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FlipDog - Delivers the Internet´s largest job collection; all direct from the source - employer web sites.

    Bob's Fridge Door - Satire and humor on the news and Net are posted on the virtual fridge door of cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld.

    The Onion - Most popular comedy site on the web.

    Off-Kilter - Syndicated newspaper column featuring humor and offbeat news.

    Need To Know Now - Satirical weekly newsletter from the UK, nasty, British and short.

    American Newspeak - Satire celebrating new advances in doublespeak.

    Humor In The News - Satirical photo captions, updated weekly.

    Mike's NewsQuips - Satirical quips and blurbs about topical events and personalities.

    The Globe-Guardian - Official home of FutureNews, humor published monthly.

    The Deluded Informer - Canadian satire; lies, deceit, ignorance. Updated twice a month.

    4point5 - Salty fake news from Britain, not for children.

    Suck - The longest running daily humor column on the web. - Satirical entertainment news, provocative views and outright lies from the Canadian cerebral tundra.

    Bogus News Network - Conservative satire featured on the Rush Limbaugh show.

    Frumious Bandersnatch - The least trustworthy news on the net, parodies and savageries. - Fake news mocking real situations.

    Pocho Magazine - Latino/Hispanic satire news magazine published in English.

    G21 - World magazine of news, satire, humor and commentary

    Duncan Expose News - Not an E-zine, an attitude, highly popular spoofs and parody.

    The Toque - A satirical news site that pokes fun at everything news worthy.

    Rocket - Australian satire boldly going where no one else bothers to.

    BBspot - Your tech humor source

    BGM Online - Australian comedy designed for women and the occasional bloke. Published monthly.

    The Bug - Australian satirical news, published monthly, or so.

    The Firm Hand - Comedy online magazine, entertainment, love, dating, and world news.

    Justin's Whirled Headlines - Comic headlines. - Parody and satire for crazy folk.

    F the Market - Financial satire taking stock of the market along with a forum for furious financiers.

    News of the Weird - Bizarre but all true news.

    Private Eye - Long-running British satirical publication.

    Ulirang Ina Mo - Satire from the Philippines, where the issues are spicier than the food.

    Wacky Times - Spoofs and parodies of current news, advice columns and entertainment. - Showcase for new comedy writers, news spoofs and parodies.

    CrackedNews Satirical Online Newspaper - Satire and parody for those who don't believe everything they read but read it anyhow.

    Laugh At Politicians - Done in the worst possible taste, to match the politicians it's about.

    Tomorrow's News - A humorous look at the news you're afraid you'll find in tomorrow's newspaper.

    The Satyr - Satirical news, opinions, and entertainment reviews to carpet your bird cage.

    Herd of Sheep - English satire as only the English can write it, published fortnightly.

    Wah India - Satire from the sub-continent plus the Jujhar Singh daily radio broadcast.

    CN. Conjecture News - Comedic antidote to real, unfunny news.

    The Wymsey Chronicle - English humor, "the nick on the cutting edge of rural parody."

    Tacky - Satire newspaper from the Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa.

    National Post - Canadian satire about Canadians who deserve such a thing.

    Untrue News - Award winning satire, justly deserved.

    The Warp - Satirical section of

    Spitting Llamas - Features politics, reviews, and laughs through satire and spirited debate.

    Comedyzine - Original comedy and satire for the unbounded mind and other escapees.

    Sedona Excentric - Fictional news from Sedona, Arizona.

    Save The Humans - Politically incorrect humor, non-liberal and non-conservative.

    The Urban Legend - Satirical magazine telling twisted stories with a straight face.

    The Washington Pissed - Bi-daily satire column of politics, pop culture and high-technology. Contains strong language.

    The Brains Trust - British satire you can trust. Published every fortnight.

    The Citizen Harold - News parodies from Twin Cities, Minnesota.

    The American Cynic - News lint trapped in a filter of Satire. Published weekly.

    SatireWire - Satire directed at the business world and hitting it.

    HomeGame News - Mock news, reviews of movie trailers, flash games, and comedic views on life.

    Anorak - Spoof of British tabloids and newsmags. Published weekly.

    Drink from the Furry Cup - British comedy, all the news without the kumquats. - Humor site includes non-factual, and occasionally true, strange and weird news. Interact in the forum and submit personal stories or ideas. - Periodic satirical observations of public stupidity.

    The FCA Star - Irelands premier insight into the life and times of Irelands Part-Time army... the FCA

    Wasted World Weekly - The site contains satirical news and off-beat comments on society. - True stories and real observations.

    Slathered - Mix of international humorous news stories from selected sites.

    bla bla network - Outrageous comedy news about important stuff instead of all that reality.

    The Chaser News - Australia's only satirical newspaper.

    Ironic Times - Satire by the minute, amounting to a parody of the times.

    The Duh Factor - The Intelligent, The Ignorant, and The Absurd. Ignorance exploited as all complete stupidity should be.

    Weekly Wired News - A collection of edgey news articles

    The Mockingbird News - Where real news is for the birds, parody.

    Chic Happens - Satirical gossip about the fashion world. Published weekly. - A spoonful of humor helps the opinions go down, mainly reviews and observations, not straight-people compatible.

    Chattanooga Daily Bulletin - Local satire with an eye on the world.

    Aquarama Weekly - Seeking to make knowledge of irrelevant news a virtue and almost succeeding. Published fortnightly in the UK. - "Shady, unsavory, icky," and funny.

    Loon News Online - Fake news, alternative comics, MP3s and social commentary, distorting the news of the world since 1983.

    The Long Point - News not intended to be actual but frequently resembling it. Published weekdays.

    News Lampoon - Comic twists on real events.

    Planet Puck - Not about hockey, a collection of links to actual news stories about doubtful intelligent behavior.

    The Voice of Reason - "The home of truth entertainment", or (at least) the day care center. Published every few weeks.

    Picture Pranks - Political pictures from today's newspapers with a hilarious caption.

    The Madhouse - Dedicated to finding strange things in the news and letting the whole world know about them.

    Crackbaby - A wry view of actual, though littleknown, news.

    The Evil Gerald - Irish parody, taking pot-shots at only the most obvious targets (provided you're Irish).

    theSchmews - Lambasting the European scene with a satirical sauce.

    The Weekly Annals News Gazette - Real parodies of real people and real things.

    American Grist - Parody, a skewed look at bent news. Published daily. - Satire exploring the dark side of news commentary. Updated daily. - Social commentary laced with humor and sarcasm, where all aspects of American culture are fair game.

    ThinkuDyne Global Dynamics - Parody, the stupefacient of choice for the huddled masses.

    Chortler - Real news with a jigger of humor to wash it down.

    The Neeews - British Satire News To Die For

    Purple Prose Productions - Satire mocking public figures, current events and recent trends. No one is safe.

    Satire V - A quarterly news satire published by students at Harvard University.

    Splatter Effect - Satire and parody, sociopolitical comedy for a complacent world.

    Tid Bit of daily funny facts and funny news - Lots of funny facts, stupid laws and other kinds of useless information is published weekly

    dirtcentral - Dedicated to the proposition that politics and religion do absolutely nothing to improve our lives or answer any questions about our place in the universe. Updated somewhat faster than a glacier moves yet still topical.

    geekware - Wry humor for geeks everywhere, somewhat computer oriented (of course). Published apparently as often as geeks deserve.

    EverythingBlows.Com - Satire with an eye toward the music industry, but a view of it all. Updated daily.

    Funny Rumors - Rumors of movies, television, actors, sports, and business related topics. Updated frequently. - An on-line community built around smarmy editorials.

    Yunyo - News farce pleading parody as an excuse. Probably published weekly.

    The Despondent - Part-time unreliable British spoofs and comment for the attention-span challenged.

    Spinner - Satire from New Zealand, sharp beaked Kiwis spear wriggling grubs in a world of their own and you're in it too.

    TheDailySedative - Parody, a journal of all that is useless and unneccessary. Published every few days.

    NewZoid: Headlines From Parallel Worlds - Computer-generated headlines, resembling real ones.

    Liquid Requiem - A satirical, online newspaper serving articles on important issues such as ugly cars and contaminated fish.

    The Headlines - Surreal news humor with a British flair.

    Random News - Dedicated to encouraging idiocy, creativity, and comedy.

    The Rail - Parody, a phony newspaper reporting news you should be hearing instead of what's actually happening.

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