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Our Story

Welcome to The Search Beat! The One-Stop Web Directory! You may be saying... Why another web directory? Well, we believe we are different! While the search engines are wonderful and we make extensive use of them, we saw the need to supplement them with a One-Stop web browsing approach. The result is The Search Beat...!

For each THEME we cover, there is an integrated web page for browsing with Web Links listed by category. While we do not pretend to cover the whole web nor to list every link available; we believe for the topics we cover, you will get a broad overview of the web.

Our visitors come from over 155 countries and all corners of the globe. Most of the continents are represented including Africa, Asia, Latin America,Europe, United States, Canada, North America, Australia, Pacific Rim, South America and the Caribbean. The only continent we are missing is Antarctica but we will get that one yet! We hope you enjoy our One-Stop web directory and find it useful. Let's get started! Select a THEME and begin browsing.

Perhaps your computer needs some fine-tuning or check out the latest family issues with our Family Beat where we cover Parenting, Space, Science, NASA, Teaching and Tutoring resources.

We pride ourselves on providing the busy web audience with a One-Stop approach to web surfing. While we love the search engines, we saw a need to develop a new approach to organizing the many web links for quick access. The result is The Beat! Our specialties include travel, sports, weather, computer and continental web directories and we are branching out rapidly to other areas.

We are currently experiencing rapid growth due to our unique and easy-to-use One-Stop interface and have become a preferred way to Surf the Web for many Internet visitors.

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