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Sports Sites for Kids - Visit some sports websites that are geared just for kids.

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Robin Nobles

If your child enjoys sports, he or she may want to visit some sports websites that are geared just for kids.

Let's begin at Caleb's Sports Page for Kids. Caleb, a 9-year old, has a green belt in karate, and he's now broken six boards, but it doesn't hurt because he wears his shoes. Visit his site for a wonderful collection of sports sites for kids. Nice going, Caleb!

Sports Illustrated for Kids offers an impressive website full of information that kids will love. At Buzz World, kids can play a trivia challenge game, read animated adventure stories, or play Buzz Beamer Vs. The Green Monster, an online game. The site will keep your kids occupied for hours!

If you've always wanted to learn how to play with a Frisbee, visit the Freestyle Frisbee Page for tips of all kinds. Learn basic and advanced throws, how to catch the Frisbee, and even advanced moves like the Body Roll.

Maybe your child would like to learn how to play golf, but you haven't had time to fit in lessons. Why not learn on the Internet? At the How to Play Golf the Easy Way site, you can visit the Learning Center for golf tips for beginning as well as experienced golfers.

On beautiful spring days, what better way could you spend your time than flying a kite? At the Kites, Kids, & Education Do Mix page, you'll discover the history of kites as well as how to build a box or a tetrahedron kite. Learn safety tips for flying kites, and even a fabulous listing of resources for teachers.

On rainy days, you may want to play some online sports games, and, the SuperSite for Kids, is a great place to start. Play Sports Challenge, a trivia game where you'll try to identify sound bites and record plays. Or, play X-Treme Sports, such as baseball, football, boxing, or bowling, all online.

The Locker Room - Sports for Kids, offers warm up exercises, tips on how to handle problems with your teammates or coach, as well as information on several different sports, including rules of the game and fun facts about the sport.

Finally, visit Sports for Kids, a comprehensive website featuring the best links to all kinds of sports for kids, such as sports on wheels, unusual sports, football, and much more.


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Robin Nobles is a freelance writer whose articles on surfing the Web are published in six newspapers regularly. She also writes articles about the Web and Internet in publications such as Internet Newsroom, InfoAlert, WebVantage, CompuNotes, ChipNET, The Sunshine Post, Bridges Initiatives, and more. She can be reached at or through her website: Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers -

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