Islam is an excellent book adressing many of the controversial issues in Islam.You will find many of the questions you have in your mind about islam and their very well-written answers.

    Translation and Commentary on the Holy Quran - A new authentic and accurate English translation of the Quran. No Arabic words deleted, no new words interpolated. Immensely readable, detailed index, and abundant cross-references.

    Islam - Explore the basic teachings of Islam, its culture, history, economic system, and historical figures. Includes art, ethics, law, and more. From

    The Prophet of Islam - This site on the book Prophet of Islam, by Qutubuddin Aziz, is a brief guide for Muslims and non-Muslims who'd like to understand the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Quran (Koran). The site is simple to read and well-arranged. Information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization of Muslims and Non-Muslims is contained in it.

    Islaam.Com - Comprehensive resource. Hundreds of original articles, Audio lectures and Quranic recitations. Multimedia, links and more. All material is carefully selected - you won't be disappointed! Very frequent updates.

    Deen Or - This is the best Islamic search engine on the net next . Come check out our Chat Rooms, E-Mail ,News and Matrimonials etc..

    1000s Of Authentic Islamic References - 1000s Of authentic islamic reference audios, books, downloadable e-books, videos and lots of free infoproducts are at this site

    Urdu Resources - Urdu books, lectures, Dawah activities.

    Salafi Dawah in India - Dawah Activities, Events, Conferences in India and amongst people of Indian origin around the globe

    Harf Information Technology - Tens of islamic desktop products: Quran, Hadith, Feqh, Fatwas, Hajj and Umrah, and many other topics.

    The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR) - Out of the conviction that man is spirit enclosed in matter, ESSCR devotes its efforts to awaken man to that realization.

    Articles about Society and Secularism - Articles by Asghar Ali Engineer, about politics, jurisprudence and other issues relating to Islam

    Shahadah-The Truth of Islam - Shahadah is bearing witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and that His prophet Muhammad is His Messenger. Islam is a complete way of life.

    Hajj and Umrah information - View HAjj and Umrah places, videos, maps, and other information. What are the manasek, and its types.

    Names of Allah, the Almighty - Conains Great Names of Allah, the Almighty.

    Al Quran - Guidance for Mankind - Approach to Quran with an open mind, putting aside all the pre-conceived notions, bearing in mind the nature of this Book and its uniqueness, and in a spirit of reverence, and not with casual treatment given to any ordinary book.

    Al-maun - An Islamic food bank for muslimahs and their families. - A searchable directory of hand picked and selected submitted Islamic websites. Also search using any word in the Qur'an, and hadith.

    A new Ayah and Hadith every day - Ayah (with its Tafseer) and Hadith of the day. A selective daily choice with seven languages available.

    Mukmin - Aimed at the global Muslim audience, Mukmin offers information about personal faith from contemporary perspectives, practical how-tos for performing worship, views on issues and concerns in relationships and families, and a community building mechanism.

    The Message - questions and answers about Islam, Quran, Hadeeth, Download free books and get a hard book free

    An Introduction To Islam For Non Muslims - Who Created the Universe, Who is Allah, Muhammad In the Bible, Jesus in the Quran, The Miracle, Unveiling Islam and many other interesting topics

    Islamic Society of Tampa bay Area - This website will give you information about Islamic Society of Tampa bay, the largest Islamic Center in the Tampa bay Area.

    Talk Islam - Portal offering resources on Islam including Muslim country studies, a market-place, comparative religion sites, organizational listings as well as issues important in the practice of Islam.

    Naveed Ahmad's interactive Islamic Site - This is an interactive islamic site, with video of real time surrahs. Also a yellow page of useful Islamic Links.

    Islam and America - Know about Islam in America, and which mosques are there, How America can help Spread Islam.

    Islam Awareness Club - Discuss freely, Learn and educate others about Islam.

    Muslim Center of Somerset County - Official website of Muslim Center of Somerset County (MCSC). MCSC was established in 1992, and serves Somerset and Hunterdon counties of New Jersey. The site provides information about MCSC activities.

    Islaam, Women and Cancer - This site contains information based on Qur'an Was Sunnah dealing with issues of Women and Islam, also with a focus on Cancer and how the disease effect their lives.

    eMuslim - Welcome to the world of Islam - Information for muslims on Islam Quran Halal food products Halal Restaurants Stores Halal Halaal Haram Haraam products Islamic Financial Institution Business organizations Mosques Schools Hajj Charity

    everything about islam - a site dedicated to the cause of islam.this site throws light on the true meaning of islam and quran , thereby exposing the various false beliefs within and outside islam .

    Islam, The True Religion - This site is about Islam, for Muslims and Non-Muslims, Includes, amazing stories, pictures, LOTS of articles, and others.

    Muslim Society Inc. - Site of the Muslim Society Inc., a Masjid in the heart of Glendale Heights, DuPage County, ChicagoLand, Illinois.

    Islamic Bulletin- Everything about Islam and Muslims. - Islamic Bulletin is an Islamic Magazine covering many aspects of Islam, with video files that explain different Islamic issues including prayers.

    Bazm-e-Tolu-e-Islam - Contains basic Islamic issues, and issues relating to Government and Politics and Islam.

    IslamCentral - Contains information about basic Islamic beliefs and practices, view of the Bible and Jesus' teachings, explanation of misunderstood issues, and current events.

    World of Islam - The Islamic Portal - Resource for islamic literature including Quran translations, Hadith, online shop, Educational material, Free Classified Ads, Muslim Business Directory, Islamic institutes in the UK, and more

    Islam in the Post-Cold War Era - Analyzes the political, economic, and some other problems faced by the Islamic World and the role of Islam in the new millennium.

    Islamic Links Center - An islamic ste site with all kinds of islamic sites links and information.

    Islam - The Modern Religion - Readings from all corners of the world put together to give a refreshing look at the world's most misunderstood and maligned religion. - Islamic Information portal

    Learn About The Fastest Growing Religion - IslamicWeb is dedicated to provide information about Islam. It contains Beginer's Introduction, Quran, Hadith, Beliefs, History, Politic, and more

    Islamic Directory - The Islam, Islamic, Muslims online web directory for with links to all subjects related to beliefs, faiths, spirituality and religion.

    The Calgary Islamic Homepage - Islam Pure and Clear

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