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   See Also:

    Walk Away - For Ex-Fundamentalists - Offers support for ex-fundamentalists and those wishing to leave extreme forms of ultra-conservative Christianity. Features personal stories, articles, features, numerous links and more. Not anti-Christian.

    Biblical America Resistance Front - "Resisting a Biblical America" - A resource for all who work to monitor and counter the social and political movement that aims to use its particular reading of the Bible as the basis of governance and American society.

    Gnostic Friends Network - From the co/founder of Ouroboros: the gnostic webring: 100+ page online encyclopedia of gnostic myth and history. Includes reviews of 50+ books, 450+ links and 150+ original illustrations.

    Truth Be Known by Acharya S - Critical examination of various aspects of Christianity and religion in general.

    Meteors and Other Judgments of God - An editorial on predictions made by popular Christian leaders and the importance of credibility over blind faith.

    Atheism, Christianity, Creation and Evolution - Research into problems with Christianity, and evidence of evolution. Geological dating, thermodyamics, Jesus' alleged death, and Christianity as a mental illness are discussed.

    God is a Four-Letter Word - Personal reflections discrediting the God of the Bible.

    Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity - An argument that the Apostle Paul was a maverick who did not found the true Church.

    Missionary Ethics? - An AAH Examiner article on Christian hypocrisy from a Humanist perspective.

    The Selfishness of Christianity - A newly defined phenomenon is explained as the reason why so many believe in Christianity and religion in general.

    Public School Prayer Persecution - Unchecked terrorist tactics used by Christian's religious right, make it a necessity for maintaining a strong separation of State and Church.

    Skeptics Corner - A skeptic's commentary about the Bible and Christianity compiled from the works of scholars.

    Even If I Did Believe... - An essay examining the morality of the Christian God.

    'Anti-Christianity' and Who-Hates-Who? - An essay on christian hate.

    Daniel and Revelation - A historical, skeptical and critical study on the prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation, with new insights.

    Certified Insane Christian Site of the Day - Some people are nuts for Jesus.

    Departure: Relinquishing the Christian Mythos - Considers "Christ" as a concept rather than as a person or deity of any sort. Various short articles.

    Christianity & Antisemitism - An examination of the role of the New Testament in the foundation of antisemitism.

    Apologetics Reviews - An atheist reviews some popular evangelical Christian resources.

    Forgery in Christianity - "A documented record of the foundation of Christianity."

    Stupid Jesus Tricks - This page is dedicated to exposing the more extreme (and laughable) aspects of religious belief. This may range from outright hatred of self and fellow man, to harmless lunacy and gullibility - you be the judge.

    The Lowdown on Christianity - Why you don't want to teach it to your kids. A rebuttal of the inerrancy doctrine, some ethical embarrassments from the Bible. Instructive links page. Ideas about alternatives to dogmatic religion for spiritual enlightenment, sources of social mores, and personal ethics and discipline.

    Christianity - Bogus Beyond Belief - "This web site examines Christian beliefs with a skeptical eye. There are a few original articles here, some great articles copied from other sites, a number of pages of responses and many informative links."

    Stump the Bible Thumpers - Selling "Reality Cards", a set of four cards to present to bible-thumpers, to get them to question and challenge the absurdities and obscenities in the Bible.

    Religion: Resource Reference - Pro and con talking points, arguments, debate tactics, strategies, cartoons and free downloads on religion.

    The Unacceptable Cost of Religious Superstition - In many states it's legal to let your own children die because of religious beliefs. This page has case studies of superstition causing innocent kids to die - or God deciding that a child should die, depending on your interpretation.

    Some Thoughts About Theology - "Dedicated to exposing religions for what they really are. It may contain humor, satire, essays, or anything else that someone has written exposing the fear, hated, abuse, guilt, and cult behavior of those who claim to know the truth."

    Beyond Belief: A Buddhist Critique of Christianity - Fundamentalist Christianity poses a real threat to Buddhism, and while Buddhists can never hope to match the aggressiveness or organizational abilities of its proponents, they can very easily counter them by becoming familiar with Christianity's numerous doctrinal weaknesses and Buddhism's many strengths.

    Religion and Deception - A personal experience in religious deception and research of that religion that helps explain the tricks of the clergy.

    Radical Faith - Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world. The site is a project of Michael Maasdorp, a member of the Society of the Sacred Mission - The FFTAC is an alliance of individuals and organizations that are attempting to expose the atrocities of the church, and the government.

    The American Sloth - No sane man who reads the bible from end to end can come out and say that he's a christian. Christianity is collective insanity.

    Christianity Exposed - A critical examination of the Christian faith.

    Christianity Meme - Christianity is a highly evolved meme (life form that lives in the minds of people). A Meme's only agenda is to survive and propagate. Those infected with the Christianity Meme are prone to certain kinds of immoral behavior.

    Rescue UBF - A support group format ministry for ex-members of the University Bible Fellowship, or UBF. Dedicated to the purpose of recovery, restoration and reconciliation.

    The Thought Shop - Demonstrating Thought in Action and Specializing in Scalable Information Distribution since 1971.

    The Devil's Biography - Christian misunderstandings of Old Testament descriptions of the Devil, Satan and/or Lucifer.

    Bible Babble - Dedicated to showing the errors in the Bible and Christianity while defending science.

    Anti-Jesus Club - This is a site about, but not limited to the AOL chat room Jesus Sux: featuring the wacky Christian links page.

    Fascism of Christian America - If you are interested in Satanism, Atheism, or any other non- or anti- theistic religion, can't stand the Fascism that Christianity enforces in America, and maintain a web-page, join The FCA Web Ring.

    The Evangelical Agenda - Evangelicals' attempt to post abridged and inaccurate form of Ten Commandments and force their prayers in public schools.

    Falacy of Christianity - Examining the fallacies, misinterpretations and misinformation found in Christian religion.

    Gospel Assembly Church - A website providing information on a Pentecostal organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, and its founder Lloyd Goodwin.

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