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Advertising on Search Beat ( is an ideal way to increase your presence on the Internet. Ads are shown to Search Beat's hundreds of thousands of users based upon the category that you choose, in order to target your advertising to users expressing interest in that particular category.

We pride ourselves on providing the web audience with a One-Stop approach to web surfing. While we love search engines, we saw a need to develop a new approach to organizing the many web links for quick access. The result is Search Beat. Our specialties include autos, employment, music, travel, sports, weather, computer and regional web directories and we are branching out rapidly to other areas. For instance, our Job Beat is ideally suited to job recruiters since we receive active job seekers from Fortune 500 companies and many High-Tech organizations.

Search Beat covers over 300,000 categories and connects to over 2.1 million sites. Search Beat usually garners top ranking in search engine results for hundreds of keyword search terms, frequently ranking in the top 10. Search Beat is a rapidly growing web property enabling you to reach hundreds of thousands of unique users per month. The Search Beat network encompasses over 300,000 topics, generating hundreds of thousands of page views, exposing your brand to a mass audience.

We currently referring potential advertisers to our advertising agency, or Google Adwords at Google Adwords.

Whether you are looking to reach a highly targeted audience or to communicate to mass users, Search Beat can meet your advertising objectives. With numerous topic specific sites, Search Beat can reach almost all areas of interest. So no matter whom you are trying to reach, Search Beat can deliver your target audience. Our global web directory reaches throughout the world with visitors from over 135 countries including the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We are a family-friendly web site and only accept advertising that is acceptable to all audiences including families and children of all ages. In addition, Search Beat does not allow casino, gambling, and lottery advertising.

Contact us at (Note: Due to email spam harvesters, please manually change "at" to "@" and no spaces before emailing us.)

Email: keithco2008 at

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