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   See Also: - Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)

    Nooface: In Search of the Post-PC Interface - News and discussion site for out-of-the-box thinking on next-generation user interfaces.

    BayCHI - San Francisco chapter of ACM's SIGCHI

    Interface Hall of Shame - An irreverent collection of common interface design mistakes, intended to help developers avoid falling into the same traps. - Usability and Human Factors for the Internet. Includes a regular newsletter, useful books and expert interviews.

    HCI Bibliography - A list of publications and resources on human-computer interaction

    Eliane Alhadeff's Virtual Office - Research and experiments on the "Office of the Future".

    Dolphin - Collaborative environment software.

    Interaction Design Patterns - A pattern language for designing user interfaces and other artifacts.

    CMC Studies - Links to resources that cover technology, forums, organizations, books related to CMC studies and the Computer-Mediated Communication magazine.

    SAP Design Guild - Offers interface design tools and methods to the user interface community. This website also serves as a forum for an open discussion on user- and business-related topics.

    EPSS (Electronic Performance Support Systems ) - Information, ideas and articles about designing and developing software that supports day one user performance.

    L3D Home Page - The Center for LifeLong Learning and Design--researching how humans can use technology to more effectively learn, design, and collaborate.

    UI Design Webzine - A Webzine for Interaction Designers. Regularly updated mix of White Papers, book reviews, editorial and interviews.

    Designing the User Interface Booksite - The official booksite for Ben Shneiderman's popular text on Human Computer Interaction. The site includes supplemental course material for educators and links.

    Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net - A collection of information related to HCI covering documents, researchers and practitioners, organizations and companies, databases, listings and search engines. By Mikael Ericsson.

    Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication - A joint project of the University of Southern California and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    CompanionWebPage - A site about virtual Companions created using a set of intelligent agents which provide support by knowing the individual users.

    Information Visualisation - Tim Cribbin - Resources relating to Information Visualisation systems with a focus on human factors.

    Computer Vision Syndrome - All About Vision - Information about CVS including causes and remedies.

    Computer Gripes - This site is devoted to what stinks about computer products (hardware, software, web site); to the problems I've experienced in using them.

    Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab - Researchs and designs interactive technologies that motivate and influence users. Also referred to as captology.

    Ubiquitous Computing weblog - A weblog of commercial and academic developments in the field of Ubiquitous Computing. Updated every business day, if possible.

    The Shared Meanings Design Framework - Dedicated to promoting the design of semiologically valid website content through the development of the Shared Meanings Design Framework (SMDF).

    The Delta Method - Describes a method that is to be used for building varying interfaces on the basis of the users' needs.

    Human Dimensions of Information Technology - This site is about a research on impacts of IT on humans, done by students of the University of Hong Kong.

    CHIFOO - The Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon, a chapter of SIGCHI, the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction.

    Planning-Based Control of Interface Animation - The grist of animation (digital) is a problem of scripting the disclosure of change. A Microsoft Research paper.

    User Interface Engineering - Getting development teams the information they need to make design decisions.

    WordFixers: How to design a UI - GUI design tutorial by Laura Arlov, author of "GUI Design for Dummies"

    InteractionArchitect - The knowledge base and meeting space on designing usable and useful interactive systems.

    Ask Tog - Human interface evangelism and practical design advice from Bruce Tognazzini, with reader responses.

    Graphical Interfaces to Support Information Search - An annotated bibliography of graphical interfaces to information retrieval systems, including 2D and 3D visualizations of query results.

    The Frontend Usability InfoCentre - Intended to introduce the principles of usability engineering and provide resources and information for companies undertaking usability engineering projects.

    ecommUSE: Florian N. Egger on e-commerce usability + trust - Research into human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience aspects of e-commerce system design.

    Human-Computer Interaction Lab - Maryland University - Development of user interfaces and research. Projects include information visualization, digital libraries, and interfaces for children.

    MIT Media Lab: Software Agents Group - Home page for the Software Agents group at the MIT Media Lab, headed by Pattie Maes.

    Cyber Behaviour Research Center - Articles/white papers and resources on Human Computer Interaction from CIO magazine.

    Business Driven Improvement of User Centered Design - KESSU Project is a co-operative Tekes-project between Department of Information Processing Science in University of Oulu and Helsinki University of Technology.

    What You See Is What You Deserve - A column from the BSD Unix "Daemon News" e-zine about how GUIs are not always the way to go

    Weinschenk Consulting Group - Specializes in interface design, optimizing the customer web experience, and usability engineering.

    Interaction and Information Design Resources - books, articles, conferences, examples about interface design, information design, interaction design, multimedia, visual design.

    Don Norman - Champion of human-centered design, author of The Design of Everyday Things and many other books.

    HCI Index - This collection of pages points you to many different resources on Human-Computer-Interaction on the Internet.

    User Interface Design Bibliography - An annotated bibliography of books by User Interface Engineering.

    The LUCID Framework - Cognetics' LUCID (Logical User Centered Interaction Design) Framework is a methodology framework for managing the design and testing of the software user interface.

    Good Experience - Mark Hurst and Creative Good create this site covering customer experience, user experience, and bit literacy - helping to make the Internet easier to use.

    Adaptive Technology - This collection of resources, aimed at website developers focused on allowing adaptive use of the same content.

    HowStuffWorks: How Ubiquitous Networking Will Work - Illustrated article shows a ubiquitous networking system that allows your program applications to follow you wherever you go.

    The Solow Paradox - Do computers really increase work productivity - or is it a New Economy myth?

    Ubiquitous computing user experience weblog - A resource for anyone interested in building (or using) useable and useful systems with emerging ubiquitous technologies.

    Nielsen Norman Group - Jakob Nielsen and Donald Norman offer consulting to enhance the user experience.

    CURE - An independent competence center in the field of Usability Engineering and User Interface Design which is established at the Department of Applied Computer Science and Information Systems (University of Vienna).

    Man Machine Interface - The study of communication between machines and humans, gain knowledge of what kinds of usability problems to be aware of in the design process how to test the quality of a particular user interface, and how to improve it. By A. Fog, Copenhagen Engineering College.

    Triangle Research Collaborative, Inc. - Remote A/V technology for behavioral coding, logging and video editing.

    Corporate Solutions Consulting (UK) Ltd - Provides human factors and ergonomics consultancy

    Joel on Software User Interface Design for Programmers - Free online book for developers, giving a simple, rational set of rules for good user interface design.

    Build It. by Morten Fjeld - A planning tool based on real objects and computer vision technology, with a capacity for complex planning and composition tasks.

    Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network - A extensive resource for HCI professionals.

    More Time People Spend Using the Internet - Results of the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society study on social impact of computer use.

    Viewmark Inc. - Provides on-site and lab usability testing including heuristic evaluation, questionnaires, performance measurement and retrospective testing.

    Microsoft Agent - A set of software services that supports the presentation of software agents as interactive personalities within the Microsoft Windows interface. Conversational interfaces, software agents, and interactive characters.

    SIG on Computer-Human Interaction - International, interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas about the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). Hosted on

    Usable Web - A collection of links and accompanying information about HCI centered on the Web.

    Performance Research and Design - PR&D links users to creators of products through usability testing, usability research, user-centered design and focus groups.

    Principles of good GUI Design - By James Hobart. Includes examples.

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